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Just today finished S3 in my DS9 rewatch. I was explaining to the fangirl contingent on Sunday that leaving aside my more srs bzns issues with the "Cardassians = SPACE NAZIS!!!!" thing (not least that most of the time it seems much more like they're going for the Romans, hence my inability to not refer to internal Bajoran issues as People's Bajoran Front vs. People's Front of Bajor, and the SPACE NAZIS!!!! thing just seems really jarring and clumsy), there's also the part where Cardassia is basically a planet of Bluths. Dukat especially is like 50% GOB and 50% the other Bluths. "The one thing I will never do is not tell Ziyal I have a cabin in the woods and then not take her!" Dukat was learning life lessons all over the place.

Also I am mostly having fun with how he seems to be hitting on Sisko all the time. I mean mostly he seems to be into EVERYONE, which is part of the comedy of Dukat (I know I shouldn't find it hilarious AND YET I REALLY DO, possibly specifically because no one takes it seriously), but the majority of his interactions are with Sisko and they go on multiple road trips together and there was the time they were stuck in a cave, which I haven't yet reached in my rewatch but I remember it as being pretty glorious. Mostly the reason I'm lamenting my inability to write comedy fic this week is because I really want fic where Dukat's SUPER INTO Sisko, and finally Sisko goes for it a couple of times because what the hell, he needs to get laid, and then Dukat gets really overinvolved and starts drunk-dialing him all the time, and obvs since Cardassians court by arguing, Sisko's barely managing to be civil is just evidence of how badly he wants Dukat. LOOK AT BANNER, BENJAMIN.

(Also: AU where Ziyal and Alexander meet and end up getting together and Worf and Dukat are in-laws and it's glorious.)

DS9 is kind of exciting this time around because I'm not used to being into pairings where I need more than the fingers on one hand to count the people who are into it, but somewhat troublingly, the character I project all the fuck over in DS9 appears to be Garak, and I was mostly just kind of amused by how blatant the Garak/Bashir was until "The Wire" happened and then, like, I realize it doesn't take much to send me into fits of capslocky FEELINGS to rival those of Prince Zuko, but holy shit, Internet. My OTP dynamic appears to be I Am A Spectacular Untrustworthy Trainwreck And You Are Buying A First Class Ticket Anyway, and that episode was like "ALL ABOARD, MOTHERFUCKERS" and holy shit, feelings everywhere. So it's all super-exciting because usually it's me and like two other people who are into a pairing, but instead I have tons of fic to roll around in, and I'm sitting here going "oh my God, is this how Erik/Charles people feel ALL THE TIME? *_______*"

ugh I should probably get ready for work now. Hi Internet hi, I'm alive and the DS9 kick is still going strong. Everyone should continue to talk to me about the prospect of a Buffy/DS9 crossover, too, because in my head that is still completely fucking glorious, and I have actually ended up writing a few snippets that, with the serials filed off, might end up as an original thing I've been toying with? IDK IDK.
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I seem to have FINALLY broken my block on Yuletide, thanks to a drinking-and-yelling-about-writing-followed-by-actually-writing session with [personal profile] inlovewithnight on Sunday, and now I have an outline for a much shorter thing that still stays true to a lot of my original idea, which was ballooning out of control and there was no way I was going to manage it. Draft is currently at 2521, although that includes the outliney bits as well as the story itself, so the actual story bits are probably only about 2k. Still, that's a hell of a lot more than I had this time last week, so progress.

There was also some DS9, as you may have gathered. I am still completely fucking starry-eyed over that concept, btw. Possibly I am using the prospect of writing some ridiculous Buffy/DS9 ficlets to motivate me to fill in the outline on my Yuletide story quickly. W/e w/e as long as it gets done. TBH I'm mostly just proud of the fact that I actually managed to get out of the house and socialize with someone, that's a major victory after the last few weeks. \o/?

