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Blerrrrrrg between traveling and the monster cold I seem to have come down with and the neverending saga of the bag United has lost (more on that later, probably), I have missed/moved a couple of these. My apologies to those whose prompts I moved -- I definitely want to get to them, and will as soon as I can!

Trying to get back on schedule, today's prompt was from [personal profile] cruisedirector: the women of Arrested Development!

This may just stray into my love of that show in general, and/or the women of Archer, since that show has made a delightful game out of trying to get as many Arrested Development actors to guest as possible, besides having two main female characters voiced by AD alumnae (Jessica Walter -- Lucille -- as Mallory Archer, Judy Greer -- Kitty -- as Cheryl Tunt).

I am feeling too cruddy to really do justice to my love of Liza Minelli as Lucille Austero, which is TRAGIC. )

Finally, a very happy birthday to [personal profile] cruisedirector! She was one of the first, possibly the first, people from Online I ever met in person and oh my stars that was more than ten years ago now, ahhhhhh what is happening. She is also one of the few people who's been with me that long, and let's be real pretty much everyone who puts up with me for ten-plus years deserves some kind of a medal. ♥ You are wonderful, darling.

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