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what are you doing to me bruce

...okay so the embed tool doesn't seem to be working for me but Bruce is streaming the new album at his website and you done good, Mr. Springsteen, you done good.

so many feelings. I mean, objectively I think the version of "Land of Hopes and Dreams" we already have is better, but oh my lord the sax solo came in and just FEELINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE. And "Wrecking Ball" still gives me lots of feelings, of course, even more so now. Ugh that song, I can't even. It was a rare thing today, I managed to get through it without bursting into tears.

Also poking around the redesigned website and while the design itself is kind of meh, the band bios are delightful. I'm particularly fond of "Springsteen is said to have written 'Bobby Jean' as a farewell [to Steve Van Zandt]". WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE, HOW COULD WE KNOW WE'RE ONLY THE OFFICIAL SPRINGSTEEN WEBSITE. Also great: the note about Patti auditioning for the band in the 70s, sliding over the fact that Bruce had to have it explained to him why it might not be a great idea to have an underage (barely-legal?) girl in the band. Oh man.

in conclusion, bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce

eta: oh my actual god this is the real actual 404 page on his real actual website
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So after numerous bouts of swearing and two completely dead-end phone calls with Netflix technical support, I finally got their player working and was able to watch the first episode of Lilyhammer, aka the latest evidence of how, as [personal profile] inlovewithnight put it, Steve's list of people he loves apparently goes Bruce, his wife, me. It is...not without issues, and there were definitely some problems (was there a single POC with a speaking part?), but I am kind of drained re: fannish social justice politics at the moment, so even the issues I bring up are generally kind of shallow.A bit of yammering. )

Basically I feel like there are actually a number of people on my flist who would enjoy this show, and it feels like something that could end up with a small but dedicated fandom? Once I've seen a few more episodes and can gather my thoughts and work out a good picspam/primer post, I may do that. Like I said, for some reason I just have this odd sense that people who are into dS may enjoy it, but I can't quite articulate why so far. If nothing else, I think it might generate a nice little handful of things at Yuletide.

I would read all of the gen crossover fic involving Stella, though, oh my actual fucking lord. TBF, I would read all the gen crossover fic involving Stella for any fandom, because &STELLA;, but that's beside the point, although poss the fact that my first thought is Stella rather than Buffy tells you something, too? IDK IDK. Did you watch it, Internet? Talk to me! Or I can just spam you with pictures of Little Steven.
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oh my god, Internet

oh my actual god

everything is plastic hair and nothing hurts
Netflix, who made everything right again by announcing they’re bringing back Arrested Development, will further their goodwill by bringing back The Sopranos Silvio Dante. Well, technically it’s just Steven Van Zandt, but he’ll be playing a very familiar-sounding New York City gangster.

In the upcoming Netflix crime comedy, which will be available to subscribers starting Feb. 6, Van Zandt stars as Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, a mobster who enters the federal witness-protection program after ratting out his boss and relocates to Lillehammer, Norway, in what Netflix is calling “a gripping fish-out-of-water story.” [source: EW]
IDK how I can possibly list all the things that I love about this, I start with the fact that he is clearly going to a) put his girl-fronted baby bands in it and b) try to get as much of Comrade Van Zandt's Fuck Yeah Socialism Hour in there as possible, and then I just devolve into flapping my hands and making ridiculous noises. Someone on my flist asked about non-traditional comfort food media awhile back, and I explained how Sopranos is mine because among other things, one time I had a full-on flashback in front of Little Steven during a Springsteen show and he proceeded to get super-concerned, make a security guard get a pack of tissues, and spend the rest of the freaking concert trying to cheer me up. And then four days before my birthday this shit gets announced and basically I feel, at this point, like the only people who love me more than he does may be the ones who are actually related to me. Trailer, mildly NSFW )

I just can't even, Internet, I just can't even. Everything is plastic hair and nothing hurts.

In completely unrelated news, as I mentioned the other day, my mother and I have been mainlining DS9 in an attempt to get through as much as possible before she leaves the country; we're up to "The Maquis, Part I". Most of my thoughts involve Cardassians, like how Dukat basically hits on everyone ever and I cannot explain why I consider this so fucking hilarious, and also how there really is just no way to interpret Bashir and Garak but as banging, and I say that as someone who was never really all that convinced by Fraser/Kowalski or various other ginormous slash OTPs until I realized that it wasn't that I didn't see it, it was just that I didn't give a fuck.

TBH things have been going suspiciously well the past few days in general, I'm just sort of narrowing my eyes and waiting for the other shoe to drop b/c that is apparently the kind of cynical asshole I have become. You know you love me.

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