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Heard back about one of the jobs I interviewed for last week, and didn't get it, which was a bit of a bummer, but it wasn't my first choice, anyway, so who knows, maybe the universe is just making sure my schedule's clear for the other! Which is a longer commute, but also a longer contract, better-paying, and very exciting work at a really cool place. Recruiter from the first job, though, is keeping tabs on things for me, and actually called me about another job, which I was supposed to interview for today, except that half an hour after she called me to confirm the details she got a call from them that they were suspending hiring for it. SAD TROMBONE. It's still not as interesting as the other one I'm waiting to hear on, though, so here's hoping.

Caught up on Korra! Man, though, reading reaction posts elsewhere definitely has me in a "wait, am I watching the same show?" place.

More Korra thoughts. A few spoilers. )

Avengers fandom-wise, I am appalled and saddened by the lack of Tony/Thor. :( They would just be such delightful FWB. Threesomes or foursomes with Pepper and/or Jane would also be grand! Come on, fandom. I mean, I don't expect floods of it, but I'd hope that more than a handful of things on AO3 would be do-able.
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Ugh I have been feeling frustrated with how super-negative I have been lately, and I'm not entirely sure where to begin on stopping that. So, an experiment for this month: three good things, every day!
  • The moon looked really pretty when I was on my route this morning.
  • I applied for two jobs yesterday; I have a not-getting-my-hopes-up policy but if nothing else I'm pretty proud of the cover letter I wrote for one of them. I think I'm getting pretty decent at cover letters.
  • [personal profile] schmerica and I watched "Civil Defense" and man oh man I think that may actually be rising up my list of favorite DS9 episodes. Comedy gold.
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Called -- they haven't made a decision yet! So that is good for me, for now. I was sort of figuring they just picked someone else and hadn't told me. And he said he was "glad I called" and was super-nice instead of just blowing me off, so that may be good.

HALFWAY THROUGH WRITING THIS: GOT A CALL BACK AND THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB. FUCK YES. That was a quick turnaround, too; I figured when he said "later today" it'd be several hours, not ten minutes.


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I have very little to say lately. Sry, bbs. I have been awful about writing lately, too; maybe I will do a prompt-collection thing later.

Odds of actually getting this job: depressingly slim. Whatever, it can't hurt to dream, right?
The International Spy Museum, the only public museum in the U.S. solely dedicated to the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage, seeks a dynamic and creative individual to serve as member of the Exhibitions and Programs team.

[ profile] inlovewithnight had a long discussion yesterday about this picture of Gabe Saporta, and where it ultimately ended was with us talking about how we really want Gabe and Steve Van Zandt to be New Jersey's answer to Zuko and Iroh. Think about it. Also now I have some kind of ridiculous fic that I think I promised to write, where Gabe starts collecting small babies and Bruce Springsteen tries to set him straight and it backfires horribly. I'm actually kind of sad that it's too late to do Bandom Big Bang, because I could take this idea far.

The Cabal saw How To Train Your Dragon last night! That was really delightful. [ profile] baked_goldfish and I decided that it was set in the same world as ATLA, just on some other continent, whatever the European analog in that world is. Other non-spoilery thoughts: I love that the dragons were really clearly cats, and also that Gerard Butler was gleefully playing a parody of every other character he plays, but especially Leonidas. And there was a trailer for The Last Airbender, which we all booed.
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i. Got pulled over on my way home last night; my registration's expired. >:( The ticket itself is only for $25, but there's another $62 in processing fees. The cop was super-nice and said something suggesting that if I renewed it before then and just brought the paperwork with me on the court date, it might get thrown out, but it may not even be worth it. I need to find out if I get a point on my license, is what I need to do, since that's my main concern; the money is a pain but that's what I've been saving for. Since it's not a moving violation, what I've been able to turn up in researching suggests that there won't be points, and tbh if I get one of these jobs I might just say screw it and pay it online, because really, my registration was expired, I can't argue with that.

The cop was adorable, though; I couldn't really get too irritated about it. It was like getting a ticket from Winnie the Pooh. He was like three years old, and was vaguely apologetic about it (and probably relieved that I wasn't crying, swearing at him, or embarrassing us both by trying to flirt my way out of it); when he ran my license he came back with it all "your record is excellent! :D? :D?" I was this close to just being like "bb, it's okay, you have a legit reason to pull me over, just give me the ticket and I'll go home and go to sleep".

ii. I've got an interview for next week! It's for one of the jobs I'd mentioned earlier this week, the one I had the big phone interview for.

iii. Sunday I'm off to NYC for a few days for Passover! \o/ My mother is apparently planning to put something together with my father, seder-wise. &Mom;

iv. As mentioned, I've been rereading the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and UGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH DUDES, SERIOUSLY. Probably it is not all that surprising that I love Felicity Motherfucking Worthington as much as I do, on account of her being a queer girly-girl who wants to be a warrior and is super-fierce and angry and complex over the abuse in her past. Also this time around I am totally picturing Leighton Meester as Pippa and Blake Lively as Felicity.

v. I'm thinking about starting up a monthly challenge thing sort of modeled after [ profile] femslash_minis, except probably it would be over on AO3 and it would not be fandom- or style-specific every month? It would be sort of "whatever the hell I feel like this month", like one month it might be Gemma Doyle Trilogy fic, and the next month it might be all ATLA, and the next month it might be one of the challenges me and [ profile] inlovewithnight keep talking about, maybe the Tech Support AU. IDK. It would work better if I was a BNF, but whatever, my flist is varied enough that whatever I do, there will probably be at least a couple of people interested, and they will know who to pimp it to. Maybe one month will be Dean/Henricksen, because I have had several conversations with people who wish there was more of that pairing. &Henricksen;

vi. Speaking of SPN, I came downstairs this morning and "In The Beginning" was on TNT. GUYS YOU KNOW WHO I LOVE? HINT: IT IS MARY WINCHESTER. Even if she is way too orange in the daylight scenes and needs to lay off the tanning. Jensen has the same problem often, really.
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Today I:
  • worked out, but the machine made a horrible grinding noise right at the end of the workout and now I am concerned
  • crafted a fucking gorgeous cover letter, only to realize as I went to send it that I'd already applied for the job a few weeks back
  • have been super-sluggish on account of how the time change always throws me off for a week or so afterwards
On the bright side, this weekend I had:
  • fangirl time
  • a delicious Shabbat dinner on Friday
  • extensive TV-viewing parties
  • tons of junk food
  • lots of alcohol
  • discussions about feelings, without causing the universe to collapse in on itself and everything to be horrible forever

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