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It seriously baffles me that meat-flavored potato chips haven't caught on in the States.

I mean, really.
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Hello, Internet! I am in Athens. This is my third day, it's very nice. Suffice it to say of the trip itself that it turned out my travel anxiety was completely justified, and every time I fly with United they manage to top themselves in the crappiness of the experience, and also there is one dude who works for Lufthansa at Heathrow who is COMPLETELY AWFUL and will be snide and lecturey when you are having a panic attack in front of him. The only reason that airline isn't going on my list too is that a bunch of the other people who work for them were super-nice. I should've gotten that dude's name and called to complain. Maybe I will anyway and just say "here's the time I was there, he was the only man working at the Heathrow ticketing desk and was training someone else and HE WAS AWFUL, and I didn't get his name BECAUSE I WAS HAVING A PANIC ATTACK AND I WAS AFRAID IF I ASKED FOR IT HE WOULD BE EVEN MORE AWFUL, but the lady who checked my bag was super-nice and I didn't get her name either but she was working there at the same time".

But during my slog over here I read the second of George R. R. Martin's doorstops! As before, I mostly just care about Stark ladies. Cut more for tl;dr than for spoilers, because how long have the books been out now? ) Basically I really want lesbian high fantasy melodrama, maybe I should just file the serial numbers off and write that myself.

Also, Arrested Westeros (visual spoilers for the show, I guess?) is every conversation me and Night have had about these books and what we wish they were/the show was. Although I still think the "I love all my children equally/I don't care for GOB" one would work even better with Cat re: Jon than Cersei.

Anyhoo, the folks next door have started blasting techno, so I am going to go wander a bit. Yesterday I shopped, I got the most amazing halter top, and some nice body spray from Fresh Line. Also I went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner, and the maitre d' gave me a judgey look when I said I was eating alone, but the waiters were fabulous and we chatted and they practiced their English on me and I practiced my terrible Greek on them and they gave me a shot of ouzo on the house afterwards. \o/ W/e w/e, maitre d', clearly you are just jealous because no one likes you, so you don't eat alone by choice, and the waitstaff already like me more than they like you. Today I am probably going to check out the National Gardens, that will be nice. Alas, I forgot the USB cable for my camera, so pictures will have to wait until I get home.

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