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Mom, Doug and I got hooked on The Man in the High Castle last week, so we spent a good deal of the holiday weekend finishing the first season and starting the second. My utterly trivial thoughts thus far )

N E WAY it is a pretty decent binge watch for a long weekend, if anyone was wondering!

I'm afraid to look it up on Tumblr, although I suppose I should just be grateful that the dreamy gifsets will be of fictional Nazis, which puts Tumblr a step up from the actual press, which is writing sympathetic profiles and glamorizing puff pieces about real ones. lololololol oh god I'm not sure my liver is up to my spending the next 4+ years drunk but there's only one way to find out.
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1. Your main fandom of the year?

I started to say I didn't know, but actually, possibly A Song of Ice and Fire, which I didn't think I liked when I first read it a few years ago, except then I reread it, and then I started reading analyses and theories from around the fandom, and now somehow I am on my fifth reread? And I have all these half-written posts about my own theories and analysis??? And I feel strongly enough about the books to talk shit about the show at every opportunity, even as I grudgingly admit that I probably wouldn't have read them if it weren't for the show?????? QUESTION MARKS??????????????

The rest is under the cut. )
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Blerrrrrrg between traveling and the monster cold I seem to have come down with and the neverending saga of the bag United has lost (more on that later, probably), I have missed/moved a couple of these. My apologies to those whose prompts I moved -- I definitely want to get to them, and will as soon as I can!

Trying to get back on schedule, today's prompt was from [personal profile] cruisedirector: the women of Arrested Development!

This may just stray into my love of that show in general, and/or the women of Archer, since that show has made a delightful game out of trying to get as many Arrested Development actors to guest as possible, besides having two main female characters voiced by AD alumnae (Jessica Walter -- Lucille -- as Mallory Archer, Judy Greer -- Kitty -- as Cheryl Tunt).

I am feeling too cruddy to really do justice to my love of Liza Minelli as Lucille Austero, which is TRAGIC. )

Finally, a very happy birthday to [personal profile] cruisedirector! She was one of the first, possibly the first, people from Online I ever met in person and oh my stars that was more than ten years ago now, ahhhhhh what is happening. She is also one of the few people who's been with me that long, and let's be real pretty much everyone who puts up with me for ten-plus years deserves some kind of a medal. ♥ You are wonderful, darling.

Request a topic here!
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  1. I think I'm getting sick, which is some malarkey. That's the only explanation for why I am basically feeling really hung over without having had the fun of drinking anything last night. Which, again, can we talk about what malarkey that is, because at the very least I want the fun of being drunk first.

  2. Sleepy Hollow is fun! I am deeply ashamed of myself every time I start loudly nitpicking the history because lolololol so very much the opposite of the point, but sometimes I can't help myself. I could do without the explicitly Christian mythology, though; I had not realized how exhausted I was with that. Although in this case it's more handwavable than with other things. It makes me miss Eastwick all over again, because I realized on my second viewing of that show that Darryl was the Jewish devil. I mean, in addition to the thousands of other reasons I miss that show. NEVER NOT MOURNING EASTWICK: THE JULES STORY

  3. My office is freezing. Always. I'm usually cold wherever I am, though, so I guess it's partly the office and partly me. At least now that it's starting to get cooler I don't have to decide between lugging a bunch of layers on my commute and/or sweltering outside and carrying less but freezing inside.

  4. I need to get the safety inspection done on my car. I'm also worried, however, because there was a fender bender involving one of the posts in the parking lot at my temple, and so the door doesn't open all the way, so I probably need to get that done first (according to the state DMV's site, they only check that the door will latch fully closed as it's supposed to and that it has handles inside and out, but with my luck there will probably be some frame damage, too). And last time I got the oil changed, the guy thought I might need a couple new tires soon, too, which, ughhhhh. :\ I am so friggin' tired of car stuff, Internet.

  5. My father was visiting last week! That was nice, but also stressful, because he and I have such different styles and his can push my combination annoyance-stress buttons pretty easily. FAMILY /o/

  6. I made marshmallows a week ago. They were glorious.
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Two things, because that was amazing and you don't need yet more people telling you how amazing it was.
  1. NBC: still the absolute fucking worst. I don't even know where to start, so will spare you details, let's just say they're the worst and leave it at that. [personal profile] ishie retweeted someone saying that they'd been foolish enough to think NBC learned from how much everyone loathed their broadcast of the Beijing games, and I wish I could RT things a billion times, because yep.

