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Pesach sameach! [ profile] fox1013 and I found KfP booze and gelatin (or something gelatin-like, at any rate), so we're going to try our hands at making Passover Jell-o Shots! And I have introduced her to ATLA. Really, that's what it's all about. We're already up to "The Swamp".

I may have a more extensive update later? My computer really does not like Amy's wireless, for some reason. Also there's Avatar to focus on. IT'S JUST SO GOOD YOU GUYS. I got the DVDs in the beginning of January and I've already watched the entire show three times through, plus scattered other episodes many times.

Saturday I saw Shutter Island with [ profile] inlovewithnight and [ profile] redbrickrose. Non-spoilery thoughts. )

Tomorrow we're going to try for bookstores! Or possibly we're just going to sit around and watch more Avatar. And Thursday I have another job interview lined up! \o/

OH BEFORE I FORGET. I was talking to Night, and thinking about setting up something along the lines of [ profile] femslash_minis, but for Avatar. No specific type; gen, het, slash, and whatever else would all be fine, and we'd just do a different character each session. I might try running it on AO3. So would there be interest? Look out for that, I guess? Okay. I got nothing else.

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