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LOL so I'm to "The Witch" in my Buffy rewatch. Which I mention because it's the third episode and Xander has ALREADY gone full Nice Guy.

This is why I always kill Kaidan on Virmire, you sleep with someone in ME2 after he's told you to fuck off and in 3 he starts talking about how he ~forgives~ you for ~cheating~ on him. (Again, he told you to fuck off, so you moved on.)

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(Alternately, if you're in more of a space opera mood, friendly reminder that Buffy Summers and James Vega are married and have two children IRL!)
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Hey, look, I actually put up content over at [ profile] pavedmemorylane, the comm for the Buffy renaissance a bunch of us seemed to be having simultaneously. \o/ Today we are talking about the most kickass moments of the show, but possibly we'll be having a ship war post soon, which of course we are all taking very seriously.

Yeah, apart from that and hanging out with [ profile] inlovewithnight, not a whole lot going on today. Maybe I will go dick around in Photoshop and see if I can whip up some icons.
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i. Buffy scenes that, it turns out, can still make me cry:
  • The end of "Becoming Part II"
  • The 'Class Protector' scene in "The Prom".
ii. I've been making a bunch of icons lately! I made some stock icons for [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight as part of the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and then I made a ton of fandom ones, mostly Buffy and Eastwick with a couple each of SPN and Zombieland.

iii. Other folks doing [community profile] polybigbang, have you gotten a posting date yet? I turned mine in a little over a week ago and haven't heard anything yet, but if no one else has posting dates then I won't worry.

iv. Maybe today I will try and write something. IDK. I'm feeling kind of sad and anxious for no apparent reason, it's good times.

v. I had a dream last night set in the SPN universe. I was a hunter, and I was investigating all these disappearances by little kids in some small city in California, and then the Winchesters showed up and we were butting heads a lot and trying to beat each other at the case. Like, I was simultaneously me-the-character and a viewer, so as a viewer I knew we were both on the same side, but as a character/participant in the dream I was suspicious of them, like they were of me, and we kept trying to catch each other and give each other fake leads. And then about halfway through John showed up, except he and I were working together and he didn't want me to tell them that he was around, but because Sam and Dean are idiots, they of course ran into trouble and we had to save them, and there was a big ~reveal~ when they piled into my SUV and saw that he was driving. IDEK. Possibly my renewed interest in BtVS is going to mean a resurgence of the dreams where I fight monsters, and this is evidence that my Buffy/John shipping has gotten out of hand.

As fandom dreams go, though, the ones where my subconscious decides I'm Buffy are a lot less troubling than the ones where my subconscious decides I'm the Comedian.

Just FYI

Oct. 16th, 2009 10:43 pm
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You can really, really easily fanwank JDM's character in "Provider" (Angel S3) into being John Winchester undercover. The dude is using the name Sam on a case in California, ffs. Clearly he hooked up with Buffy and then felt the need to check on Angel and make sure he was ~worthy~ of her.

Seriously, watch the episode and tell me you're not spending it going "Yeah, that's John Winchester."

Also me and [ profile] austen had quite a bit to drink. \o/
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I know a few different people who are having little low-key BtVS renaissances, so I was sort of thinking of starting a comm for viewing parties/lulzy macros/whatever. Interest?

"Empty Places", why so terrible? Basically I hate everyone in that episode. Including Buffy, despite my wifery, because I'll admit she is a total brat in that episode. That said, I think I hate all the other characters at least as much.

TL;DR: this episode is so fucking stupid. )

I really like Faith way more this time around, though, especially in S7. Her and Buffy achieving some kind of reconciliation reinforces how much I hate Brian K. Vaughan's writing of Buffy in the "No Future For You" arc in S8, too. I think a lot of my dislike of Faith was, as with Spike, based on lol defensiveness of Buffy and issues with how fans of both (Spike and Faith) tended to treat Buffy really, really horribly and think that she was the biggest villain of the show. And how I hate most redemption arcs. But then I remembered that pretty much everyone in the fandom treated Buffy really, really horribly and thought she was the biggest villain of the show, so that helped! :D? :D? :(

S7 is still pretty much the only time I start to buy Buffy/Faith, though; before that I mostly just read it as Faith having an unrequited thing for Buffy and Buffy being oblivious/uninterested.

Finally, I don't suppose anyone has written Buffy/Faith/Wood? :D? :D?
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Earlier I hung out with [ profile] inlovewithnight! Right now I am watching Buffy! \o/

The Killer In Me )
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So lately, for the hell of it, I have been watching a bunch of Buffy.

