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Dear Yuletide Author letter will go here! \o/
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i. My laptop has completely stopped recognizing both the trackpad/mouse button and the keyboard. :( I may get an estimate on replacing the top case from a place in town, but at the moment I'm mostly back on my desktop. The logical thought process from there, of course, was that I had to completely scour and reorganize my room, so that's...happening. IDEK. Anyway, I am pretty sure I owe lots of comments and emails and whatnot, and I have a couple of Real Name Blog posts sitting in my head so hopefully I will manage to get on that shortly! Also apply for more jobs, I have a few sitting open in tabs that I need to get on. Blerg.

ii. Mom and I have been mainlining DS9, so that's fun times! This is, upon consideration, the first time I've watched it straight through since it was actually airing, and I was pretty little then so I mostly just remember a few scenes of things here and there. We finished S1 today, and are hoping to make decent progress before the parents move to Australia in...a week, oh lordy loo. That they leave the day before my birthday, so that means that's in about a week, too. OH LORDY LOO.

iii. My Yuletide story has basically sunk without a ripple, which is something of a bummer, but not a shock, because it's a bit of a Yuletide niche rather than one of the fandoms a lot of people will be mildly interested in reading because it's in the air at the moment (Downton, Once Upon A Time, etc), and a super niche story besides. And the recipient appears to have really liked it a lot, which is the important thing, plus I got an amaaaaaazing story which includes both flappers and ladies kissing, so, you know, I shouldn't get greedy.

iv. The other day on Twitter I said of something "I think there's a lesson here, but fuck if I intend to learn it." I suspect this actually sums up my entire life. Further evidence of this: the context included my realizing on returning home from the store that I'd been so distracted buying liquor and mixers that I forgot a couple of things I needed to finish off the ~final touch~ on my presents for my family (cookies; I needed things to decorate them with). Hmmm.
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i. My Kindle screen has been freezing more and more frequently the past few weeks, and now, when I have a bunch of Yuletide fic to roll around in, it seems to have stopped working altogether. NATURALLY. >:(

ii. The mix my sister made me (we've done homemade/used presents the past couple of years) goes, at one point, from Ke$ha to Panic! At The Disco to David Bowie to Miranda Lambert. A++++++++++

iii. I collected enough cash from relatives that between it and my paycheck for this week I am not only able to pay off the rest of the dental work, but in fact coming out a little ahead! The sense of relief and general contentment with the world that this brings is the best possible present, Internet, I can't even. Close second: see below.

iv. My Yuletide story is still fucking amazing and has turned my "this could be really neat" feelings about Anna/Mary to ones verging on OTP levels. Maybe I will try and write the story that's been in my head for a few weeks, about Mary listening in the next room when Anna gets her ~wedding night~, before the year ends. In case you missed it in the initial flurry of Yuletide squee: somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond and I am still not convinced that one of you didn't write it, and even have a shortlist of suspects, because it is so freaking perfect. EVERYTHING IS LOST GENERATION AND NOTHING HURTS. I am currently working through some other fic, because there seems to be a goodly amount of excellent Downton stuff produced, but basically I think this story may have spoiled me. I'm sure you all got very nice stories, too, but they are not going to compare to Mary running off to New York in the 1920s and falling in love with Anna.

v. My recipient appears to have really liked the story I wrote, and I got another piece of feedback for it that basically is the best kind of feedback I can ever get, complimenting me on the things I actually do pride myself on in my generally adequate-but-not-particularly-special writing. (This is not fishing for compliments! I am down with being fun if not brilliant, and as I said, there are a couple of things I really do take pride in, which is why it's always so awesome when comments touch on them.) So I am considering it a general win, from the writing side of things, not least because my Yuletide story took my word count for the year to levels I really did not have any hope of reaching. Plus my hits-to-kudos-and-comments ratio is actually surprisingly high even for Yuletide, so while both those numbers are all fairly low because it's a pretty niche story even for Yuletide, the people who are reading it seem to be enjoying it a fair bit. \o/

vi. Have watched neither Who nor Downton specials yet, though I think On Demand has Who, at least, so I'll get on that later today.

vii. You know, most of the time I am fairly traditionally feminine, and I tend to get pretty annoyed at a lot of the gender essentialism that can show up in the butch/femme identity politics discussions, and then there are the days when I am patiently explaining power tools to my father and I'm like "God, I'm gay".