  2. Let's be real, any big spectacular performance that involves a simultaneous tribute to A) children's literature, Peter Pan in particular, and B) socialized healthcare could have the entirely accurate alternate title JULES'S HEART: A MULTIMEDIA INTERPRETATION.
I have no real sportsy icons, so have the Doctor instead, because British.
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In non-miserable, non-job-hunt-related news!

TV: I got the first season of Nurse Jackie at the used bookstore and ugh, Edie Falco, shut your fucking face, you are a national treasure. I am completely unable to crush on her in this role on account of how there are several moments where I can't even deal with how reminiscent Jackie is of my mother (this was not helped by the elder daughter's emerging anxiety/depression issues). As with Korra, I actually feel like this is a character I've seen a million times as a man, and if Jackie were male I would frankly probably loathe this show, but with a woman, ugh, I just can't even. So many interesting women! With so many different kinds of relationships with each other! And man oh man, as with Max on Happy Endings, I really fucking appreciate that they have in Momo a gay man who is not a stereotype. A gay man of color, even! Amazing! Also, because there is no such thing as stating this too many times, Edie Falco is a national fucking treasure. How is she so magnificent, just, how. I realize she's got three Emmys already, but that is not nearly enough.

Movies/Books/RaPS/There Is Good In The World And It's Worth Fighting For, Mr. Frodo: Apparently Dreamworks is making a True Meaning of Smekday movie, and it is going to have Rihanna and Jim Parsons, and any world where that is allowed to happen can't be a really hopeless one. If you haven't read that book, do yourself a favor and read it immediately, because it is glorious and is about a little biracial girl who goes on a road trip to find her mother and saves the world from two different alien invasions with the help of her cat. It is so funny you will cry, and it will make you cry a little with non-laughter tears, and also the aliens are a metaphor for manifest destiny. Come on now. And once you've read it, come back here and talk to me about how great it is, and I can point you in the direction of a couple of fabulous fic recs from previous Yuletides.

...I wonder if it's too late to start a letter-writing campaign for Edie Falco as Tip's mother.
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Man, taking a couple of Benadryl at about 9:30 last night so that I slept pretty much clear through 'till 5:30 this morning was a great decision. This is not sarcasm; my sleep schedule is still kind of fucked (six months of leaving for work at 1:30 AM will do that, apparently, who'd'a thunk it) and also somewhere along the line I seem to have become a morning person?

Yesterday I mostly just lounged around drinking homemade sparkling lemonade and occasionally mixing it with wine. I read The Girls Of No Return, which on the one hand was a little disappointing because I had somehow gotten the impression that it was a thriller/horror type thing, and it wasn't, but on the other hand it hit me where I live in a lot of ways, so I walked away very fond of it. Also it, "forgiveness is a work in progress", plus the entire story of facing someone you wronged a year ago (well, in the protag's case, a little over a year), and reflection on what the thing you did says about you, and doing that at the end of summer/beginning of fall -- even then it might not have clicked for me except for the mention that the only day the girls really have off at the school is Saturday, because even Sundays they have abbreviated classes but Saturdays are all theirs. This is what I mean when I say that it hit me where I live in some subtle little ways: basically I reached the last couple of scenes and had this oh moment where I realized that even though no one's religion or religious holidays are ever mentioned, this is a Jewish book and a Yom Kippur book in particular.

Also I watched Lost In Austen, which is on Netflix streaming. That It was a lot of fun, but it sort of felt like it was an episode short. There were a lot of loose ends still hanging, I felt like. Also man did I have some issues with Georgiana and Caroline. :\ Largely fun, though. I just had an Austen reread a year ago, but I may have to do another, because &NORTHANGER ABBEY;

Today: more job apps (haven't heard anything one way or the other about the ones I interviewed for last week, but best not to put all my eggs in one basket), and possibly catching up on Korra. I've already been spoiled for this week's episode, but I'm a few eps behind, so I'm sure there's other stuff that's happened that I will enjoy.
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i. So I've had ambivalent feelings about [ profile] queer_fest for several rounds now, but man, can they ever fuck right off with their prescriptive bullshit. Bonus points for the glorious indulgence in that favorite game of the Internet Activist, "you haven't suffered as much as/in the same ways that I have and therefore I get to be condescending about how some of us weren't as ~lucky~ as you were and you're not really $IDENTITY after all."

