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Hello, hello! It has been a pretty good couple of weeks.

+ I had my annual evaluation results call with my boss, and based on a few comments when we'd discussed my self-evaluation I had been feeling fairly optimistic. Her only criticism of my self-eval was that she thought I'd been a little too hard on myself and should get more comfortable calling attention to my accomplishments, so I knew I was doing pretty well. We were also given a range to expect our bonuses/salary increases to fall within, and it was about what I'd expected -- a little more is always nice, but I am lucky enough to be pretty financially stable right now so I was fine with not getting anything significant.

WELL. When my boss said I had been understating my achievements, that wasn't just a platitude, apparently, because both my salary increase and my bonus were significantly higher than what I'd figured was the absolute highest end of possible. Like, significantly more than even the highest end of the range everyone was told to anticipate. She sent me the documentation breaking everything down, and we had a call to go over it right before my lunch break, and when I got off the call and went to lunch I opened a bottle of champagne that I had in the fridge.

+ As for what I am going to use my bonus for, I'm having LASIK later this month! In exactly ten days, actually. I've been sort of toying with the idea for a year or so, and when I found out about this windfall I figured I might as well get evaluated, especially since my vision insurance will get me 15% off. I wasn't actually optimistic -- Dad had an evaluation a few years back and was told that his corneas (corneae?) are too thin, and that not only is he not a candidate, but he needs to be extra conscientious about annual checkups because he may need a transplant before too much longer. During the evaluation the doctor initially remarked that I had a few thin spots, but went on to say that it was nothing too severe, and that I'm an excellent candidate. I'M SO JAZZED, INTERNET. SO JAZZED.

+ I've started keeping a dream journal again. I kept one really faithfully all through high school and well into college, and then got out of the habit, but the other night I had a weird one that I wanted to write down, and later that day I read this, in which it was suggested as an approach to dealing with writer's block.
It's useful to escape from external and internal judgment—by writing, for instance, in a dream diary, which you know will never be read—even if it's only for a brief period. Such escapes allow writers to find comfort in the face of uncertainty; they give writers' minds the freedom to imagine, even if the things they imagine seem ludicrous, unimportant, and unrelated to any writing project. [...] That dream could become the source for a story. And, at a minimum, it serves as a reminder that, no matter how blocked you may be, you still have the capacity to imagine something new—no matter how small and silly it may seem.
Interestingly, it also took all of three nights for me to get to the point where I realize I'm dreaming while it's happening, which is generally the first step toward lucid dreaming, which I've only done a couple of times but was pretty rad both times. One of those realizations came last night, while dream!me was being pulled over for speeding, at which point I was like "oh dip, I'm still asleep!" and woke up feeling ridiculously, hilariously pleased with myself, as if I had actually gotten away with something IRL. The note I jotted down in my journal before rolling over and falling asleep again was just "lol that's one way to get out of a ticket".

+ The weather has been friggin' lovely lately. It got up around 80F last week, and now it's cooled off and is a bit closer to normal for this time of year, although still a little warmer. And for the most part it's been sunny, too. A+ work, nature, keep it up.
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I am going to go sit in the hammock (on the screened-in porch) with a beer and just fucking enjoy this. Fuck yes.

I think I need a thunderstorm icon. IDK.
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+ The WEATHER. It's beautiful and sunny today; it's supposed to be in the sixties most of this week although there may be some rain in a few days.

+ Also I started another tumblr; the first one is for all audiences but the new one is definitely adults-only and NSFW.

- The Cage Matches have pitted Scully against Buffy. I can't even deal with this; I keep going to change my vote.

+ Night and I got each other writing last night, and I got some of my [ profile] het_idcrack fic written. Which is actually what prompted the new Tumblr; I was trawling around Tumblr looking for visual inspiration (the prompt: SPN, John/any female character, "he'll give up control just this once, bonus points if 'just this once' is a total lie"; I think you can all guess what I'm planning to write). Hopefully I'll have that done in a few days and I can grab one of the Avatar prompts!
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What the heck, it's been over a year since my flock was broken, maybe I will try making some non-fannish entries public again.

- I cannot get going this morning. Ugh. It took me an hour and a half to get out of bed, but any minute now I will manage to make the long trek to the kitchen and get caffeine. Any minute now. And then eventually I will work out. Eventually.

+ Last night when I went to bed I heard a fox screaming outside. It is a pretty creepy sound, but it means that spring is almost fucking here. Plus yesterday when I was outside I saw little daffodil shoots poking up through the mud. SPRIIIIIING ;____;

- I should not be allowed near eBay. I may still be outbid on this dress, though, which would probably be for the best; I didn't bid more than I can afford but I still probably shouldn't be buying it.

Okay, I am starting to get a headache, I guess I should actually force myself to the kitchen for caffeine now. Pray that I have the strength to make the journey, Internets. Oh, but before I go!

+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] redbrickrose! I am super-glad that you were born, because twenty-odd years after that I got to know you! \o/ I hope the next year is fantastic.


Feb. 24th, 2010 08:58 am
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Man I was all happy because it's been in the 40s and the snow is melting and I'm starting to wake up to birds singing and it's getting light earlier, but apparently we're supposed to get more fucking snow tomorrow, so between the two, I am kind of cranky right now.
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• My thread at that crankypants love meme is here.

+ It snowed last night, just enough that everything is pretty. I dashed down a couple of ~writerly thoughts~ by hand, but have not actually shaped them into anything attractive yet.

- I have to venture out and mail this thing for Ugh why do I sign up for this sort of thing, I never end up finding anything I want and I hate having to mail shit. ML;SH.

• Today, as LJ as my witness, I will actually write some shit. 1000 words of original, 500 of fic. Yes. I can do that.

Young Justice League cartoon!!!!! Okay, obviously I am jazzed about &Cissie; and &Superboy; (and oh my gosh that Cissie looks so badass) but NEEDS MOAR WONDER GIRL AND/OR EMPRESS. >:( >:( >:( Especially Empress, because unless Aqualad or someone is a character of color in the DCAU, man that is one white lineup. I'm given to understand there's some kind of embargo on Wonders at the moment, which explains the lack of Cassie, but I am cranky nonetheless.

+ Also I realized upon rewatching the trailer for The Losers another five times and finally being able to focus on something other than "ZOE SALDANA IS MAKING OUT WITH JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, HOLLYWOOD LOVES ME SO MUCH" that while it's a complete and total sausage-fest, the cast is pretty much half characters of color! And the one woman is a woman of color, so that is pretty cool. Still, NEEDS MOAR LADIES. Also JDM going "ladies? :D?" in such a way that you can hear the fingerguns in his voice is pretty amazing.

- I have a headache starting to develop. It sort of feels like it might turn into a migraine. Okay, I'm going to suck down some tea, because that helps, and pop a couple ibuprofen, and then venture out into the world.
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Haha, it's storming? What? IDEK. There is definitely thunder and lightning, though. Excellent.

I haven't watched SPN tonight, and I'm spoiled for a couple of things but not for everything, so please do not spoil me further. Except for one question -- does character ) survive? I'd heard spoilers for deaths that made me guess no, then I heard something that made me assume yes, and then I heard more rumors that made me wonder again. I want to know just how much I'm going to need to drink before I watch.

I don't know why I'm even asking, because let's face it, there is only ever one answer to the question "does this episode of SPN feature misogyny?", it's just a question of whether the women involved are going to be brutally killed, sexually objectified, infantilized and in need of rescue, or some combination of the three.

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