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Heard back about one of the jobs I interviewed for last week, and didn't get it, which was a bit of a bummer, but it wasn't my first choice, anyway, so who knows, maybe the universe is just making sure my schedule's clear for the other! Which is a longer commute, but also a longer contract, better-paying, and very exciting work at a really cool place. Recruiter from the first job, though, is keeping tabs on things for me, and actually called me about another job, which I was supposed to interview for today, except that half an hour after she called me to confirm the details she got a call from them that they were suspending hiring for it. SAD TROMBONE. It's still not as interesting as the other one I'm waiting to hear on, though, so here's hoping.

Caught up on Korra! Man, though, reading reaction posts elsewhere definitely has me in a "wait, am I watching the same show?" place.

More Korra thoughts. A few spoilers. )

Avengers fandom-wise, I am appalled and saddened by the lack of Tony/Thor. :( They would just be such delightful FWB. Threesomes or foursomes with Pepper and/or Jane would also be grand! Come on, fandom. I mean, I don't expect floods of it, but I'd hope that more than a handful of things on AO3 would be do-able.

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