viii. Okay now 4real, I am going to get the hardcore cleaning of my room I was planning on done. 4real.
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In the interests of Yuletide Madness, my letter is here! I really want to write some, because I've seen requests that have made me go all starry-eyed, but OH MY GOD THIS STORY. THIS STORY. I was close enough to being done that I was confident in actually fulfilling it and so did not default. Now it is legit almost done for real this time probably, and I am torn between taking breaks for more Buffy crossover kink drabbles, or, since I am SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE I CAN TASTE IT, holding off until I am done and doing them as a reward. But at least I have creme de cassis and champagne, and thus a steady supply of Kir Royale to fortify me. I did a good fine-tooth-combing through of what's there, too, and I think one more scene will do it, but basically at this point I kind of feel like when I die of old age this story will still be almost done. /o\

Basically remember the time I forced myself to dump my original idea because it required way too much plot and would be way too long for Yuletide, and also even after the shorter version I was going to write instead kept swelling I was sure it would be done by 7k, and then the last time I checked, several 300-word-plus Written? Kitten! sessions ago, it was OVER 9000? Good times, good times.
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I seem to have FINALLY broken my block on Yuletide, thanks to a drinking-and-yelling-about-writing-followed-by-actually-writing session with [personal profile] inlovewithnight on Sunday, and now I have an outline for a much shorter thing that still stays true to a lot of my original idea, which was ballooning out of control and there was no way I was going to manage it. Draft is currently at 2521, although that includes the outliney bits as well as the story itself, so the actual story bits are probably only about 2k. Still, that's a hell of a lot more than I had this time last week, so progress.

There was also some DS9, as you may have gathered. I am still completely fucking starry-eyed over that concept, btw. Possibly I am using the prospect of writing some ridiculous Buffy/DS9 ficlets to motivate me to fill in the outline on my Yuletide story quickly. W/e w/e as long as it gets done. TBH I'm mostly just proud of the fact that I actually managed to get out of the house and socialize with someone, that's a major victory after the last few weeks. \o/?

Trying to motivate myself to go to the gym. Mostly I kind of want to take another nap. Hmmm.
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LOOOOOOOOOOOOL remember the time I was joking to [personal profile] inlovewithnight that maybe the anxiety-dream-turned-sex-dream with some anvilicious symbolism I had last night was my brain ~glimpsing the future~, on account of it featuring a character from one of the fandoms I offered for Yuletide, and then a few hours later I got my Yuletide assignment and it was totally that fandom and a request that would very easily allow me to write exactly the guilty-pleasure fic I want to write? Good times, good times. Actually, the plot of that dream will work pretty well; this is probably right up there with the time I got assigned [personal profile] baked_goldfish and had an excuse to write Bruce/Steve for stories I can totally do. \o/

Plus one of their other requests is for something else I'm totally familiar with and have been meaning to re-consume for a few months now, so that'll be a good backup.
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Gosh I am sort of word-dumping all over the detail fields as I narrow down what I'm requesting! Sorry about that. Like it says in the signup, optional details are optional, so please please please do not take these as demands! I just really like yammering about the stories I like to read, and doing meta-type navel-gazing about my own preferences, so once you get me started it's hard to shut me up, and since there's a good chance you're a complete stranger it seems like more detail might be helpful so you have some idea of what I like. So please don't be overwhelmed by all the yammering, I am just really really chatty once you get me started about ~*~my favorite stories~*~.

I will tell you right now that I'm still not 100% certain what I'm even going to be requesting; most of the things I was thinking about nominating were already on the list, and the only thing I'm pretty certain I'll be requesting is the Starcrossed fic. On which subject, I would adore you forever if you wrote me some F/F, Digger/Meri in particular, but I really love all the women in this book and I'd be so jazzed to get gen or friendship fic, as well -- I'd love something about Marlytt or the Nemaire family.

HEY LOOK I FINALLY NARROWED IT DOWN! I think a lot of my details in the optional fields told you plenty already, but CERTAIN FLISTERS want me to post my full requests, so I'll re-produce them here, as well as the more general notes on things I like to read at the bottom.

