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Today's good things:
  1. I have cider and a cheese sandwich, om nom nom.
  2. I had a good workout this morning! I really did get completely lost in what I was doing for a few laps there while I was swimming. Although good heavens, I really need a new workout suit. This one is just way too big at this point.
  3. I have been doing some pretty freaking great reading lately, I have to say. I wish I had confidence in any of my own ideas at the moment, but whatever, I'm working up to it.
Now [personal profile] schmerica and I are watching more DS9, hooray! \o/
sohotrightnow: the top of a swimming young woman's torso. ([gg] the air you breathe so sweet)
Ugh I have been feeling frustrated with how super-negative I have been lately, and I'm not entirely sure where to begin on stopping that. So, an experiment for this month: three good things, every day!
  • The moon looked really pretty when I was on my route this morning.
  • I applied for two jobs yesterday; I have a not-getting-my-hopes-up policy but if nothing else I'm pretty proud of the cover letter I wrote for one of them. I think I'm getting pretty decent at cover letters.
  • [personal profile] schmerica and I watched "Civil Defense" and man oh man I think that may actually be rising up my list of favorite DS9 episodes. Comedy gold.

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