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NGL I totally started weeping when the theme kicked in.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra trailer )

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i. A kinkmeme for ~Disney Animated Classics~. Which is to say, any 2-D major motion pictures and their assorted sequels. Basically anything in the Princess franchise. Possibly allowing non-Disney ones so that the Anastasia fans have somewhere to go. I have sort of wanted to do this for aaaaages. I even have a title! It would be called "Ow! My childhood!" Great idea, or GREATEST idea?

ii. Chicken. I have this really tasty-looking lunch featuring a new kind of yogurt that I am excited about! Also cucumbers! And pretzels! But all of a sudden I'm just like "you know what would be great? Roasted chicken." Thanks a lot, stomach, where the hell am I supposed to get roasted chicken?

iii. Following a conversation with [personal profile] inlovewithnight yesterday, Zhao/Azula babyfic. I don't know how it would even work, but it would be amazing. They would have the hottest, evilest babies ever. And the two of them being parents would be beautiful. They would be confused at first, and then all of a sudden they would just get SUPER INTO IT, because they are the GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and that means this is the GREATEST BABY IN THE WORLD and obviously they are great parents, what do you mean there are too many stuffed animals? LOOK IF SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM SHE CAN USE THEM FOR TARGET PRACTICE. Comedy gold. And then their child would rebel by running off and joining up with the Earth Kingdom Hippies.

iv. Books to read! I got some good recs yesterday from you guys, thank you! But here is more of me yammering about books, and also me having an absurd plotbunny. )

You're all totally proud to have me as a friend, don't even front.

* Oh man, the amount of time [personal profile] mimesere and I spent at the urban fantasy panel we went to at CCI making fun of the person who got up just to tell the authors how much they wanted to see more books about dudes, I can't even. Y'all know who is really underrepresented in literature? Men.
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Signups for Round Two (Katara) are up over at [community profile] avatar_minis! I realized while I was filling out my own signup that I read Katara as queer. Definitely bi, quite possibly full-on gay. Hmm.

I also realized that part of my violent DNW reaction to Pierce on Community is that he is exactly like a guy I used to work with at B&N, namely the one who sexually harassed me. I appreciate that the show freely acknowledges that he's pretty creepy, though, and also establishes that spoiler ) In fact, I really like that when the show is mean to anybody (which it really isn't; it's actually pretty kind to its characters most of the time) it's most likely to be the (straight, able-bodied, but all of the main cast are straight so far, though I love the way they handle ability issues with Abed) white guys.

Today is a slow day at work, and it turns out that something I'd been stressing over (a picky request from E., one of the head honchos of the company, about a hotel she'd be staying at for a conference) was NOT, in fact, for the conference she's going to next week in Prague, but is for one in November in Atlanta, so I a) don't have to worry about trying to find someone who speaks Czech here or English there to get to request across, and b) don't have to worry about it, period, for another couple of months, at the very least. \o/ Instead I just have to make some reservations for the dinners we'll be hosting during the ALA conference next month.

Then M. took me out to lunch, because a former intern who just got her MLS came by to visit and she thought we'd get along well. &M;

UGHHHH MY STOMACH IS STILL ALL WEIRD. NOT A FAN. I feel fine otherwise, but there's this vague nausea that occasionally swells up just high enough to make me wonder if I'm going to have to make a dash for the bathroom, and then subsides again. Possibly the soup I had for lunch was not the best idea (coconut-chicken soup from the Thai place across the street; delicious but cream-based and very rich). :(
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As promised threatened promised: [community profile] avatar_minis. I may move it over to AO3 eventually -- I'll definitely start collections for the various rounds -- but I'm starting with it on DW. If anyone needs a DW invite, let me know; I've got several sitting around unused. First round (sign-ups run through the 12th, assignments will go out on or before the 16th and stories will be due on the 26th, with a 500-word minimum) is going to be a free-for-all rather than character-specific, which could end disastrously but could be a lot of fun. Please do push it far and wide!
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Pesach sameach! [ profile] fox1013 and I found KfP booze and gelatin (or something gelatin-like, at any rate), so we're going to try our hands at making Passover Jell-o Shots! And I have introduced her to ATLA. Really, that's what it's all about. We're already up to "The Swamp".

I may have a more extensive update later? My computer really does not like Amy's wireless, for some reason. Also there's Avatar to focus on. IT'S JUST SO GOOD YOU GUYS. I got the DVDs in the beginning of January and I've already watched the entire show three times through, plus scattered other episodes many times.

Saturday I saw Shutter Island with [ profile] inlovewithnight and [ profile] redbrickrose. Non-spoilery thoughts. )

Tomorrow we're going to try for bookstores! Or possibly we're just going to sit around and watch more Avatar. And Thursday I have another job interview lined up! \o/

OH BEFORE I FORGET. I was talking to Night, and thinking about setting up something along the lines of [ profile] femslash_minis, but for Avatar. No specific type; gen, het, slash, and whatever else would all be fine, and we'd just do a different character each session. I might try running it on AO3. So would there be interest? Look out for that, I guess? Okay. I got nothing else.

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