My specific requests: Bunce's Thief Errant series, The Hitcher 2007, Downton Abbey, Sharpe )

You may have noticed a pattern to those, namely ladies. 4real, that is seriously all it takes to please me, most of the time: ladies doing things. And I am pretty much always up for yammering about tropes/character types/kinks, though, so here are some things I like and don't like in general, which I wrote up for you while I was still trying to narrow down my choices and thus didn't have fandom-specific notes yet. )
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i. I got my Yuletide assignment! I am pretty jazzed about it. All I will say is that it might be even more obvious which fic I wrote than it was last year, and last year I wrote Bruce Springsteen/Steve Van Zandt.

ii. WHY AM I NOT WEARING THIS DRESS RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. I did get sparkly purple leopard print flats on eBay the other day, so I guess when they arrive they can console me.

iii. What fruit pairs well with duck? I'm making duck for the big family thing tomorrow, because it was only $10 more than a decent turkey would've been and I love duck like crazy. I know orange is standard, and heaven knows IL orange, but I think I want something a bit milder for this particular meal. Maybe pear or apple.

iv. A week from tomorrow I will have a [personal profile] fox1013! Also I will be Jewish, that seems worth mentioning too. Good times, good times.

v. Only twenty more minutes of looking busy and I can go! Here, have a meme, because it is HP time again.

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Two of my four Yuletide requests are me requesting and no one offering. :( YOU SHOULD ALL OFFER E STREET BAND FIC AND/OR FOR MATRIMONIAL PURPOSES. I'M JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE.

UGHHHH work needs to end so I can go see Harry Potter. Come on, work.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! I am so super-jazzed to be getting a story from you, I can't even tell you. Please don't be overwhelmed by this letter's length; I just yammer a lot when you get me started on things I like.

Fandoms: For Matrimonial Purposes, Princess Diaries, Contact, E Street Band RPF )

Long story short, I basically just want ladies having a good time.

(...and Bruce/Steve/Patti. IDEK. Although if you wrote genderswap Bruce/Steve or really any genderswap ESB fic, I would read that EVEN HARDER. UGHHHHH HOW DID I NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I NEEDED THAT IN MY LIFE UNTIL THIS MOMENT.)

Uh, anyway. Write what you want, please, is what I am getting at. This is all just suggestions/guidelines/things to help you get started. If it doesn't help you, then please disregard it and I will doubtless shower praise on you when stories go live (or, well, as soon as stories go live AND the archive isn't choking before I can leave a comment) anyway, because you are writing a story for ME in one of THESE FANDOMS about one (or more!!!!) of THESE CHARACTERS and that is AWESOME.

♥ times a million,
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Last chance to guess Yuletide fics! Some clues. ) Comments screened. A few of you know at least one of the fandoms, but no one knows all three of them, so ~everyone can play~! For each one you guess correctly, I'll make you an icon or write you 100 words of fic; specify what you'd like if you get it right and maybe I'll end up writing stuff at my desk!

NGL, mostly I am just deathly bored and have another two hours before I get to leave and spend NYE dicking around with [ profile] inlovewithnight.


Dec. 24th, 2009 09:20 am
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A bunch of non-defaulters were dropped from the Yuletide Madness list! For at least some of us, it appears to have been a bug relating to using special Yuletide-specific pseuds to upload rather than our usual AO3 usernames -- I uploaded as "cidercupcakes (juleshaswords)", for example -- but some people appear to have been dropped at what I can only assume to be the whim of the Internets. If you are among those folks, I put up a post at [community profile] yuletide where you can put your name, fandoms, and details/link to your letter/whatever.

YAY TOMORROW THERE WILL BE YULETIDE STORIES TO READ YAY. I have a few paragraphs of a possible Treat written, but I am having trouble with it, so possibly that will not happen. Who knows, though, maybe there will be a ~Generic Winter Holiday Miracle~!
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i. [ profile] escritoireazul and I were talking about how great Buffy crossovers are, and how we kind of want to do a ficathon, but each of us has probably written enough stories to qualify as an entire ficathon on her own. And then we had the brilliant idea of a Collection over on AO3, so: presenting Little Black Dress: the Jossverse Crossover Collection. We are actually planning on a big prompt collection/claiming shindig later, to really kick-start it, but we figured that would probably get lost in the Holiday Exchange shuffle, so we are containing our impatience for now. If your stories are already up at AO3, you can just edit them and fill in, say, "lbd_btvsangel" in the "Post to Collections/Challenges" field that will now show up! If not, you can add it to those groups when you do upload them. There are subcollections for BtVS/Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and Dr. Horrible, so if you've written crossovers involving them, we want 'em!

