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Because I generally do better with smaller numbers, it turns out! First six people to make requests will get a drabble (ficlet, more likely, but a small written thing). It's a variation on the alphabet one; give me a word that begins with one of the following letters, and a character/pairing.

A: "acknowledge", Vanessa Abrams, for [personal profile] gloss

R: various prompts, for [personal profile] mumblemutter

L: Losers, various prompts, for [personal profile] zillah975

T: "trust", Buffy/Giles, for [personal profile] quelle_surprise

M: "moody", Aisha/Clay, for [personal profile] parentheses

D: "drunk", Buffy/John Winchester or Serena/Blair/Tony Stark, for [personal profile] sionnain

I won't do a hard-and-fast list of fandoms/characters, but things I have talked about and/or written recently, or things featured in my icons, are your best bets, and I reserve the right to ask you to pick something else if need be -- alternately, multiple prompts for your chosen letter are encouraged!

I really need to set up another round at [community profile] avatar_minis, also. UGH WHERE IS THIS MONTH GOING.
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If you could have me write any fic for The Losers, what would it be?

Any pairing, in theory, although in practice I am so starry-eyed over Clay and Aisha that one (or both!) of them is your best bet. Crossovers, of course, are welcome, and multiple prompts are great, as they will probably increase the odds that I will actually manage to fill one of them.

Other Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel | Lord of the Rings | Supernatural
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I am in an absurdly good mood today, and I feel like writing fic! E Street Band, namely. I had the urge last night, just as I was falling asleep, and then this morning it wasn't gone. Plus I listened to one of the Roxy shows on my way to work and it just improved my good mood and put me in a place of :D that even the stupid traffic and this fucking headache I've got can't kill. So those half-dozen of you who are interested, give me prompts for E Street Band fic!

Those of you who aren't interested in ESB, give me crossover prompts (any of my usual suspects re: fandoms/characters; my icons are a good representation of where to start, plus with IM2 coming out shortly I am in the mood to write more Serena/Blair/Tony). Because I love crossovers, and because [community profile] crossovers is running a 3W4DW contest!

I mean, you know, I could work on my [community profile] avatar_minis ficlet, or maybe my journal entry for class, but whatever.

Some non-fannish bzns; nothing bad, just a bit tl;dr. )

Seriously, though, what the fuck is this headache. >:(
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Edited a million times, and finally deleted and reposted, because Dreamwidth is making things difficult for me, and fixing things there messes them up over at LJ. >:( Let's see if I can finagle iJournal to do what I want it to. Saved the first batch of requests, though.

The alphabet prompt meme! Choose a letter of the alphabet and give me a word/phrase beginning with that letter, plus a character or pairing from the list, and I'll write you a ficlet. I am trying to go for quantity rather than length on these, so you'll likely just end up with 200 words or so, but at least I'll produce something (and multiple requests will increase these odds)! No x-rays or xylophones for X; there's plenty of other words that start with it. Also, since I'm taking requests at LJ and DW, I'll go to two prompts per letter.

Fandoms/Characters )

Available/claimed letters! )
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So there was that "your thoughts on these fic tropes: share them with your flist" meme going around, and like I said, I realized my reaction to nearly all of them was "well, if it's competently-written and it's for a pairing I like, sure", so that was kind of boring. But then [ profile] lordessrenegade came up with this variation on it and that was way more fun.
Behind the cut are all of the tropes from the meme. Claim one and give me a pairing from a fandom you think I'll write, and I'll write you a little something...maybe a drabble, maybe a little longer.
(Here is a list of fic I've written, since that's probably a better guide to fandoms/characters I'll write than just what I'm familiar with -- generally speaking, the more I've written it previously, the more likely I am to write it again.)

Tropes! )

It is far too early for me to be this sleepy. What is that about.
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If you could have me write you any Lord of the Rings fic whatsoever, what would it be?

Movies or books; I have some passing familiarity with Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales as well. &MORWENSTEELSHEEN;

As usual, no promises that I'll get these done in anything like a timely fashion, or even that I'll get them done at all, but who knows. Multiple prompts are great, and I imagine I need hardly say how I feel about crossovers.

Comments only enabled over at the LJ post to help me keep things organized.

Other posts: Supernatural | Lord of the Rings
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If you could request any Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel fic from me whatsoever, what would it be?

As usual, no promises that I'll get these done in anything like a timely fashion, or even that I'll get them done, but who knows. Multiple prompts are great, and I imagine I need hardly say how I feel about crossovers.

Comments only enabled at LJ so I can keep track everything more easily.

Other posts: SPN
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I finished NaNo! \o/ It's even more of a piece of crap than my usual NaNo products, but I still think there is a ton of potential there and I have a much clearer idea of what it should ultimately look like, so I'm thinking I'll put it away for a few months, sketch out a more full plot around what I've got, and then try for an actual draft, because I consider this, like, not even the first draft, but the first half-draft or something.

Fannishly, a meme from [ profile] austen! No promises, as usual, but also as usual, the more prompts you leave, the more likely I am to write something. :D?
Step 1: Pick a character or pairing.
Step 2: Pick a number between 1 and 10. Scribble it down.
Step 3: Pick a number between 1 and 100. Scribble it down.
Step 4: Go here. Take your first number and pick a table. Take your second number and pick a prompt.
Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you like. (Dice roller here.)
Step 5: Comment here with your prompt.
Usual suspects re: fandoms, or look at the "fandom" section of my profile for ideas. I do not feel up to writing Leverage or most comics, though, so while I'll take prompts for those, be warned that I make even fewer promises about them than the rest.

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