Trying to motivate myself to go to the gym. Mostly I kind of want to take another nap. Hmmm.
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Here are my responses to that meme from the other day, where you all gave me fandoms and I told you what I would ship!

[personal profile] parentheses requested Buffy and Undercovers. TBH, I don't think I've seen enough Undercovers that I feel like I have a grasp on the characters where I could make that call? Instead, let me tell you all about the concept I have in my head for a BtVS/Losers crossover, where Buffy, Faith, Clay, and Aisha basically just spend a weekend locked in a hotel room together and every possible combination happens.

[personal profile] mumblemutter requested AtLA and Losers. For some reason I am thinking Clay/Ty Lee. I have no idea why, but that's what my gut is telling me, so that's what I'm going to go with. I floated the idea to Night and her immediate response was "that would be pretty great", so there we go.

[personal profile] lunarwolfik requested Leverage and BtVS. Hmmmm. This one took me awhile to think through, so I'm cutting it because it's far wordier than is necessary. )

[personal profile] crossedwires gave me Losers and Secret Six. I'm thinking Scandal/Aisha, probably. Again, I'm not entirely sure why, but that's the one that first pops into my head, and I think that might work the best, with both of them pragmatic and secretive and brittle and working their own agendas.

[personal profile] prairiedaun gave me Zombieland and Buffy. TBH, I sort of feel like you have a gold mine here, in that I can totally imagine anyone/anyone. I'm thinking Faith/Tallahassee, borne out of him hitting on Buffy, Buffy shooting him down, and Faith laughing really hard at him, then deciding she's bored and drunk, so what the hell. And then maybe another v-style threesome, with Faith sleeping with both of them.

[ profile] cruisedirector gave me Harry Potter and AtLA! Oh man, IDEK where to begin with that one. Zuko and OotP!Harry shouting at each other about their feelings would be amazing, but I'm picturing that more as gen. As would Dumbledore and Iroh doing anything together. Though I guess that doesn't have to be gen. For some reason, Dumbledore/Piandao pops into my head? Or Katara/Luna. Oooh, or Ursa/Narcissa(/Lucius).

[ profile] harborshore gave me Vampire Diaries/BtVS. I have only actually seen a couple of episodes of VD, because [ profile] pearl_o and [personal profile] fox1013's plan to get me watching was to show me the Lexi episode, on the assumption that I would love her; said plan backfired because I loved her so much that I was like "well, now I've got no reason to watch anymore" after the episode was over. BUT off of that, I'm like "Lexi/Spike/Drusilla would be HILARIOUS." With Lexi and Spike getting super-drunk and causing trouble all over the place, and then Lexi being very sweet to Dru.

[ profile] pearl_o gave me E Street Band and AtLA, and oh maaaaan. Another one that is ridiculously long and mostly gen. )

That was fun! Feel free to give me more fandom combinations so I can tell you ridiculous pairing (or gen!) ideas for them. I am trying to procrastinate on picking up in preparation for my family coming over this evening. Cleaning, ugh.
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i. A kinkmeme for ~Disney Animated Classics~. Which is to say, any 2-D major motion pictures and their assorted sequels. Basically anything in the Princess franchise. Possibly allowing non-Disney ones so that the Anastasia fans have somewhere to go. I have sort of wanted to do this for aaaaages. I even have a title! It would be called "Ow! My childhood!" Great idea, or GREATEST idea?

ii. Chicken. I have this really tasty-looking lunch featuring a new kind of yogurt that I am excited about! Also cucumbers! And pretzels! But all of a sudden I'm just like "you know what would be great? Roasted chicken." Thanks a lot, stomach, where the hell am I supposed to get roasted chicken?

iii. Following a conversation with [personal profile] inlovewithnight yesterday, Zhao/Azula babyfic. I don't know how it would even work, but it would be amazing. They would have the hottest, evilest babies ever. And the two of them being parents would be beautiful. They would be confused at first, and then all of a sudden they would just get SUPER INTO IT, because they are the GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and that means this is the GREATEST BABY IN THE WORLD and obviously they are great parents, what do you mean there are too many stuffed animals? LOOK IF SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM SHE CAN USE THEM FOR TARGET PRACTICE. Comedy gold. And then their child would rebel by running off and joining up with the Earth Kingdom Hippies.

iv. Books to read! I got some good recs yesterday from you guys, thank you! But here is more of me yammering about books, and also me having an absurd plotbunny. )

You're all totally proud to have me as a friend, don't even front.

