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Somehow I got to rereading some of my fic on Ao3 yesterday and it was...not bad? Like, hm, looking at it with a fresh eye, I might catch a minor error here or there, a little continuity thing, repeating a phrase too soon or dropping a word. But apart from little copy-editing stuff like that, it's...surprisingly not garbage? It's actually kind of enjoyable? Even a fic from literally almost half my life ago, I'm reading it and going "wow, this is actually a solid representation of this character's voice, well done '00s Jules!"

I've had a hard time with writing the past few years, where every word is like blood from a stone and every paragraph I look back and decide it's garbage and need to walk away for a bit lest I just delete it all. So it's nice to look back and go "hey, actually, I do know how to do this." It's also gratifying to realize that a lot of the stuff I'm most pleased with, that I most felt at the time like no one but me really cared about but that was enough, is also some of my most popular. Like, oh, hey, this self-indulgent little id trip of mine wasn't just me talking into a vacuum, other people enjoy these weird crossovers and rarepairs and polyships!

Anyway, I've also stuck with this space opera romance novel thing for months now, and am only partly through outlining it, and even at such a slow pace I'm still pretty excited about it. It's nice to feel enthusiastic about something I'm making again, even if it's much slower going than it's been in the past.
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Taking off early today because it's my birthday weekend, and Mom, my sister, and I are going to National Harbor for the night, since Jim Gaffigan is playing the MGM and I got tickets. And then I'm taking Monday off, because I have a pap smear in the morning and screw going back to work after that.

But even more excitingly, I woke up at a quarter to four this morning, and I ain't even mad because I think I have a plot for this space opera/romance thing that's been floating around in my head for months now, which is SO FRIGGIN' EXCITING. I keep having to stop in the middle of outlining to clap my hands and giggle with glee. It's gonna be exactly my kind of fun trash and I'm so jazzed.

TBH the only problem I'm having is that I want the main couple -- why yes, they are in fact a thinly-disguised version of a crossover pairing I have loved for ages (but never actually posted fic about), WHY YES ONE OF THEM IS BUFFY HOW DID YOU EVER GUESS? -- to also sleep with every other character who isn't an immediate family member. Will I just go with it and have the main couple, in the course of punching everything leading a rebellion against the evil kleptocracy, sleep with everyone who crosses their path? MAYBE~~~ At the very least I suspect I know how I'll be dealing with days when I'm stuck or don't want to write the actual plotty bits.

Anyhoo. Hello, Internet! I hope you have a great weekend, if I don't talk to you again before it's over.
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I should be baking. Instead, I am world-building for the story of a few characters who wandered into my head the other day, whose story, I realized, involves a few elements that have been floating around my head for a couple of years and have never synthesized into anything. Ughhhhhh this will all end in tears, I have no doubt. [personal profile] inlovewithnight, I may end up wailing at you as I try to develop the plot, look out for that.

Okay, a couple more pages of notes and then I will get the baking started. And possibly drink. DRUNKEN BAKING, FUCK YES. Then I can totally keep world-building/prewriting while things are in the oven. Everyone clear on the plan? Good. One two three BREAK.
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Chag sameach! For some reason I am feeling talky this week, I guess.

Fannish stuff: [personal profile] inlovewithnight did a great post in response to [personal profile] happydork's recent posts re: writing the stories we say we want to read, fandom and the logic of collective action, or, as she puts it, "the issue of 'we have this discussion over and over, why is it so difficult to make anything come of it?'".
The short version: if behavior X is predicted to give a high COMMUNITY benefit, but INDIVIDUALS will benefit more immediately from behavior Y, individuals will tend to choose Y, and assume that someone else will pick up the slack of X and/or that X wasn't really all that important anyway. (See also: the American social-welfare system or lack thereof; nuclear proliferation.)

The logic of collective action is: don't have it. Someone else out there will take care of the collective good, and I need to take care of me.
Really, really interesting.

TV: Non-spoilery, just kind of long. Short version: EVERYONE WATCH UNDERCOVERS. )

Books: I also seem to be on an Indian (well, generally more Indian-American, though I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on You Are Here) chick-lit kick; after For Matrimonial Purposes I'm now on The Hindi-Bindi club. Which opened with loving descriptions of proceeding from the Victoria's Secret in Georgetown Park out through Georgetown and driving over to Potomac, Maryland from there, and even if the narrative voices aren't as engaging as Anju there are some great turns of phrase and engaging stories, such that I was even willing to break my "no stories that regularly cycle through a lot of first-person narrators" rule (IDK, I just get confused and lose interest). I may also need fic about this incident (a character whose family had to flee their home in Lahore after the Partition):
Biji had an intricately carved walnut jewelry box Bauji gifted her on a family holiday in Kashmir. She emptied it, selling her wedding jewelry to finance our new start. Bauji spent the next decade filling it back up again.

