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oh no guys the Doctor Who rabbit hole opened again and I'm falling






tell my family I love them
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This week's P&R was a bit boring, with the best part, naturally, being April and Andy. I really love the return of their Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, FBI roleplay, that's kind of the best. Also I got really projecty and had a lot of FEELINGS and got angry at Ben, it was ridiculous. /o\

But more importantly, last night when I had stopped drinking but in the six hours while I was sobering up to go to work, I spent some time yelling at Twitter about how this week's Community, which was largely...whatever, made me really really want fic where Troy is a Chameleon Arch'd Time Lord, and possibly even the Doctor himself. It started as a stupid joke about this last shot pre-credits gag, but then it just, um, got away from me. Spoilery for Troy's subplot of this week's episode, and a little bit for this season in general, but mostly just unspeakably ridiculous. )

Fortunately [personal profile] lizbee gamely chatted with me on Twitter about this, and the various things that needed to happen, like River enrolling (or taking a job as an archaeology professor?) because she's tired of waiting for Troy to figure it out and wants to take matters into her own hands, Britta vs. Daleks, and Jack Harkness falling in love with Shirley and being completely bewildered when the usual ~Harkness charm~ doesn't work on her, and so following her around the campus all starry-eyed. Also Annie/Amy(/Rory). Britta/River would be pretty great, too, upon consideration. Basically this is ridiculous and stupid and also may be my new personal canon, precisely because of how ridiculous it is.

ETA: Now I'm just picspamming )
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...because there is no such thing as gratuitous Nasreen. IDEK, I loved her so much. She needs to come back and be a companion for ages and ages.

Also: [ profile] burntcopper did this, and it got me curious. How would you describe me to a stranger?
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Oh, man, somehow I managed to forget about this picture until more than a year later. So, okay, last year at Comic-Con there was the Middleman panel, which was delightful, and then a cast/crew signing down on the floor. As we're right up at the table, about to get our stuff signed, guess who comes over from a neighboring booth to see what all the fuss is about, prompting Javi to geek out and ask if he could get a picture?

The Doctor & The Middleman

Colin Baker and Matt Keeslar. Oh yes, that is the Sixth Doctor and the Middleman.
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A couple of recs! By [ profile] burntcopper, Putting The Natives At Ease, a Narnia fic from the POV of the Pevensies' parents.
Everyone's children came back from the country changed. They were older, for a start. Some of them were wilder, some had no manners, some had been turned into country children with not a trace of London in them, complete with accent. The Tovey twins had come back well-behaved and with a strong work ethic, and wasn't that a surprise, considering the little louts they had been. The Pevensie children, though, came back...odd. It wasn't something you could put your finger on. They were polite, well-mannered to the point of cautiousness, but you always felt as though they were looking right through you, with eyes that had seen more than even the soldiers who came back hollow-eyed. Everything seemed unimportant to them, and they kept staring off into the distance, as though something was missing.
By [ profile] pearl_o, Sun Blast Your Shadow, which is post-"Sozin's Comet" AtLA gen, about Zuko trying to run the Fire Nation after his father's death. ZUKO. MAI. AZULA. YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS, I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL COOKIES.
In private, when it is the two of them and their bed, surrounded by curtains, and no one else can hear, Mai tells him her doubts. "We've always been proud, and now they see you bowing down to the rest of the world, and they don't understand."

"I don't bow down to the rest of the world," Zuko says. "I just treat them as equals."

Mai shrugs and says, "In their eyes, it's the same thing."
Also, I'm now all caught up on Doctor Who! Spoilers for 'Cold Blod'. )

Apropos of nothing other than fannish joy, [personal profile] redbrickrose and I watched a bunch of Sailor Moon on Monday, mostly from the first series. MY HEARRRRRRRRRRRRT. USAGI ILU. LUNA ILU. REI ILU. MINAKO ILU SO FUCKING MUCH. HARUKA AND MICHIRU ILU. ILU ALL, BBS. Except you, Mamoru, you suck. I suspect watching it again after years and years is going to explain so much about me and my tastes now; even in the few episodes we watched yesterday [personal profile] redbrickrose was like "yeah, I can definitely see shades of your Buffy love here". And she didn't really even meet the Outer Senshi at all.

Finally, as a heads-up, I've started doing a bit of cleanup of the LJ flist and DW circle. Probably I'll clean up and simplify my filters a lot, too. IDK, it seems I may be going through my occasional urge to lock everything down and cut the number of people who can see everything down to about ten people, or just to abandon my current journal and run off to an entirely new one. I am trying not to go to quite those extremes, however.
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i. SPICE GIRLS MUSICAL. I have nothing rational to say about this.

ii. I only saw half of Leverage last night because I was super-sleepy and finally gave up and went to bed at 10:30, figuring TNT would rerun it at some point (plus don't they usually stream it online after it airs?). What I saw, I liked!

iii. Since I finished Gossip Girl S1 and don't have S2, I needed something new to watch while I worked out in the morning, so I watched Doctor Who for the first time in ages, namely "Girl In The Fireplace", which I love but whose ending is so fucking stupid that it ruins the whole thing. Ten is irritating me a little less this time around on the whole, though, so that's all to the good, and also I was delighted by seeing Angel Coulby.

iv. I'm working on a chromatic casting for National Treasure, and now I'm so delighted by the cast I've got that I suspect I will be disappointed in the future when I put the DVD in and realize that cast is just in my head. :( I'll have to get into Photoshop at some point today so I can post that.

v. Returning to the subject of Gossip Girl, I really want a Serena/Blair vid to "23rd Street Lullaby". Also, I was thinking about how the show is really obviously the tale of their epic tempestuous love and was like "is this how McShep people feel all the time? Or Wincesters?" I really like this feeling!

vi. Things I have enjoyed reading this Porn Battle:Maybe I'll try to write some more for that today.

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