* Oh man, the amount of time [personal profile] mimesere and I spent at the urban fantasy panel we went to at CCI making fun of the person who got up just to tell the authors how much they wanted to see more books about dudes, I can't even. Y'all know who is really underrepresented in literature? Men.
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I have very little to say lately. Sry, bbs. I have been awful about writing lately, too; maybe I will do a prompt-collection thing later.

Odds of actually getting this job: depressingly slim. Whatever, it can't hurt to dream, right?
The International Spy Museum, the only public museum in the U.S. solely dedicated to the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage, seeks a dynamic and creative individual to serve as member of the Exhibitions and Programs team.

[ profile] inlovewithnight had a long discussion yesterday about this picture of Gabe Saporta, and where it ultimately ended was with us talking about how we really want Gabe and Steve Van Zandt to be New Jersey's answer to Zuko and Iroh. Think about it. Also now I have some kind of ridiculous fic that I think I promised to write, where Gabe starts collecting small babies and Bruce Springsteen tries to set him straight and it backfires horribly. I'm actually kind of sad that it's too late to do Bandom Big Bang, because I could take this idea far.

The Cabal saw How To Train Your Dragon last night! That was really delightful. [ profile] baked_goldfish and I decided that it was set in the same world as ATLA, just on some other continent, whatever the European analog in that world is. Other non-spoilery thoughts: I love that the dragons were really clearly cats, and also that Gerard Butler was gleefully playing a parody of every other character he plays, but especially Leonidas. And there was a trailer for The Last Airbender, which we all booed.
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Stories I need in my life, part 700/???: a BtVS/SGA AU where Buffy and Fred are John and Rodney. The rest of the characters are the same, it's just that instead of John and Rodney, you have Buffy and Fred. Someone make that happen!
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Currently I'm working on my Polybigbang story, though, and I feel like getting drunk would just distract me from that! It is starting to grow on me; I was so embarrassed when I first sent the draft in, but then yesterday I finally got up the nerve to look at it again and it was actually not that bad, it just needed some extra scenes to flesh it out a little further. It's now past 15k and will probably get another couple thousand words besides, and that's before I send it to someone to beta-read. /o\

Probably I will post the mix I made for it, too, since no one's claimed it for a mix thus far, just for art, so I don't feel like I'd be stepping on anyone's toes if I posted the mix I'm listening to while writing it.

Also, the other day I yammered a bit at [ profile] inlovewithnight about the Buffy-in-the-Watchmen-universe AU that I have been nurturing for about a year now, because re-watching has made me really see where Joss is coming from when he cites Watchmen as an influence for him, namely in things like the lack of any benevolent higher power beyond Buffy herself and quotes like Buffy's "I am the law" speech in "Selfless".

