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Ringer is absolutely ridiculous and is clearly going to get more so, and I can't wait. Also, minor spoiler )

I also kind of love that in the EW interview, she was basically like "IDK what you want from me here, guys, I gotta start saving for my kid's college fund, and god knows Freddie isn't doing anything; SMG gots to get paid" and flat-out said that this is a combination of the two roles she had the most fun with and she has the biggest fanbase for, namely BtVS and Cruel Intentions. Although she was 100% right that there are a lot more interesting roles for women on TV at the moment than in the movies.

So basically it's ridiculous, and I am not particularly moved by it thus far, but it's going to be absurd and over-the-top and just keep getting more and more outlandish and I look forward to it! I mean, I'm still disappointed it's not a ridiculous Arrested Development-esque comedy, but once this show just gets a little bit more ridiculous (so, like, three episodes tops) it will basically be a comedy anyway.

TL;DR I heartily endorse it! It's absurd and fun and has pretty, very unintelligent people all trying to top each other with ~schemes~ while being pretty, and somehow Bridget spoiler ), and really, there's not a lot more that I ask for out of TV.

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