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Which is basically why more people have not been getting ridiculous calls from me, because my phone is completely dead. Not just "oh, I've got to recharge the battery" dead, but, like, dead-dead. I can sometimes receive calls, and if I know what number I'm dialing I can make them, but the screen is completely blank all the time, so I can't actually do anything.

ii. Today in my water bottle I have gin and tonic instead of water, and I bought a second water bottle instead. Partly this is because I'm going to try to get in for the Futurama panel and let's face it, it's what Bender would want. Also partly it's because I have a ton of gin and tonic left, and not much time in which to drink it, and I love G&T's.

iii. I have come to the conclusion that I am a bit of a terrible geek, which I think is mostly because I do it with the same half-assedness that I do a lot of stuff, and I don't have the eye for detail or inclination to note detail for a lot of things.

iv. Stan Lee, and later John Cho, totally just walked right past us yesterday. Stan Lee didn't have people accosting him at every turn, but he did have this, like, entourage of fanboys kind of trailing after him and basking in his glow. Plus we saw Clancy Brown while we were sitting and relaxing, and [ profile] tacky_tramp (oh let's talk about how awesome it is that I finally met [ profile] tacky_tramp) and I were in the exhibition hall when Matthew Grey Gubler hobbled past us on crutches. Also, while we were sitting, I called home to check in, and spoke with my brother. We concluded our conversation with him telling me to "meet lots of famous people!" and me laughing, and then about ten minutes later Alan Tudyk walked by.

ALSO DID I MENTION I MET GAIL SIMONE. I told her how I think she's awesome, and that Jeanette is one of my favorites ever, and Jeanette/Deadshot is rapidly on its way to being one of my favorite pairings ever, and she signed my issue of Secret Six #1, as did Nicola Scott, who happened to be there as well and seemed delighted when I approached her and told her how much I loved her art. Plus the Middlepanel was awesome, and I not only got that show on DVD, but I got it signed by the entire cast plus several of the writers. Plus then Colin Baker showed up at that signing and was talking to them, so I got a picture of the Middleman and the Doctor together, which you have to acknowledge is amazing.

v. News which never fails to delight me but which I haven't appropriately lol'd over here yet: Jensen and Jared will not be at the SPN panel, which I am taking to mean the fandom's batshit antics have finally scared them off for good. This delights me SO MUCH, as I'm sure you all can imagine.

vi. Right now I'm in line for the Eastwick panel, and I'm sure being in the same room as Paul Gross will automatically cure everything that has ever been wrong with me by the power of his handsomeness.
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I am at Comic Con! There are nerds everywhere! Even in my hotel room, because I am here with [personal profile] fox1013 and [personal profile] mimesere! We went to Preview Night, and all of the shows Warner Bros. were doing were amazing. Let me check my ~notes~.

Human Target )

V )

Vampire Diaries )

We also stared in horror at the people camped out for the Twilight panel when we got there around three PM yesterday. The Twilight panel is today. In the afternoon. But Burger King was handing out crowns with Twilight characters on them, so of course we picked those up! I got Team Edward and Amy got Team Jacob.

Today: Middlepanel! And Gail Simone! :D :D :D And lots of other stuff, but those are the ones I think I care the most about. &GAILSIMONE; We were thinking about going to the Watchmen Director's Cut screening, but I think our plan now is to just buy the DVD and watch it in our hotel room, where there will be no JEH or Snyder, but also no fanboys, and there will be booze.

Currently we're waiting for the Middlepanel to start. \o/

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