Some thoughts:
  • Every time there's an incidental character who's female I find myself going "gee, if this were SPN, she'd be dead by now!" So that's fun.
  • I HATE YOU SO MUCH, XANDER, FUCK YOU. I actually find that I hate Xander a lot more than Spike these days.
  • Weirdly, this time around, I am actually sort of able to want Spuffy when Spike is actually being evil and cruel and Buffy beats the shit out of him. That is pretty much as far as I want the relationship to go, because I do not find Marsters attractive at all, but I can see it! Unfortunately, the majority of fandom seemed to write it as Spike on top and Buffy being evil for not instantly forgiving the dude who tried to rape her, which she totes deserved btw, because she was mean to him, poor baby. ;_;
  • I could also have dealt with all of S7 featuring Spike being crazy.
  • Basically anything concerning Anya makes me epically angry, but particularly anything concerning her and Xander, because FUCK YOU, XANDER, FUCK YOU.
  • The monster in "Same Time, Same Place" is so fucking creepy.
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HEY LET'S TALK ABOUT ME AND [ profile] inlovewithnight'S GENIUS NEW IDEA. Alternate Buffy season 4-onwards, where instead of Spike, an entirely new vampire is the one who escapes from the Initiative and comes to them begging for help: Pete Wentz.
  • He'd be all "let's play Scrabble, guys! :D? :D?" and want to help with Thanksgiving dinner, and they're all "you're supposed to be evil," and he's like "right, I totally want to kill you all, but also I can help with the stuffing! also do you think we can maybe put some blood in the cranberry sauce?" and Buffy is already crazy over Thanksgiving dinner and yells that they are not putting blood in her perfect cranberry sauce, is she going to have to stake him?
  • He would accidentally set Giles' books on fire and then write him a song as an apology!
  • He would "stalk" Buffy by bringing her presents and trying to get her to start a band!
  • SEASON SIX. He and Buffy would just cuddle and cry at each other a lot.
  • OMWF. Fall Out Boy doing OMWF, guys. I am not so much in love with this for the music itself, but for THE TIE-IN MERCHANDISE THAT WOULD RESULT. The hoodies, think of the hoodies! Gabe could guest-star as Sweet, the demon who's responsible for it all and wants to drag one of them off to the underworld to be his queen!
  • Or Kanye could be Sweet and do remixes of all the songs for the SECOND tie-in album, and Gabe could be in the Halloween episode as the boy who's trying to get in Dawn's pants!
  • ...your brilliant idea here?
IDEK. I am filled with delight. I'm not sure whether the idea is for Pete himself to be the vampire, or for Pete to be playing the vampire. Or maybe some weird Being John Malkovich thing where Pete Wentz plays Pete Wentz, vampire.

This is probably one of those times where the scope of the thing is such that I lament harder than ever that I don't have the power to make fic appear in the tubes using only my mind.

ATTENTION! After everyone decided that it would work best as a ~shared universe~ where everyone can write in it and that lessens the likelihood that someone (eg me) will just keep saying they're going to write it one day and then not doing it, I made a community; it is at [ profile] wentzed_dale.
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Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment, and the original franchise rights holders, Kuzui Enterprises (Fran Rubel Kuzui and Kaz Kuzui), of the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer are looking to remake the popular vampire slayer movie and at the moment, it looks like they’re looking to do it without Joss Whedon.


Despite the rich history of the Buffy TV franchise, there are no plans to use some of the more popular characters from the TV series like Angel, Willow or others. They’re looking to take the franchise into a darker direction than the original and have a slayer that is destined to protect each generation of humanity. (SAUCE)
Mostly I am stuck on "LOL MISSING THE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT OF BTVS", since the whole idea was that it was ridiculous and campy and didn't take itself too seriously. Making it ~dark~ kind of goes against the entire idea of that -- it makes it standard horror, rather than the send-up of horror that Whedon started with. The twist is that Buffy isn't the Final Girl: in any other horror movie ever, she would've been the first to die, and Willow would've been the Final Girl. Instead, the impulsive ditzy blonde girl was the one who saved the mousy bookworm -- and the rest of the freaking world, to say nothing of herself. That was the whole joke, because lol girls who care about shoes are obviously useless, right?

And, IDK. In light of certain other pop culture phenomena involving vampires and demons and the way that these (SPN, Twilight) treat women, the whole idea that Buffy needs to be retooled just sets my teeth on edge for reasons I'm having trouble articulating thus far.

That said, I'm not going to lie, I would love a remake/remastered version with, like, actual production values and a cast who can act. Because lol CW production values before it was the CW and before Buffy and Dawson's Creek put it on the map.


Fortunately I haven't heard about this anywhere else at this point, so here's hoping it's just a ridiculous blogger rumor and nothing else comes of it.

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