ii. On the bright side, and actually related b/c holy shit, it's a genuinely great representation of a queer character who is allowed to be a character first and have his sexuality be an issue only insofar as it is for the other characters on the show, i.e. in being a source of hilarious hijinks, I have kind of fallen in love with Happy Endings. Why is the first (short) season $25, dislike. I need to catch up on Once Upon A Time and I've started watching Smash, and those are fun, the latter not least because it's a musical that isn't Glee, which is great on so many counts because even my love of Santana isn't enough to outweigh the many problems I have with that show, but Happy Endings is kind of the winner at the moment. Someone talk to me about these.

iii. Also Bruce's new album is fucking great and I will fight anyone who says something bad about it. I hung out with [personal profile] baked_goldfish yesterday and explained that I really, really like that he's gone with a very different, more folkish, bluesy sound, because if anything I feel like that's a far better tribute to the central members of the band who've died in the past few years than anything else might be. Danny and Clarence are definitely noticeable by their absence (that bridge in "We Take Care Of Our Own", for instance; the absence wails almost as loudly and mournfully as Clarence's sax ever did). It's like wearing your scars, though: the skin heals, and it's never going to be quite the same, and the scar tells a story that's every bit as rich as smooth skin (which, to bring it full circle to #1, their not not having scars doesn't make a person's story any less rich or worth knowing than that of the person who does).

iv. I am trying to motivate myself to go to the gym. It's not going so good.
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So after numerous bouts of swearing and two completely dead-end phone calls with Netflix technical support, I finally got their player working and was able to watch the first episode of Lilyhammer, aka the latest evidence of how, as [personal profile] inlovewithnight put it, Steve's list of people he loves apparently goes Bruce, his wife, me. It is...not without issues, and there were definitely some problems (was there a single POC with a speaking part?), but I am kind of drained re: fannish social justice politics at the moment, so even the issues I bring up are generally kind of shallow.A bit of yammering. )

Basically I feel like there are actually a number of people on my flist who would enjoy this show, and it feels like something that could end up with a small but dedicated fandom? Once I've seen a few more episodes and can gather my thoughts and work out a good picspam/primer post, I may do that. Like I said, for some reason I just have this odd sense that people who are into dS may enjoy it, but I can't quite articulate why so far. If nothing else, I think it might generate a nice little handful of things at Yuletide.

I would read all of the gen crossover fic involving Stella, though, oh my actual fucking lord. TBF, I would read all the gen crossover fic involving Stella for any fandom, because &STELLA;, but that's beside the point, although poss the fact that my first thought is Stella rather than Buffy tells you something, too? IDK IDK. Did you watch it, Internet? Talk to me! Or I can just spam you with pictures of Little Steven.
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oh my god, Internet

oh my actual god

everything is plastic hair and nothing hurts
Netflix, who made everything right again by announcing they’re bringing back Arrested Development, will further their goodwill by bringing back The Sopranos Silvio Dante. Well, technically it’s just Steven Van Zandt, but he’ll be playing a very familiar-sounding New York City gangster.

In the upcoming Netflix crime comedy, which will be available to subscribers starting Feb. 6, Van Zandt stars as Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, a mobster who enters the federal witness-protection program after ratting out his boss and relocates to Lillehammer, Norway, in what Netflix is calling “a gripping fish-out-of-water story.” [source: EW]
IDK how I can possibly list all the things that I love about this, I start with the fact that he is clearly going to a) put his girl-fronted baby bands in it and b) try to get as much of Comrade Van Zandt's Fuck Yeah Socialism Hour in there as possible, and then I just devolve into flapping my hands and making ridiculous noises. Someone on my flist asked about non-traditional comfort food media awhile back, and I explained how Sopranos is mine because among other things, one time I had a full-on flashback in front of Little Steven during a Springsteen show and he proceeded to get super-concerned, make a security guard get a pack of tissues, and spend the rest of the freaking concert trying to cheer me up. And then four days before my birthday this shit gets announced and basically I feel, at this point, like the only people who love me more than he does may be the ones who are actually related to me. Trailer, mildly NSFW )

I just can't even, Internet, I just can't even. Everything is plastic hair and nothing hurts.

In completely unrelated news, as I mentioned the other day, my mother and I have been mainlining DS9 in an attempt to get through as much as possible before she leaves the country; we're up to "The Maquis, Part I". Most of my thoughts involve Cardassians, like how Dukat basically hits on everyone ever and I cannot explain why I consider this so fucking hilarious, and also how there really is just no way to interpret Bashir and Garak but as banging, and I say that as someone who was never really all that convinced by Fraser/Kowalski or various other ginormous slash OTPs until I realized that it wasn't that I didn't see it, it was just that I didn't give a fuck.

