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Things that look amazing: Sucker Punch.

Things that will not be amazing: watching fandom trip all over itself finding reasons not to do anything with Sucker Punch, all of which are thin disguises for the fact that it's filled with icky girls. I'm preemptively angry after watching the trailer, because all I can think is "if every female character in this were a dude, I'd be able to decisively call the next big fandom". I really hope I'm wrong, but mostly I'm thinking about making a bingo card of excuses.

Apart from that, Comic-Con has been awesome, as always. Daniel Dae-Kim took a picture of me from up on top of the CBS booth. I have no fucking idea. He is insanely pretty IRL, though, as is Grace Park. And Green Lantern, I don't really care about, but being there for it meant I was in the same room as Blake Lively, which was pretty great, and there was an adorable child who asked Ryan Reynolds how it felt to recite the Green Lantern oath, to which Reynolds responded by reciting it, then signing a comic just for the kid. My uterus was itching really badly watching the entire thing, NGL. Also HP7 looks amazing, and Tom Felton looks eerily like my little brother, an impression I had which [ profile] pirateygoodness (who has only met Doug in the past few days) confirmed.

(AND I have figured out a few things wrt an original thing I've been working on for the past couple of years, namely Georgian Superheroes, because I realized that the newest thing I've been working on is in fact another version of it and I just need to combine the two of them into one. Ugh I love the world of this thing so much, I can't even.)

PLUS I got to meet people I've heretofore only known via the Internet, like [ profile] voleuse and [ profile] pirateygoodness! And hang out with [ profile] mimesere, [personal profile] fox1013, [ profile] ryoko, and [personal profile] horchata! And eat hot dogs (THEY ARE A TASTE SENSATION)!

Also I've been drinking since about 11 this morning. In my defense, for me, it was 2 in the afternoon!

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