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oh no guys the Doctor Who rabbit hole opened again and I'm falling






tell my family I love them
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Who! I enjoyed it, plus I had some major problems with it, but there's really only one line I have felt any major need to comment on: not really all that spoilery at all, but just in case )

I'mma just steal [ profile] drunktuesdays's version of this meme b/c I feel it is about 500% more accurate for this journal than the one I've seen elsewhere.
I think there's that meme about not knowing each other and asking questions or whatever but let's be real, y'all know me like a book that's one page long and the page is actually just a sign that blinks OPEN. But if I'm wrong and you have a question ASK IT. I love talking about myself.
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RAINING ON MY FACE. IDEK, guys, IDEK, it just hit a lot of my buttons really hard. Spoilers ) So yeah, MOAR CASEFILES PLS.
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Things are pretty quiet at the moment, and mostly I have been watching a lot of TV. Here are my thoughts!

Parks & Rec: I have already watched all of S2 and S3, but S3 has been on On Demand in bits and pieces, so my parents and I have been working through it. Independent of any input from me, Mom said that Ron totally reminded her of Dad, and I lol'd and lol'd because YES. Dad doesn't seem to understand that it's a compliment.

Further, I totally love Ron and April's relationship. I think their friendship may be my favorite relationship on the show. I would watch hours and hours of them trying to avoid the world, it would be great.

Lost Girl: I am mainlining S1 this weekend since S2 starts shortly and it seems like a good time. Only a few episodes in, but here are my extremely deep thoughts so far. )

Futurama: I caught up on the current season last weekend, during the hurricane! That was fun. TL;DR everything needs more LaBarbara. )

Doctor Who: Belated thoughts on last week's. ) Missed the new episode tonight on account of starting LKH late and it being about a quarter past nine when I finally finished it, but I'll catch the rerun later tonight or whenever they re-run it. Or tomorrow, if I can figure out how to record it when they re-run it. LOL DVRs, what even.

In other BBC America news, Mom has gotten hooked on Top Gear. It's fun enough, but mostly I would like to say that while the ads are largely ones that make sense (action movies, cars and car stuff), and the TV spots are, sensibly enough, other BBC shows, there's one they keep running that completely bewilders me, namely this ad for Ringer. I mean, I'm not complaining, because I'm going to watch that shit so hard I can't even tell you ([personal profile] inlovewithnight and I were SO JAZZED, even when we realized it was going to be srs bzns, GUYS WOULDN'T SMG AND IOAN GRUFFUDD DOING COMEDY BE AMAZING? THEY COULD BE JEWEL THIEVES WHO ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT AND SUPER PRETTY, IT WOULD BE COMEDY GOLD), but it's so odd. IT'S NOT EVEN ON THIS CHANNEL. THEY DON'T EVEN GO TO THIS SCHOOL. Is it because it's Ioan? What? Why.

In conclusion, why isn't there fic where April and Andy are the Doctor's companions, it would be incredible.

* Footnote off the Lost Girl ~thoughts~ )
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In addition to the 500-word ficlet and 1500-word fic, I also got the nod from [ profile] sotto_voice to do the same thing she's doing and offer a cookie-ficlet combination. A dozen cookies (taking into account your tastes as well as allergies/sensitivities) and a ficlet of at least 200 words. Bidding starts at $10, and I'll be doing three sets, so the three highest bidders will each get a set.

I watched more S1 Who last night and am currently about halfway through the Dalek arc. Here are my reactions! )
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I've had a few chances to hang out with my mother the past few days, once up at my place and once down in Woodbridge! Amidst chatting, eating bagels, and complaining about her coworkers, we watched The Losers and the first few episodes of Doctor Who (as in "An Unearthly Child"). She loved the former, which will come as no surprise to anyone who's met her or heard my stories about her (I feel like meeting my mother explains a great deal about me), and we're enjoying the latter a great deal, and I suspect that Who might be the next thing to eat my fannish brain for the time being, since I really don't do much with movie fandoms in general and ever since I finished Avatar I've been wanting something big and TV-show length to sink my teeth into, and heaven knows Who fits the bill.

Thoughts: we both like Barbara and Susan lots (Barbara rolls with things! Susan has lots of ~FEELINGS~! so it appears thus far, anyway). I have no strong feelings on Ian, but Mom has declared him "a wiener", and as she is even more judgmental and rigid than I am (I know!), I'm afraid he may never recover any standing with her.

I have lots of thoughts on the look of it, too, even though I know the answer is really "whatever was cheapest, they did". This is probably not a good sign in terms of avoiding a new Fannish Thing. There will definitely be some Three later, since Mom and I went through Wikipedia to figure out who "her" doctor had been and finally landed on him.

Also, I opened up comments over at my LJ again, since I've had a spate of people adding me over there and I don't want people who are LJ-only to have to be ~silenced~ by not being able to share their thoughts on my flocked entries. I still like it better over here and that's the preferred spot for comments, but mostly that's because I like my layout better over here. My priorities are the best.
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and go look at this.

A Partial Map Of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change), by [ profile] alibi_factory. It's art, it's fic, it's maps and blueprints and it's breathtaking.
The maps contained herein may be approximate, made-up, or partly false. The creators of said maps shall not be held responsible for any lostness or misplacement of being. If you find yourself in a place that is no longer there, count to ten and step approximately 17 cm to the right.
Even if you're not remotely interested in Doctor Who, you need to see it if you have the slightest interest in stunning fucking design work.

...oh hell, I'm going to need to get Who icons again, aren't I?
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i. Happy birthday, [ profile] austen!

ii. I will probably be scarce for awhile, on account of my hours are 8:30-5:30 and my sleep schedule has been a bit odd lately and also I seem to have developed something resembling a social life sometime in the past few months, so that gets a lot of my free time? But with an hour for lunch (with plenty of restaurants and stores nearby, and the handbook prohibits only "excessive" drinking during office hours), just to start with. It is still too early to say for sure, I suppose, but I am filled with cautious optimism. I'm not sure how to feel about cautious optimism. It's weird. Probably I will be aiming to move around June or July, too! In short, everything's coming up Jules.

iii. [ profile] redbrickrose and I watched "Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below" yesterday. To paraphrase a flister, I resent that I had to sit through all those years of Tennant to get from Eccleston to Footface Smith. I seriously have not been this jazzed about Who in ages, if ever, oh my goodness. I like Amy lots, and I like Eleven lots, even if his face does look like a foot. Also also, Character ) was amaaaaazing. *_____* Ugh, getting this excited about a show is going to lead to horrible pain, isn't it? Especially this early into Eleven's run -- with shows where I come in pretty well into things, or even after it's ended, I have some warning of "okay, around this point it starts to suck, and the ending is really stupid, and this character will make you angry", even if I haven't sought out spoilers, but with current shows, there is lots of time ahead of you for things to go horribly wrong and break your heart.

iv. Also I heard a rumor that SPN was misogynistic on Thursday! My goodness, that is a shocker.

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