Also hopefully by the time we do the Big Thing or whatever it ends up being for it, AO3 will have tweaked that thing where collections only display things posted in the last month; apparently they're planning to change that, but all their energy is going towards Yuletide at the moment, so things nonessential to that are currently taking a back burner. Which is fair enough!

ii. She ([ profile] escritoireazul) also asked me, in the course of the discussion that led to this brilliant idea, why in heaven's name I hadn't written Buffy/Boromir, and then encouraged me to consider that a challenge and try my hand at it. /o\ I am so easy to talk into ridiculous Buffy crossovers, especially when they involve Buffy/anyone not in the Buffyverse. One day me and [ profile] cruisedirector are going to write the ridiculous BtVS/Merlin crossover, too, just you wait and see.

(Cue [ profile] burntcopper taking this as her chance to start poking me for the Buffy/Mal/Sharpe she says I owe her, as she blamed me for the bad weather in London last time I was there.)

iii. The link is courtesy of [personal profile] zvi, since I would've totally missed it if she hadn't mentioned it: this year, everyone with an AO3 account will be able to participate in Yuletide Madness (the period when all unfilled requests are posted for the public and length limits are removed, so that everyone can write little stocking stuffers)! This is one of the most fun parts of Yuletide, and I ended up writing one of the stories I'm most proud of for it last year, a ridiculous little Futurama ficlet. I still have an absurd fondness for that story. "Bugs don't like them either, Bender."

iv. Hey look a ~secret crush~ meme!
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i. I posted a whole mess of icons yesterday, including 30 ESB, 40 LotR, and 20 Simpsons. Using one of them led to this exchange:
ME: I think Bruce/Steve might be the #1 pairing represented in my icons at this point. Granted, that's only two, three if you count the one of the two of them + Patti.

...this is the road to tinhattery, isn't it?
[personal profile] inlovewithnight: Oh bb, I love that you still think there's a road ahead of you and you're not firmly settled in tinhatville.
As I said a little later, it's very comforting to take my own advice here, and remember that the most notable resident of E Street Band Tinhatville is and will always be Bruce Springsteen himself, because no one can ever ship Bruce/anyone in his band as hard as he does.

ii. For those planning to do Yuletide Treats, my Dear Author letter is here! Come on, Sophie/Eliot PWP. Or Bruce/Patti/Steve, but I feel like Leverage fic is probably more likely to actually happen ever.

iii. [ profile] austen got me to write about Buffy and Fred sledding on Saturday and now I just want a million stories about characters going sledding. Do it, LJ, it's fun! (A million bonus points for the E Street Band snow day. With Roy just sitting there in the dark, cold studio wondering where everyone else is.)
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Repeating something [personal profile] zvi mentioned, since it might be relevant to the interests of some of my flisters -- if you're not doing Yuletide and you want an AO3 account (everyone doing Yuletide is getting an invite, since stories will be uploaded there), there are currently fewer than ten people in the queue. IIRC, they send out thirty invites a day, so you'd get your invite tomorrow if you requested it today. I really do not have very strong feelings about OTW as a whole one way or another (beyond being generally in favor of it), but merely in terms of functionality/usability, I really cannot say enough good about AO3. It makes my little museum/archive/library nerd's heart flutter with delight.

I am also having the same problem she mentioned, where I really really want to put together all sorts of collections and challenges. Especially with some of the ridiculous themes me and [ profile] inlovewithnight have come up with, like Cage Fighting AUs and Tech Support AUs. I mean, mostly I will resist giving in until after the madness of holiday exchanges is over, but man oh man. WARNING: BUFFY/JOHN WINCHESTER CHALLENGE MAY ENSUE.