TBH things have been going suspiciously well the past few days in general, I'm just sort of narrowing my eyes and waiting for the other shoe to drop b/c that is apparently the kind of cynical asshole I have become. You know you love me.
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So yesterday [personal profile] inlovewithnight and I made margaritas and watched the first episode of GoT!

Okay, so, first of all I'm not that attached to the book -- I've only read the first one so far, and I'll probably read the rest of them eventually but it's not a pressing need. And I also don't generally get too fussed about changes from books, and indeed often I'll even enjoy them.* B/c you know what, film and books are two different media, and what works on a page isn't necessarily going to work on-screen. Not only is shit going to get changed, shit has to get changed! But mostly I'm frustrated that the changes from the book seem to involve stripping women of their personality and agency.

A few people have talked about the problems with how Dany was handled already, but CAN WE TALK ABOUT WHAT THE HELL THEY DID WITH CAT???? Spoilers for show and book, obvs. )

But okay it is only the first episode so it is probably too early to really start giving it up as a lost cause, because maybe they will improve things later. And again, I am willing to put up with a lot for Sean Bean playing honorable, stoic, doomed, and bearded, so I will probably watch more, although probably not sober. Also my roommate wants screencaps because she wants to spam Tumblr with Sean Bean's various hilarious facial expressions. My work is done here.

* Yes let me once again take this opportunity to talk about Arwen in the FotR movie, and my unending resentment that Jackson bowed to neckbeard pressure and didn't make her as awesome as she was supposed to be in the following two movies. NECKBEARDS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?????
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Ughhhhh I am super-anxious today and IDKY. Wait, no, I totally do, because I tried to make a payment on my credit card via phone and the guy talked way too fast for me to understand half of what he said and even though I know for a fact I've got enough to cover the payment and the Thanksgiving dinner I am doing for the family, money stuff always freaks me out.

Instead, have some questions about things that make me happy while I take deep breaths and try to stop freaking out.

Question: How much better would the world be with a lot more lolsy roleplay fic? Partly this arose from us rewatching early X-Files, and someone comparing Mulder to a "creepy high school biology teacher", and then I said I really wanted fic where Mulder is trying to talk Scully into roleplaying it. I think we also discovered my Sex Chicken weakness, namely that there is a direct correlation between how likely I am to bail and how srs bzns everyone involved in the hypothetical scenario is taking said scenario. Then today I listened to the version of "Fire" from the DotEoT box set and holy shit, it is a scary enough song when a dude sings it, but then when, on the last verse, Silvio fucking Dante comes in to harmonize? NIGHTMARES FOREVER. Then me and [personal profile] inlovewithnight had this conversation.
Me: I'm just going to pretend it's the result of Bruce and Steve being really high and trying some kind of stupid roleplay. Lolarious roleplay attempts make everything better.
Night: Failiest roleplayers.
Me: ughhhhh now I want to write them having hilarious faily sex where Bruce is trying really hard to write this song and Steve just keeps trolling him and both of them are high and giggly and Steve is egging Bruce on because he thinks it's funny when Bruce tries to be ~smooth~.
Question: HOW IN LOVE ARE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND STEVEN VAN ZANDT? ANSWER: CRAZY IN LOVE. THEY ARE SO CRAZY IN LOVE. Ughhhh every time I think my love for this band has gone back down to normal-person levels something will happen, like a concert or Night getting the Darkness on the Edge of Town box set, and here I go again. GIRLS, WHAT'S MY WEAKNESS?


As Jim Cullen, author of Born in the USA: Springsteen and the American Tradition, noted, the two men "gazed" into one another's eyes as they sang and shared the microphone so closely their lips almost touched (Cullen 132).

...we will look at each other occasionally and say, "It's nice to be standing next to you, after all this time."

Question: How fucking high is Harrison Ford in this interview with Conan?

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Chag sameach! For some reason I am feeling talky this week, I guess.

Fannish stuff: [personal profile] inlovewithnight did a great post in response to [personal profile] happydork's recent posts re: writing the stories we say we want to read, fandom and the logic of collective action, or, as she puts it, "the issue of 'we have this discussion over and over, why is it so difficult to make anything come of it?'".
The short version: if behavior X is predicted to give a high COMMUNITY benefit, but INDIVIDUALS will benefit more immediately from behavior Y, individuals will tend to choose Y, and assume that someone else will pick up the slack of X and/or that X wasn't really all that important anyway. (See also: the American social-welfare system or lack thereof; nuclear proliferation.)