Plus Night sent me this mashup that came on just as I found this photoshoot of SMG that worked perfectly as this one scene from the massive BtVS/Watchmen story in my head. And then I was watching "Showtime" earlier today and was like "You know what you could probably use against the ubervamps, Buffy? A flamethrower. I'm just saying." /o\
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HEY LET'S TALK ABOUT ME AND [ profile] inlovewithnight'S GENIUS NEW IDEA. Alternate Buffy season 4-onwards, where instead of Spike, an entirely new vampire is the one who escapes from the Initiative and comes to them begging for help: Pete Wentz.
  • He'd be all "let's play Scrabble, guys! :D? :D?" and want to help with Thanksgiving dinner, and they're all "you're supposed to be evil," and he's like "right, I totally want to kill you all, but also I can help with the stuffing! also do you think we can maybe put some blood in the cranberry sauce?" and Buffy is already crazy over Thanksgiving dinner and yells that they are not putting blood in her perfect cranberry sauce, is she going to have to stake him?
  • He would accidentally set Giles' books on fire and then write him a song as an apology!
  • He would "stalk" Buffy by bringing her presents and trying to get her to start a band!
  • SEASON SIX. He and Buffy would just cuddle and cry at each other a lot.
  • OMWF. Fall Out Boy doing OMWF, guys. I am not so much in love with this for the music itself, but for THE TIE-IN MERCHANDISE THAT WOULD RESULT. The hoodies, think of the hoodies! Gabe could guest-star as Sweet, the demon who's responsible for it all and wants to drag one of them off to the underworld to be his queen!
  • Or Kanye could be Sweet and do remixes of all the songs for the SECOND tie-in album, and Gabe could be in the Halloween episode as the boy who's trying to get in Dawn's pants!
  • ...your brilliant idea here?
IDEK. I am filled with delight. I'm not sure whether the idea is for Pete himself to be the vampire, or for Pete to be playing the vampire. Or maybe some weird Being John Malkovich thing where Pete Wentz plays Pete Wentz, vampire.

This is probably one of those times where the scope of the thing is such that I lament harder than ever that I don't have the power to make fic appear in the tubes using only my mind.

ATTENTION! After everyone decided that it would work best as a ~shared universe~ where everyone can write in it and that lessens the likelihood that someone (eg me) will just keep saying they're going to write it one day and then not doing it, I made a community; it is at [ profile] wentzed_dale.
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I was backreading some of my old entries and found this one, which seemed timely.
So I was reading this discussion of the ur-story, particularly with regards to Spuffy fic, and it was a little crunchy morning meta to mull over, you know, great. And then I hit this comment...

Somehow the idea of Kirk as a father is far more appalling than the idea of Buffy as a mother. *g*

I'm sure you all can see where my mind took this idea. Try and tell me the world is not in desperate need of Buffy Summers/James Kirk babyfic (that it is crack goes without saying, I should hope). JUST TRY. It would basically be the Wentz/Simpson "You can't download a baby" video, but with more space monsters.

And if you do not see anything AMAZING about that premise, I really don't think we have anything more to say to each other.
Also I'm just stating for the record that as of S8, time travel is now canon in the Buffyverse.

In other news, Uhura is pretty much my new favorite. She's right up there with Buffy, Zoe, John, and Mary at this point. I always loved her, but the movie just gave her that much more depth, and Zoe Saldana (the entire cast, really, but I am very ♥_♥ over Uhura) was just incredible. She was just such a complex and interesting character, and she was tough and quick with a quip without being reduced to Sassy Black Girl. I wish spoiler )

Like, I don't find the spoilery 'ship ) But it was played so well and so understated that I ended up liking it anyway, especially since they seemed so genuinely important to one another. And I totally loved that they let her keep her awesome earrings, and the first name Nichols picked out for her. Ugh, guys, she was just so awesome.
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Meme, stolen from [ profile] inlovewithnight: Ask any character I've written for advice, and they will provide it, advice columnist style. Your problems or fictional characters' problems both welcome. Management is not responsible for the results of following said advice (especially if provided by Cylons).

In other news, thanks to her, I now have something resembling a plot for the epic screwball John/Buffy comedy I've wanted to do for awhile. She says this is my just reward for making her like JDM. Then we started talking about how superior S6 would've been if JDM had played Spike. IDEK, internets. All I know is that the weather is SO FUCKING GORGEOUS today. Holy shit. It was around eighty when I was driving home from seeing Night.

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