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A selection of the music I listened to while writing this. HEY GUYS IT'S FINALLY FINISHED! ~RELIEEEEEEEEF~

Part 1 | Part 2

Part 1 is just a standard mix; Part 2 is all instrumental.

Part 1 track listing. )

Part 2 is all instrumental, from a band called Rockabye Baby. That's right -- all lullabye versions of classic rock songs. Basically it was the perfect background music for writing; low-key but still very evocative, recognizable but without lyrics to distract me. I've listed the songs with their original artists!

Part 2 track listing. )

Disclaimer: It's been deemed acceptable to download music that you're interested in trying and keep it on your hard drive for twenty-four hours; if you download these, what you do with the music after that period is your own responsibility.
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i. Buffy scenes that, it turns out, can still make me cry:
  • The end of "Becoming Part II"
  • The 'Class Protector' scene in "The Prom".
ii. I've been making a bunch of icons lately! I made some stock icons for [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight as part of the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and then I made a ton of fandom ones, mostly Buffy and Eastwick with a couple each of SPN and Zombieland.

iii. Other folks doing [community profile] polybigbang, have you gotten a posting date yet? I turned mine in a little over a week ago and haven't heard anything yet, but if no one else has posting dates then I won't worry.

iv. Maybe today I will try and write something. IDK. I'm feeling kind of sad and anxious for no apparent reason, it's good times.

v. I had a dream last night set in the SPN universe. I was a hunter, and I was investigating all these disappearances by little kids in some small city in California, and then the Winchesters showed up and we were butting heads a lot and trying to beat each other at the case. Like, I was simultaneously me-the-character and a viewer, so as a viewer I knew we were both on the same side, but as a character/participant in the dream I was suspicious of them, like they were of me, and we kept trying to catch each other and give each other fake leads. And then about halfway through John showed up, except he and I were working together and he didn't want me to tell them that he was around, but because Sam and Dean are idiots, they of course ran into trouble and we had to save them, and there was a big ~reveal~ when they piled into my SUV and saw that he was driving. IDEK. Possibly my renewed interest in BtVS is going to mean a resurgence of the dreams where I fight monsters, and this is evidence that my Buffy/John shipping has gotten out of hand.

As fandom dreams go, though, the ones where my subconscious decides I'm Buffy are a lot less troubling than the ones where my subconscious decides I'm the Comedian.
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I should work on the Big Bang story, but for some reason I cannot motivate myself on it at all. Mostly it's just so close to being done I can taste it, except I keep saying it'll only be another thousand words and then two thousand words later I'm saying that again. I swear it was only at 16.5k yesterday morning, and I thought I only meant to do a little polishing before I left to go to Maryland and hang out with Night, and yet somehow when I got up to leave I was at 18k. JUST END DAMN YOU. :( I mean, I'm jazzed, because I've never written fic this long before, but man, this is probably why I've never written fic this long before: after only, like, a week and a half of it I'm just like "NUTS TO THIS".

I'm not feeling motivated for much of anything today, though. I have a bit of a headache -- not strong enough to qualify as a migraine anymore, but localized the way they get and it was pretty bad earlier -- which might be why. After those I just generally feel lethargic for awhile. Maybe I'll make icons instead? I made a few last night and that was good times. Maybe make some of that mojito green tea I've got stashed away and see if that helps any, and then set to work on the fic.
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...well, that's another 1500 and this bastard is still nowhere near done. :D: I'm hoping another 2k from here will do it? I JUST WANT IT TO BE DONE, UGH.
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Currently I'm working on my Polybigbang story, though, and I feel like getting drunk would just distract me from that! It is starting to grow on me; I was so embarrassed when I first sent the draft in, but then yesterday I finally got up the nerve to look at it again and it was actually not that bad, it just needed some extra scenes to flesh it out a little further. It's now past 15k and will probably get another couple thousand words besides, and that's before I send it to someone to beta-read. /o\

Probably I will post the mix I made for it, too, since no one's claimed it for a mix thus far, just for art, so I don't feel like I'd be stepping on anyone's toes if I posted the mix I'm listening to while writing it.

