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Hello! I am in Australia, visiting my parents. It is pretty darn lovely so far. I'm mostly in Adelaide, where Mom and Dad are living, but I did spend a fabulous few days in Melbourne, with the primary goals of seeing [personal profile] lizbee and watching "Day of the Doctor" in Glorious 3D at the cinema (check and check).

I had a layover at Sydney airport, and on checking in for my Qantas flight to Adelaide and going past security, one of the first things that greeted me was a combination wine bar/bookstore. This country gets me.

I'm working in the mornings, which is not nearly as anxiety-inducing and frustrating as I thought it might be! This is for a few reasons:
  1. I am -- shameful to admit as a middle-class white girl and sometime blogger, but true -- not actually a great traveler! But having something familiar that could ground me and be part of a regular routine helped me a lot. And having to wake up and keep to a certain schedule, since I'd arranged it with my manager beforehand, helped me a lot with avoiding jet lag, actually.

  2. It gives me something to do by myself, and keep me from feeling like I've had too much Family Togetherness.

  3. It actually eases the anxiety quite a bit -- I have to work a certain number of hours in the month to keep my health plan, for one thing, and while I don't think it would've been a problem meeting the required number, it's nice to be sure. (Mom was concerned about my financial wellbeing when I mentioned I would have to work while I was there, and in fact called me to ask if I was doing all right, and I explained that it's less about the money -- although an extra few hundred never goes amiss -- than about the benefits, which she totally understood.)

  4. My contract is also up at the end of this month/the year. While I anticipate it being renewed again, I didn't think it would help my odds if they realized they did fine without me for three weeks. Conversely, my taking time out of my vacation to help because ~the team is just so busy~ looks great. If nothing else, even if they had already decided not to renew my contract again, at least it would be great for my references, that I was willing to pitch in while on vacation.
Now there is less than a week until I leave, though, which on the one hand is terrible because Adelaide is so friggin' lovely and it has been the better part of two years since I've seen my parents, but I will be glad to be back at my usual work computer instead of having to deal with Citrix, which is the worst, and I miss my cats a lot, and Mom and Dad are moving back sometime early next year.

(I also miss the dog! Oh yes, we got a new dog a couple of weeks before I left. Pictures eventually.)

In between drinking all sorts of exciting new beers and ciders, and going to the beach and wandering around the Botanic Gardens, Mom and I have been watching lots of TV. I'm introducing her to Archer, which is going swimmingly. We're going to the beach later today, since it seems to be one of the few days this week it may be warm enough to do so. Yesssssss beach, I friggin' love the beach and no one has gone with me this year (the drive from home to the beach is just long enough that I prefer to have someone else with me, besides its just being a lovely day out) and for a terrible few months I thought I might not get to a beach at all this year, it was tragic.

I may do that December journal prompt meme I've seen around, but we shall see.

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