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Three good pop-culture things! Well, four, but one is left over from yesterday and I'm just still jazzed about it.
  1. This is almost a week late at this point, but seriously, extremely minor P&R spoiler ) ETA: Okay call me a tinhat but upon consideration I actually choose to believe that someone on the writing staff was in fact doing a little Clarence Clemons tribute with that whole plot.
  2. Speaking of Springsteen, I can count on one hand the number of NCIS episodes I've seen, but this picture of Pauley Perrette with Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa at the Grammys is pretty great.
    Q: on a scale of "noticeably" to "completely and totally", how baked is Bruce?

    A: 11.
  3. Community is coming baaaaaaack! I'd read a couple of good "everyone chill the fuck out" posts from around the pop culture blogosphere when it last aired, pointing out that it would probably be back by summer at latest once more than a couple of the mid-season replacements flopped, because blah blah blah network inside baseball. But I was also determined not to get my hopes up, and of course there was the danger, if it took too much time, that everyone would move on to other things. And even then my best hope was that it would be back in the summer, so the fact that it's going to be back in just under a month is FABULOUS. :D
  4. I've read some pretty great books lately, with a pretty solid good-to-disappointing ratio! ACROSS THE UNIVERSE was the rare super-disappointing exception for the last week or so, although I suspect all the hype I'd heard didn't help, since I was expecting a lot more than if I'd just gone in planning on a passable YA sci-fi read. I started Kate Elliott's SPIRITWALKER trilogy, though, and that's been super-fun and I may end up putting it on my Yuletide request list, because I ship basically everyone with everyone else and would love some fun silly adventures, particularly sexy ones. I really liked GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS, too; it had a couple of issues but it's probably going on my list of favorite high fantasy works, quite possibly beating out LOTR simply because I liked it so much more.
Feel free to talk to me about any of these things (or others: me and [personal profile] schmerica are still working through DS9, for one thing!) in the comments, because I have been at a bit of a loose ends, fannishly, lately, and feeling like I have nothing to really contribute to the fannish conversation.
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This week's P&R was a bit boring, with the best part, naturally, being April and Andy. I really love the return of their Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, FBI roleplay, that's kind of the best. Also I got really projecty and had a lot of FEELINGS and got angry at Ben, it was ridiculous. /o\

But more importantly, last night when I had stopped drinking but in the six hours while I was sobering up to go to work, I spent some time yelling at Twitter about how this week's Community, which was largely...whatever, made me really really want fic where Troy is a Chameleon Arch'd Time Lord, and possibly even the Doctor himself. It started as a stupid joke about this last shot pre-credits gag, but then it just, um, got away from me. Spoilery for Troy's subplot of this week's episode, and a little bit for this season in general, but mostly just unspeakably ridiculous. )

Fortunately [personal profile] lizbee gamely chatted with me on Twitter about this, and the various things that needed to happen, like River enrolling (or taking a job as an archaeology professor?) because she's tired of waiting for Troy to figure it out and wants to take matters into her own hands, Britta vs. Daleks, and Jack Harkness falling in love with Shirley and being completely bewildered when the usual ~Harkness charm~ doesn't work on her, and so following her around the campus all starry-eyed. Also Annie/Amy(/Rory). Britta/River would be pretty great, too, upon consideration. Basically this is ridiculous and stupid and also may be my new personal canon, precisely because of how ridiculous it is.

ETA: Now I'm just picspamming )
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Things are pretty quiet at the moment, and mostly I have been watching a lot of TV. Here are my thoughts!

Parks & Rec: I have already watched all of S2 and S3, but S3 has been on On Demand in bits and pieces, so my parents and I have been working through it. Independent of any input from me, Mom said that Ron totally reminded her of Dad, and I lol'd and lol'd because YES. Dad doesn't seem to understand that it's a compliment.

Further, I totally love Ron and April's relationship. I think their friendship may be my favorite relationship on the show. I would watch hours and hours of them trying to avoid the world, it would be great.

Lost Girl: I am mainlining S1 this weekend since S2 starts shortly and it seems like a good time. Only a few episodes in, but here are my extremely deep thoughts so far. )

Futurama: I caught up on the current season last weekend, during the hurricane! That was fun. TL;DR everything needs more LaBarbara. )

Doctor Who: Belated thoughts on last week's. ) Missed the new episode tonight on account of starting LKH late and it being about a quarter past nine when I finally finished it, but I'll catch the rerun later tonight or whenever they re-run it. Or tomorrow, if I can figure out how to record it when they re-run it. LOL DVRs, what even.

In other BBC America news, Mom has gotten hooked on Top Gear. It's fun enough, but mostly I would like to say that while the ads are largely ones that make sense (action movies, cars and car stuff), and the TV spots are, sensibly enough, other BBC shows, there's one they keep running that completely bewilders me, namely this ad for Ringer. I mean, I'm not complaining, because I'm going to watch that shit so hard I can't even tell you ([personal profile] inlovewithnight and I were SO JAZZED, even when we realized it was going to be srs bzns, GUYS WOULDN'T SMG AND IOAN GRUFFUDD DOING COMEDY BE AMAZING? THEY COULD BE JEWEL THIEVES WHO ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT AND SUPER PRETTY, IT WOULD BE COMEDY GOLD), but it's so odd. IT'S NOT EVEN ON THIS CHANNEL. THEY DON'T EVEN GO TO THIS SCHOOL. Is it because it's Ioan? What? Why.

In conclusion, why isn't there fic where April and Andy are the Doctor's companions, it would be incredible.

* Footnote off the Lost Girl ~thoughts~ )

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