Speaking of AO3 and Yuletide, both my primary story and my pinch-hit are now finished and uploaded! I am pleased with both of them, but especially with my primary one. I was going to give the final length for it, but then I remembered that AO3 displays word counts, so it would give away which was mine when the archive went live. It's in the 3-7k range, though, which basically makes me !!! a lot, as does the fact that I genuinely love this story and it might be one of the stories I'm most proud of from this year. I have been struggling just to make 1000 words in the past, dudes; this year's strategy of signing up for only a handful of fandoms rather than my usual 20-40 (so that I was guaranteed a fandom -- and in some cases, characters -- I love and am excited about) was such a good choice. I keep having moments of panic when I look at something on AO3 and my story's full details will show up; fortunately I usually manage to spot "TITLE by Anonymous [cidercupcakes (juleshaswords)] for [recipient]" and figure out that the full details are only visible to me in a fairly timely fashion.

I will also say that both of them will be really, really obvious as having been written by me, even though I've only done so much as mention the fandom for one of them.
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i. The primer is coming along okay! I will probably spend a lot of time Thursday working on it. I think I may have finally figured out a way to structure it so that it doesn't end up having to be split into like five posts (Night was like "there are bandom primers out there that have to be split into two posts, and the E Street Band has decades on them! We're screwed!"). \o/ I kind of love how it begins:
What you need to know, if you know nothing else, is that Bruce loves his band a lot. They are family, and not just figuratively: in his own words, he married one of them. He's known all of them for decades and some of them since he was a teenager. The great thing about this fandom is that as tinhatty as you or your flisters might sound when you talk about someone in the band/someone else in the band, there is someone out there whose E Street Band tinhat is bigger and shinier than yours, and I'm not gonna mention any names, but he lives in New Jersey, he turned sixty a few months ago, and his name sounds like "Zruce Zringsteen".
ii.AAAAAH I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN WITH MY YULETIDE STORY. I want to talk about it! I've never been this excited about a Yuletide story, I just want to yammer about it at anyone who will listen and try to figure out what I'm going to do with XYZ. Paring down the list of things I was offering this year and just offering a handful of things I knew I would have fun with no matter what I ended up assigned was such an excellent lifestyle choice, guys. It hit 2k+ last night, so hopefully another thousand or two and it ought to be done. Except if I talk to too many of you about it I will not be able to do the "if you guess what I wrote I will give you a drabble" meme.

iii. Maybe today I will try to change tacks and write a story for [community profile] kink_bingo or something. Maybe sometime this week I will even do something really crazy and actually try to write some fic for this fandom I keep trying to get off the ground. Who knows?
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So, I got my Yuletide assignment.

I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...SCARED!!!!!

SOMEONE MAKE ME GO DO MY WRITING FOR TODAY. And then I can tl;dr happily at you all about how I tried another shul today and it was AMAZING AND LOVELY AND I THINK I HAVE FOUND THE ONE I AM GOING TO REGULARLY FROM NOW ON. Or I can share the ridiculous cranky post I have about critical thinking in fandom. None of this is incentive for y'all at all, is it?

...look, just go sign up for Secret Slasha and leave me alone.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

So, hi! First of all: please, please, please do not panic.

Actually, I suspect there's a good chance you're one of my flisters (this happened to me last year, and a couple of my fandoms are ones where a lot of the people in them are on my flist), in which case, seriously, do not panic, because if you're my flister then you know already just how easy I am to please.

If you're not one of my flisters: I am really easy to please. Long story short, I like heists, I like humor, I like ensembles, I like women, I like acknowledgements of bisexuality and polyamory, I don't like Manly Angst or misogyny. And I will say this again, but none -- repeat, none -- of this should be taken as a requirement. I'm just saying it in the hopes that it might help you.

A little more about my tastes in general and what I like about these fandoms/characters specifically. )

UGH. &flails; I'm worried this is too demanding, but again, I'm really happy with just about anything, and I want to reiterate that this just me kind of spitballing and trying to find patterns in the things I love (hence a lot of the tl;dr; I tend to work out my thoughts by yammering at LJ about them). I am really extremely easy to please (two characters I like being in a room together will pretty much do it), and I have no doubt that whatever you write is going to be delightful.

In conclusion: don't panic.

♥♥♥ and many thanks in advance,
[profile] cidercupcakes
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Just completed and posted a Yuletide Madness ficlet, and this one I actually kind of love. :D :D :D Considering going through the prompts for something else I can do.

In other news, hey, rest of the world? You're welcome. )

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