The logic of collective action is: don't have it. Someone else out there will take care of the collective good, and I need to take care of me.
Really, really interesting.

TV: Non-spoilery, just kind of long. Short version: EVERYONE WATCH UNDERCOVERS. )

Books: I also seem to be on an Indian (well, generally more Indian-American, though I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on You Are Here) chick-lit kick; after For Matrimonial Purposes I'm now on The Hindi-Bindi club. Which opened with loving descriptions of proceeding from the Victoria's Secret in Georgetown Park out through Georgetown and driving over to Potomac, Maryland from there, and even if the narrative voices aren't as engaging as Anju there are some great turns of phrase and engaging stories, such that I was even willing to break my "no stories that regularly cycle through a lot of first-person narrators" rule (IDK, I just get confused and lose interest). I may also need fic about this incident (a character whose family had to flee their home in Lahore after the Partition):
Biji had an intricately carved walnut jewelry box Bauji gifted her on a family holiday in Kashmir. She emptied it, selling her wedding jewelry to finance our new start. Bauji spent the next decade filling it back up again.

I remember watching Gone With the Wind with my girlfriends in college. How I related to Scarlett O'Hara! I loved the end when, after surviving the Civil War, she lifts a handful of the earth and vows never to go hungry again.
I WANT FIC ABOUT THAT MOVIE NIGHT SO MUCH. And beyond; possibly I will end up requesting "Saroj goes through a Gone With the Wind phase" fic, because I really really love stories about how people relate to other stories when they're done well (see also my Wednesday Wars reaction, although it looks like that's flocked/filtered so I won't link to it, but trust me, I LOVED IT). H-BC is very Joy Luck Club, but honestly I like it a lot more than I liked that.

Writing: I've been terrible about it lately; I think I'm going to start shooting for writing every day. I signed up over at [community profile] origfic_bingo, and I'm going to get going on my [ profile] help_pakistan fic, but I've had a bunch of fantastic original ideas starting to finally gel, I think, after several frustrating months of percolation, so I'm going to start trying to work on those as well, or at least get more ideas written down. Possibly I will talk more about this, maybe not. IDK. Again, scarceness might well continue while I'm trying to focus my energy on this.
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A couple of recs! By [ profile] burntcopper, Putting The Natives At Ease, a Narnia fic from the POV of the Pevensies' parents.
Everyone's children came back from the country changed. They were older, for a start. Some of them were wilder, some had no manners, some had been turned into country children with not a trace of London in them, complete with accent. The Tovey twins had come back well-behaved and with a strong work ethic, and wasn't that a surprise, considering the little louts they had been. The Pevensie children, though, came back...odd. It wasn't something you could put your finger on. They were polite, well-mannered to the point of cautiousness, but you always felt as though they were looking right through you, with eyes that had seen more than even the soldiers who came back hollow-eyed. Everything seemed unimportant to them, and they kept staring off into the distance, as though something was missing.
By [ profile] pearl_o, Sun Blast Your Shadow, which is post-"Sozin's Comet" AtLA gen, about Zuko trying to run the Fire Nation after his father's death. ZUKO. MAI. AZULA. YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS, I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL COOKIES.
In private, when it is the two of them and their bed, surrounded by curtains, and no one else can hear, Mai tells him her doubts. "We've always been proud, and now they see you bowing down to the rest of the world, and they don't understand."

"I don't bow down to the rest of the world," Zuko says. "I just treat them as equals."

Mai shrugs and says, "In their eyes, it's the same thing."
Also, I'm now all caught up on Doctor Who! Spoilers for 'Cold Blod'. )

Apropos of nothing other than fannish joy, [personal profile] redbrickrose and I watched a bunch of Sailor Moon on Monday, mostly from the first series. MY HEARRRRRRRRRRRRT. USAGI ILU. LUNA ILU. REI ILU. MINAKO ILU SO FUCKING MUCH. HARUKA AND MICHIRU ILU. ILU ALL, BBS. Except you, Mamoru, you suck. I suspect watching it again after years and years is going to explain so much about me and my tastes now; even in the few episodes we watched yesterday [personal profile] redbrickrose was like "yeah, I can definitely see shades of your Buffy love here". And she didn't really even meet the Outer Senshi at all.

