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I am at Comic Con! There are nerds everywhere! Even in my hotel room, because I am here with [personal profile] fox1013 and [personal profile] mimesere! We went to Preview Night, and all of the shows Warner Bros. were doing were amazing. Let me check my ~notes~.

Human Target )

V )

Vampire Diaries )

We also stared in horror at the people camped out for the Twilight panel when we got there around three PM yesterday. The Twilight panel is today. In the afternoon. But Burger King was handing out crowns with Twilight characters on them, so of course we picked those up! I got Team Edward and Amy got Team Jacob.

Today: Middlepanel! And Gail Simone! :D :D :D And lots of other stuff, but those are the ones I think I care the most about. &GAILSIMONE; We were thinking about going to the Watchmen Director's Cut screening, but I think our plan now is to just buy the DVD and watch it in our hotel room, where there will be no JEH or Snyder, but also no fanboys, and there will be booze.

Currently we're waiting for the Middlepanel to start. \o/

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