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So yesterday [personal profile] inlovewithnight and I made margaritas and watched the first episode of GoT!

Okay, so, first of all I'm not that attached to the book -- I've only read the first one so far, and I'll probably read the rest of them eventually but it's not a pressing need. And I also don't generally get too fussed about changes from books, and indeed often I'll even enjoy them.* B/c you know what, film and books are two different media, and what works on a page isn't necessarily going to work on-screen. Not only is shit going to get changed, shit has to get changed! But mostly I'm frustrated that the changes from the book seem to involve stripping women of their personality and agency.

A few people have talked about the problems with how Dany was handled already, but CAN WE TALK ABOUT WHAT THE HELL THEY DID WITH CAT???? Spoilers for show and book, obvs. )

But okay it is only the first episode so it is probably too early to really start giving it up as a lost cause, because maybe they will improve things later. And again, I am willing to put up with a lot for Sean Bean playing honorable, stoic, doomed, and bearded, so I will probably watch more, although probably not sober. Also my roommate wants screencaps because she wants to spam Tumblr with Sean Bean's various hilarious facial expressions. My work is done here.

* Yes let me once again take this opportunity to talk about Arwen in the FotR movie, and my unending resentment that Jackson bowed to neckbeard pressure and didn't make her as awesome as she was supposed to be in the following two movies. NECKBEARDS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?????

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