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i. I got my Yuletide assignment! I am pretty jazzed about it. All I will say is that it might be even more obvious which fic I wrote than it was last year, and last year I wrote Bruce Springsteen/Steve Van Zandt.

ii. WHY AM I NOT WEARING THIS DRESS RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. I did get sparkly purple leopard print flats on eBay the other day, so I guess when they arrive they can console me.

iii. What fruit pairs well with duck? I'm making duck for the big family thing tomorrow, because it was only $10 more than a decent turkey would've been and I love duck like crazy. I know orange is standard, and heaven knows IL orange, but I think I want something a bit milder for this particular meal. Maybe pear or apple.

iv. A week from tomorrow I will have a [personal profile] fox1013! Also I will be Jewish, that seems worth mentioning too. Good times, good times.

v. Only twenty more minutes of looking busy and I can go! Here, have a meme, because it is HP time again.

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Reminder: I'm making a few different offers over at [ profile] help_pakistan: a 500-word ficlet, a 1500-word fic, and three cookie-ficlet combo packs.

DC, I am fond of you: Last week was Restaurant Week, and [personal profile] redbrickrose and I went to Acadiana, which was amaaaaaazing, and while it's a bit pricey for regular visits, you can totally make a meal out of the much-cheaper appetizers (seriously, I got soup, and figured it'd be a little cup with four spoonfuls in it, but instead got a full-size bowl, and was so full I wasn't able to eat more than half my entree) or split an entree, and then you have room for dessert, too, which is good, because the desserts are freaking magical. Plus they have great Happy Hour deals, and seeing as it's about three blocks from [personal profile] redbrickrose's apartment I suspect we will be taking advantage of those deals not infrequently.

But even more excitingly, this week is Beer Week! The two of us went to a place near Nats Stadium, Justin's, which was doing a deal where for $10 you got a pint of beer and a slice of pie. The beer was delicious and the pie was delicious, but the combination I got -- a very hoppy beer and banana cream pie -- was terrible, which was tragic. Ah well, it was in the name of science. The science of finding out what beers go with what kind of pies. And now I can all share my wisdom with you: don't mix banana cream pie and hoppy beer. You're welcome. They also have good Happy Hour deals, too, so that's another one I suspect I'll be spending more time at in the future; it was a really nice little place with excellent food and really good beer.

If I don't laugh I will be filled with rage: In more local news, the Tea Party is in town this weekend. The warnings they have issued their members about what Metro lines to stay off of are amazing (why are they taking the Metro at all, anyway? Isn't using public transportation basically funding further socialist nonsense like infrastructure?). Yes, you all need to stay off the Green Line and out of Southeast; I totally felt like I was in horrible danger wandering around last night and surrounded by scary office buildings and apartment buildings, in a bar full of middle-class professionals having a drink after work, young couples out for dinner and Beer Week specials, and bros killing time before heading over to the stadium for the Nats-Cubs game. It was like being in a war zone. The three beers I had were to get over the trauma.

Books: I read Mockingjay! Cut for length and spoilers. )

Less serious conversion news: I filled out my Leave Request form for Rosh Hashanah today! I am kind of considering photocopying the form to keep in my folder of other conversion stuff, the first time I took a holiday off for religious reason.
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Happy Friday, Internet! Here, have a meme that I lifted from [personal profile] newredshoes.!
If you were writing RPF about me, what characteristics (either physical or personality) would you harp on, and what purple prose would you use to describe them? (Note: The more superficial and cliched, the better. We all like to think of ourselves as intelligent, but it's not what sells the muffins, if you know what I mean.)
Last night the Metro only went as far as my stop, because there was a power line down on the tracks. My heart sank as I left the train station and saw that the busy intersections around my building had cops directing traffic because the lights were out. You might be saying to yourself, 'no way', but I assure you, this story is going exactly where you think it can't possibly be going. ) Good times, good times!

I really want a donut.
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i. Good afternoon, Internet! Here is "Don't Stop Believin'" being performed by Bruce Springsteen, Lady GaGa, Sir Elton John, Sting, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Blondie. To quote [ profile] baked_goldfish, who emailed it to me, "THAT'S IT, THE INTERNET IS OVER, JUST SHUT IT DOWN, PACK IT UP AND GO HOME." Maybe I'll keep hoping for a studio version, or at least a professionally-mastered copy of this, rather than a tinny bootleg, but if they ever release that I don't know what I'll do with myself. Or just a version that's only Gaga and Bruce and maybe Blondie and/or Dame shirley, because I am actually not a big fan of giant, many-person collaborations in general. Nonetheless, the mere fact that this exists is forcing me to reevaluate my entire cosmology.

ii. I am doing an overnight trip to NC tomorrow, driving down after Torah study (which I am leading, ahhhhh that will be scary because everyone is a million times more well-read than I am, but I think I've done enough research/reading to have a few things to get discussion started, and then I can just let them go and play referee when people start interrupting each other)! That will be fun; I will finally see Iron Man 2 and if there's time I will drag Dommi to The Losers. Then next weekend is my sister's graduation Saturday morning and a friend's wedding Saturday afternoon, then the weekend after THAT...I actually don't think I have anything going on, and it's a three-day weekend, so that's really nice! How is it halfway through May already, lordy-loo.

iii. I got this necklace yesterday! That is to say, I bought it a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. I have ~feelings~ that I will save for the conversion filter, but in more mundane news, I went out and bought a new chain for it from Target because the one it came with was just too heavy-looking. So if anyone wants a sterling silver snake chain, give a holler.

iv. WORK STUFF: I am perceived as a competent adult? What? )

v. OTHER WORK STUFF: chatter about the general office environment )

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