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i. I got a fic award for one of my John/Mary stories, and one of my John/Jo ones was featured on [community profile] spn_het_love's recs list! Haha, what? I don't even know what to do with that. If anyone out there voted or recommended them, thank you! That was a really nice couple of surprises to get.

ii. On that subject, [profile] wizefics is hosting the Holiday Recathon! There are a lot of different fandoms featured, including SPN, Leverage, STXI, and a category specifically for crossovers, which I am really excited about because &crossovers; so you should all go rec stuff so I'll have lots to read. I've been going through my delicious and compiling lists of things to rec from there instead of writing, it's good times.

iii. There are a couple of stories that I've already started relying on when I'm stuck for ideas on [ profile] spn_30snapshots, one a roadtrip thing about Mary getting the Colt back to Elkins after "In The Beginning", which started as Mary/Ellen but is now possibly turning into Mary/John/Ellen, and the other this ridiculous shameful drawerfic notion I came up with that [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight totally encouraged me in, so it's their fault, namely Buffy/John(/Castiel?) babyfic.

Like, realistically, I think if Buffy's going to be on birth control as well as using condoms, and if a condom breaks she's going to be taking Plan B, and if she doesn't find out about it until later, as soon as she does find out, she'll be making an appointment with the nearest Planned Parenthood. But for the moment, you have to suspend your disbelief on that point, and also assume that you're me, Night, and Carly and you're planning ridiculous drawerfic that will never actually get posted except for whatever few shameful snippets I throw up at the comm because I have no ideas for the day.

More tl;dr about this stupid idea, and you should all be grateful that I'm sparing you. Mostly I'm imagining it dealing with Sam, Dean and Dawn's reactions. )

Actually, Sam would make a good POV character for that story. OH GOD WHY AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS. Oh well, clearly it's a good way to kill a hundred words here and there when I've got no ideas for Snapshots. I'm so ashamed of how much thought I have put into that, though, ugh. I need to admit that this pairing is up there with Bruce Springsteen/Patti Scialfa and Jeanette/Deadshot on my OTP list, clearly.

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