I remember watching Gone With the Wind with my girlfriends in college. How I related to Scarlett O'Hara! I loved the end when, after surviving the Civil War, she lifts a handful of the earth and vows never to go hungry again.
I WANT FIC ABOUT THAT MOVIE NIGHT SO MUCH. And beyond; possibly I will end up requesting "Saroj goes through a Gone With the Wind phase" fic, because I really really love stories about how people relate to other stories when they're done well (see also my Wednesday Wars reaction, although it looks like that's flocked/filtered so I won't link to it, but trust me, I LOVED IT). H-BC is very Joy Luck Club, but honestly I like it a lot more than I liked that.

Writing: I've been terrible about it lately; I think I'm going to start shooting for writing every day. I signed up over at [community profile] origfic_bingo, and I'm going to get going on my [ profile] help_pakistan fic, but I've had a bunch of fantastic original ideas starting to finally gel, I think, after several frustrating months of percolation, so I'm going to start trying to work on those as well, or at least get more ideas written down. Possibly I will talk more about this, maybe not. IDK. Again, scarceness might well continue while I'm trying to focus my energy on this.
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i. There was fic, but I completely misremembered details of the SPN episode it was set during, which is what comes of writing ficlets in your spare moments on a busy day at work. I also managed to leave my keys in the office when we went out to the Convention Center to set up some things (ALA convention is this weekend, and as part of the Marketing team I have to help put the booth together). It is not a good brain day, clearly.

ii. For those who are overwhelmed by the one at LJ, [personal profile] parentheses set up a DW home for the Big Damn Heroes Awesome Ladies commentfic party -- all ladies, all the time, yay!

iii. I am also working more on the original thing. I got 1000 words done on Tuesday, 1500 yesterday, and I think I'm going to try for 2000 today. I've got the first chapter finished, and I think I know roughly how the next one is going to go. Which is unusual for me, because normally in writing original stuff I have no idea where chapter breaks might be and don't really write in any kind of linear fashion. Possibly I'll put a poll up for people who want onto the filter. IDK, I write better when I have the illusion that someone is holding me accountable.

iv. Cleaning out my inbox yesterday, I found a comment from the Gabe-as-Catholic-priest post where someone was like "the only reason anyone cares is because some BNF made this post about it" and I was like "huh, I wonder who might have...wait, they mean me, don't they?" because lol what. I'm waiting for my free laptop, fandom, get on that.
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Oh man, waking up at 4:30 and suddenly having two or three different ideas I've been tossing around for over a year gel into a single coherent story and having to scribble down a bunch of notes re: world-building and characterization. Good times.

Now I need to get over my insane fear of actually writing it out and accept that it is going to be a shitty first draft! Easy-peasy, amirite or amirite.

Ugh I wish Write Or Die weren't so hideous, I'd like using it a lot more.

Okay, now I'm starting to get sleepy again, so I am going to get another hour or so of sleep, and I will try working on this when it's morning.
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(I'm actually not supremely depressed or anything, just frustrated. No worries, dudes, I will be fine; you don't have to all run to tell me how this isn't true or anything. Just crankiness.)
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There was that whole meme going around where you listed your storytelling kinks! I had wanted to do it, but I'm terrible about verbalizing things that appeal to me and kind of gave up, but then [ profile] inlovewithnight did it and I was bored and finally figured I'd give it a try.46 items total, and I keep adding more, which surprised me! )That is actually not too bad a list after all!

Also, I think the reason I'm not more interested in a lot of fannish stuff out there is that you sort of have to assume that whenever I talk about hero-types I like, you have to assume the hero in question is a woman? Like, the Darla arc in S2 of Angel was okay, but it would've hit my buttons so hard if Darla had been the vampire with a soul Wolfram and Hart were trying to play headgames with by bringing Angel back. Actually, replace Angel with Darla and Spike with Drusilla and a lot of my problems with Angel and the last couple seasons of BtVS go right out the window.

Although TBH I hate a lot of these when Joss Whedon does them. I thought I hated redemption arcs, but it turns out I don't have particularly strong feelings on them one way or another; I just hate his redemption arcs! And you'd think I'd be so totally into Buffy/Faith, given some of the items on this list, but that pairing basically leaves me cold at best. So IDK.

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