Finally, as a heads-up, I've started doing a bit of cleanup of the LJ flist and DW circle. Probably I'll clean up and simplify my filters a lot, too. IDK, it seems I may be going through my occasional urge to lock everything down and cut the number of people who can see everything down to about ten people, or just to abandon my current journal and run off to an entirely new one. I am trying not to go to quite those extremes, however.
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• My thread at that crankypants love meme is here.

+ It snowed last night, just enough that everything is pretty. I dashed down a couple of ~writerly thoughts~ by hand, but have not actually shaped them into anything attractive yet.

- I have to venture out and mail this thing for Ugh why do I sign up for this sort of thing, I never end up finding anything I want and I hate having to mail shit. ML;SH.

• Today, as LJ as my witness, I will actually write some shit. 1000 words of original, 500 of fic. Yes. I can do that.

Young Justice League cartoon!!!!! Okay, obviously I am jazzed about &Cissie; and &Superboy; (and oh my gosh that Cissie looks so badass) but NEEDS MOAR WONDER GIRL AND/OR EMPRESS. >:( >:( >:( Especially Empress, because unless Aqualad or someone is a character of color in the DCAU, man that is one white lineup. I'm given to understand there's some kind of embargo on Wonders at the moment, which explains the lack of Cassie, but I am cranky nonetheless.

+ Also I realized upon rewatching the trailer for The Losers another five times and finally being able to focus on something other than "ZOE SALDANA IS MAKING OUT WITH JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, HOLLYWOOD LOVES ME SO MUCH" that while it's a complete and total sausage-fest, the cast is pretty much half characters of color! And the one woman is a woman of color, so that is pretty cool. Still, NEEDS MOAR LADIES. Also JDM going "ladies? :D?" in such a way that you can hear the fingerguns in his voice is pretty amazing.

- I have a headache starting to develop. It sort of feels like it might turn into a migraine. Okay, I'm going to suck down some tea, because that helps, and pop a couple ibuprofen, and then venture out into the world.
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I am sick and cranky. Also I caught most of "Abandon All Hope" at last since it reran last night! I say most because about three-quarters of the way through Mom and I decided that we were fucking done with this show. Probably I will tune in again for spoiler for an upcoming episode ), though, and probably I will continue reading/writing/yammering about the characters I like, but I probably won't be watching any more. They've made it perfectly clear how much they hate having me as a fan, so why should I sit back and continue to let them rub it in?

(Consider yourselves lucky; that bit was originally two very long paragraphs until I remembered that I am sick and cranky and thus more likely to be gratuitously nasty, although I could never be as gratuitously nasty about SPN as they are about me. Okay, I'm done, I promise. For now.)

I also started watching Community, which I like! It is a little eerie how closely Greendale resembles my college experience. :D: Frustratingly, Hulu doesn't seem to be working for me today, so I can't watch more. >:(

Plus on Wednesday there was Leverage! Spoilers. )

Like I said, sick and cranky. But at least I'm getting some laundry done.
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I am at Comic Con! There are nerds everywhere! Even in my hotel room, because I am here with [personal profile] fox1013 and [personal profile] mimesere! We went to Preview Night, and all of the shows Warner Bros. were doing were amazing. Let me check my ~notes~.

Human Target )

V )

Vampire Diaries )

We also stared in horror at the people camped out for the Twilight panel when we got there around three PM yesterday. The Twilight panel is today. In the afternoon. But Burger King was handing out crowns with Twilight characters on them, so of course we picked those up! I got Team Edward and Amy got Team Jacob.

Today: Middlepanel! And Gail Simone! :D :D :D And lots of other stuff, but those are the ones I think I care the most about. &GAILSIMONE; We were thinking about going to the Watchmen Director's Cut screening, but I think our plan now is to just buy the DVD and watch it in our hotel room, where there will be no JEH or Snyder, but also no fanboys, and there will be booze.

Currently we're waiting for the Middlepanel to start. \o/
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Spoilery reaction to SPN. ) Basically Buffy would kick Sam and Dean's asses so fast. And then go off and have milkshakes with Mary and John.

This is why I just need to make my own cut of the show I'm watching, aka The Tragedy Of John And Mary Winchester.

Grey's, wow. Thoughts on that, since I was, for the hell of it, flipping between it and SPN. )

Also I was inspired by [personal profile] inkdot, so I went for a run! \o/

ETA: It's lucky I'm not emotionally invested in these characters at all, because the part where Grey's spoiler. ) IDK, I have issues with stories where it's shown as a heroic thing when a woman's significant other knows what she should do with her body better than she does. Go figure.

In conclusion, everything needed moar JDM.

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