Also, the other day I yammered a bit at [ profile] inlovewithnight about the Buffy-in-the-Watchmen-universe AU that I have been nurturing for about a year now, because re-watching has made me really see where Joss is coming from when he cites Watchmen as an influence for him, namely in things like the lack of any benevolent higher power beyond Buffy herself and quotes like Buffy's "I am the law" speech in "Selfless".

Plus Night sent me this mashup that came on just as I found this photoshoot of SMG that worked perfectly as this one scene from the massive BtVS/Watchmen story in my head. And then I was watching "Showtime" earlier today and was like "You know what you could probably use against the ubervamps, Buffy? A flamethrower. I'm just saying." /o\
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And then maybe I'll write an outline so the poor person who claims it doesn't have to try and sift through it. Or at least try and figure out what every scene is accomplishing and put a little note at the beginning for each one, which will also serve as a good guide for me as well, when I'm editing. Basically it is pretty terrible right now. I mean, I'm going to be posting it with a huge warning that it is basically drawerfic anyway, but I'd at least like to make it coherent, decently-written drawerfic.

Okay, finish the minimum word count, then a note on each scene saying what I'm trying to accomplish with it, then the summary, then send it off. YES.
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And now it's at 7.1k! \o/ I can definitely pound out another 3k for the rough draft tomorrow.
She's waiting at the table when he gets back down there, and the astounding variety of weapons in the trunk by his bed and symbols painted in half the corners has at least reassured him that whoever she is and wherever he is, they're on the same side here.

"You were in the field," she tells him, nodding out the window. There's an expanse of daisies flattened, and it stretches on for awhile. "Dead patch in the center, I'm guessing that's where you landed. I can show you after breakfast, if you want."

"Look, I'm sorry I laughed at you earlier," he says, picking up his plate from the kitchen and sitting down next to her. "But the Slayer's a myth."

She just looks at him for a second, and then says, "Not to go all Grey's on you, but seriously? You do remember what *you* do, right? The whole, you know, ghosts, and vampires, and demons thing?"

Whoever she is, there's something in her eyes that he'd missed in the middle of her cheer and activity in the kitchen. She's still now, and she's pissed, which is his fault, and there's a lot more than pissed in her eyes, which has nothing to do with him and has been there for awhile. So he gives her something, gives her what he's been saying every time he's heard whispers of the Slayer from some vamp or other, even though he has to look down at his coffee and get very serious about the sugar he's putting in it as he does. "It's too damn good to be true."
It's weird being in novel mode for a fic, and not editing crazily as I go along. Which is to say, this is all pretty crap at the moment (basically it is going to be pretty close to drawerfic even when it's all polished up), but whatever.
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I am currently agonizing over the [community profile] polybigbang story. I know it's going to be an open polygon rather than closed, as in A/B and B/C rather than A/B/C, but there may be a D in there too, which I am currently trying to work out. TL;DR, plotting and navel-gazing. ) I think I'm just kind of self-conscious and worried that I'm just doing the crossover because it's me and that's what I do? IDK. If that's what I'm really worried about, I could just do some non-crossover fic and call it a day. The world could always use more Jo Harvelle porn.

Semi-relatedly, I am fighting this ridiculous desire for lots of Dean/Cassie domestic fic. What.

I also found this convo Night and I had about Buffy/John that I saved, because it delighted me. I am trying to figure out why I randomly throw in italics when I'm writing lulzy dialog for Castiel. I think in my head Castiel is basically the raccoons and cephalopods from Dinosaur Comics.


Dean Winchester I'm going to watch you sleep tonight

I'll be like

"hello, Dean Winchester"

Cut because this is more so I have it saved, and let's face it, these convos are never interesting to anyone but the people who have them. )

I explained "TL;DR" to my mother the other day and apparently she's started using it at work. I'm so proud.

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