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So I mentioned a few days ago that I wish people would stop making condescending comments/posts to the effect of "if you don't like Glee or if you find it problematic, it's because you don't get that it's satire". Fortunately, the most obnoxious of these have been outside the realm of my flist, but I've seen a few there, too, and, you know, this is kind of irritating. I was talking to [ profile] handyhunter about my issues with it, and she agreed with me, so I figured what the hell, I would finally just make the damn post.

TL;DR: yes, I get that it's supposed to be satire, I just don't consider it effective satire. )

The other thing is that, you know, Glee is a pretty distinct show, stylistically. Some people can't stand Joss Whedon shows, some people can't stand Aaron Sorkin shows, some people can't stand Juno, and I think it's worth noting that Glee is going to have the same problem: it has a distinct style, and anything with a distinct style is going to grate on some people.

In other news, I just rewatched "The Pack", and man, that makes for an excellent response to Nice Guy/Pick-Up Artist bullshit. And now, I have a headache coming on, so it's time for some green tea with mint. \o/
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Glee )

...then I caught the end of Cougar Town while changing channels, and it grabbed me harder in five minutes than Glee has in five episodes, so I may have to start that instead.

Eastwick, meanwhile, just pretty much freaking delights me. :D The sound is weird at the moment, though. This was supposed to just be a quick comment, but I was so delighted it turned into liveblogging so I could :D at the Internet more. )

I sort of really hope I was wrong in my prediction that Eastwick would get canceled in three episodes, because this show kind of delights me a lot. It is such CRACK. :D :D :D

ALSO there is a petition here that may not have a lot of famous names on it, but hopefully it can get some attention anyway: Art Does Not Excuse Rape: Roman Polanski Must Face Justice. IDK, it can't hurt.
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You know, I was actually digging this episode of Glee until spoiler )

ETA: Spoilers! )

I was willing to bear with them a few more episodes and see how they did as time went on, and heck, I've had several drinks at this point so I was feeling quite a bit better about it than normal, but damn. Fuck you, Glee.

Fortunately now it's that Windows commercial with the little girl setting a slideshow of adorable animals to "The Final Countdown", so that improved my mood substantially.

Sandy was still better when he was named Tobias Funke, too, btw.
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Glee! )

Also, [ profile] oxoniensis is hosting the second annual Fall Fandom Free-For-All, where everyone just lists some things they'd really really like and you can volunteer to write/vid/icon/whatever as you feel compelled to. It's a lot of fun and is how I ended up meeting [ profile] inlovewithnight last year, although I, um, still owe her the vids I think I volunteered to make? /o\ It worked out pretty well for us in the "making new friends" regard! But this year I volunteered to write a Supernatural fic and make an icon or three, so I think that is more within my reach.
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i. I'm not dead! I just don't have a whole lot to say, or didn't until today. I think the only entry I'd started prior to today was complaining about how much I hate Twittinesis, LoudTwitter, and anything else that crossposts tweets to LJ. I HATE THEM SO MUCH YOU GUYS. If I wanted to read tweets I would use my Twitter account more than once every six weeks or so. There was a CSS tweak that allowed me to collapse LT posts to just empty posts, but then LT went down for a bit and people started using Twittinesis and I haven't been able to figure out how to remove or collapse those posts from my flist yet.

ii. Mom and I finally got S4 of SPN! This means that (after this month, which is crazy-busy with writing and new-job-background-check stuff) I can make that "Thunder Road" vid about John and Mary at long last, and explain the show I am watching, which is a mini-series entitled The Tragedy of John and Mary, and sometimes I tune in with mild interest for the spin-off about their kids.

First of all, Dean Winchester and I have the same cell phone. Given that the first two ringtones I got with it were the intros to "Rosalita" and "Back In Black", this troubles me.

I'm so proud of my mother, dudes. In the first episode, is this still stuff that needs to be spoiler-cut? IDK. ) :D? :D?


iii. On that note, over the course of the past few months, there've been a few *Fail-reaction-posts along the lines of how all of us folks who want to talk about problematic aspects of our entertainment are ruining the fun of fandom. I have a few thoughts on that:
  1. I have said this so many times and apparently fandom does not get it, which I guess is fair because I didn't get it for a long time, either: it is entirely possible to enjoy something and still find it, or aspects of it, problematic and worth criticizing. I dislike a lot of aspects of shows I watch, or books I read, or movies I see, but I enjoy a lot of other aspects of them, and that's why I keep watching/reading/seeing them.

  2. No one is forcing anyone to talk about anything that they don't want to in their journals. I do not judge anyone for just being here for the lulz/sparkly ponies/whatever, and thus for not getting involved in a lot of srs bzns discussion. I certainly don't think anyone's stupid for not getting involved in whatever srs bzns discussion fandom is having now; lord knows I don't think of myself as an aca-fen if only because I am terrible at being an academic anything. But...

  3. You know what ruins my fun? Knowing that, for example, if I were a character on Supernatural the only thing I'd get to do would be to die horribly, because my options on that show, being a lady-type, would be helpless victim or an evil bitch. Srs bzns ruins your fun, fair enough, but being marginalized ruins my fun, and we each have the same right to complain about that in our own journals.

  4. I definitely understand feeling intimidated/alienated by academic language. As far as I can tell, that's part of the point of academese. But if you want to join the discussion anyway, you can do that! You don't have to go super-academic to talk about stuff that you find problematic. You can just say "look, X rubbed me the wrong way". Even following that up with "for Y and Z reasons" is optional; it's your journal. Heck, I tend to feel like that would help a lot, if more people are interested in talking about it without taking it to super-academic levels.
iv. I am so behind on writing this week. Original stuff and fannish; I should probably write more than 2k of the Poly Big Bang story at some point. Especially since I'm 50-50 on whether or not to use that 2k.

v. I'm enjoying Glee pretty well so far! Minor spoilers for 1.01 and 1.02 )

vi. I finished S1 of Leverage and that was delightful. Basically I want everyone/everyone at this point. Especially if Sophie is involved. Or Eliot. Or Hardison. Or Parker. Or Maggie, even! But especially Sophie. Basically the only character I don't care about quite as much is Nate, and I don't dislike him, he just doesn't inspire the same levels of seal-clapping as the rest of them.

vii. I read the latest Buffy S8 and...IDK how I feel about this development. Well, these developments, either the spoiler/spoiler, or the spoilers spoilering. )

viii. I had a great lunch with [ profile] cruisedirector yesterday! We had tasty food and then watched Futurama, and I am never going to call any day involving those activities a fail.

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