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i. My Kindle screen has been freezing more and more frequently the past few weeks, and now, when I have a bunch of Yuletide fic to roll around in, it seems to have stopped working altogether. NATURALLY. >:(

ii. The mix my sister made me (we've done homemade/used presents the past couple of years) goes, at one point, from Ke$ha to Panic! At The Disco to David Bowie to Miranda Lambert. A++++++++++

iii. I collected enough cash from relatives that between it and my paycheck for this week I am not only able to pay off the rest of the dental work, but in fact coming out a little ahead! The sense of relief and general contentment with the world that this brings is the best possible present, Internet, I can't even. Close second: see below.

iv. My Yuletide story is still fucking amazing and has turned my "this could be really neat" feelings about Anna/Mary to ones verging on OTP levels. Maybe I will try and write the story that's been in my head for a few weeks, about Mary listening in the next room when Anna gets her ~wedding night~, before the year ends. In case you missed it in the initial flurry of Yuletide squee: somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond and I am still not convinced that one of you didn't write it, and even have a shortlist of suspects, because it is so freaking perfect. EVERYTHING IS LOST GENERATION AND NOTHING HURTS. I am currently working through some other fic, because there seems to be a goodly amount of excellent Downton stuff produced, but basically I think this story may have spoiled me. I'm sure you all got very nice stories, too, but they are not going to compare to Mary running off to New York in the 1920s and falling in love with Anna.

v. My recipient appears to have really liked the story I wrote, and I got another piece of feedback for it that basically is the best kind of feedback I can ever get, complimenting me on the things I actually do pride myself on in my generally adequate-but-not-particularly-special writing. (This is not fishing for compliments! I am down with being fun if not brilliant, and as I said, there are a couple of things I really do take pride in, which is why it's always so awesome when comments touch on them.) So I am considering it a general win, from the writing side of things, not least because my Yuletide story took my word count for the year to levels I really did not have any hope of reaching. Plus my hits-to-kudos-and-comments ratio is actually surprisingly high even for Yuletide, so while both those numbers are all fairly low because it's a pretty niche story even for Yuletide, the people who are reading it seem to be enjoying it a fair bit. \o/

vi. Have watched neither Who nor Downton specials yet, though I think On Demand has Who, at least, so I'll get on that later today.

vii. You know, most of the time I am fairly traditionally feminine, and I tend to get pretty annoyed at a lot of the gender essentialism that can show up in the butch/femme identity politics discussions, and then there are the days when I am patiently explaining power tools to my father and I'm like "God, I'm gay".

viii. Okay now 4real, I am going to get the hardcore cleaning of my room I was planning on done. 4real.
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I was feeling cranky about fandom, but instead of me actually talking about that shit, have some things that have delighted me recently instead.

This isn't new or anything, but it has some gems in it and I felt the need to hear Patti coo over how the dude interviewing her is "just a baby", so here are some audio clips from an interview Rolling Stone did with her a couple of years ago! GUYS THESE CLIPS ARE THE MOST ADORABLE THING ON THE PLANET. HER LITTLE FACE. The awkward pauses after he asks her these personal questions are sort of amazing. But she talks about how she met Bruce and lied about her plans for the evening because she didn't want to drag him to the party with her. And also how sometimes Bruce writes songs that make her go "what the fuck" (direct quote), and she uses the word "neophyte", and basically is just the adorablest. Oh band, bless your little cotton socks.

Also, a couple of fic recs. Plumage, or: Kanye Is the Dopest is Yuletide fic written by someone who doesn't have an AO3 account, and it is the most incredible story ever in the history of mankind. It is hip-hop RPF in which Kanye West gets turned into a peacock. It is even more amazing than it sounds.
"He ain't staying here. No, no, no," Jay says, and if Kanye didn't know about the something Jay's got up his ass, he might be offended.

"He's your friend," B says. It's refreshing to hear her say it without any disowning emphasis on "your."
"Illegal" Is Just Another Word For "Business Opportunity" is Gossip Girl RPF, a Blake/Leighton AU set in the 20s "in which Blake is a liquor smuggler and Leighton is a flapper and Chace runs an underground speakeasy for fabulous homosexuals." It is really delightful, sexy and fun and sweet and oh man I love 20s AUs so much.
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I woke up this morning to discover that I'd gotten a fantastic treat for Madness! well maybe just a half a drink more is Eastwick, silly and sexy Kat/Roxie/Joanna, and even includes Darryl popping up to be gleefully creepy and magnanimous over their sexytimes before going on his way. The voices are perfect, as is the tone; it could be something right out of the show.

More recs, featuring Lion King, Little Mermaid (Disney), Lilo and Stitch, True Meaning of Smekday, Mo Willems's books, Addams Family, Young Avengers, and Zombieland. )

According to AO3, I'm currently at 59801 words of fic for the year, including holiday 'thon stories that I cannot claim as mine just yet. I'm definitely going to write that last 200 just to make it an even 60k, but I'll be honest, I'm kind of considering trying for another 5200 to make it an even 65 instead. Which would be...what, nine 500-word ficlets and one 700-word one? I could probably manage that in a few days. Or four 1000-word ones and one 1200-word one. Hmmm.
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Apparently we are supposed to hold off on a lot of comments for now, and the archive seems to be slowing down again, so here is my first batch of Yuletide recs! This is a very important post, because I have to get a few thing straight. I know we're all talking about how great our Yuletide presents are, but I got 5000+ words of plotty Sophie/Eliot; your argument is invalid. :D :D :D :D :D :D They end up stuck in the middle of a con alone! It's like a romantic comedy with heists, and also with SOPHIE DEVEREAUX AND ELIOT SPENCER. Sophie wears beautiful clothes and Eliot is grumpy and they DO IT, and the sex scene manages to hit my sparring!sex kink a lot even though they are not physically fighting! It's fast-paced and the tone is just right for the show, which amazes me because the idea of trying to match the show's tone intimidates me so much.

And here are some other great stories!

The Pigeon Wants A Story, in which the Pigeon signs up for Yuletide. It is EVERY BIT AS AMAZING as it sounds.
Request 1: The Birds (any)
Details: This movie is great! I don't know why more people don't think it's funny! The birds are really smart. You could maybe write me a missing scene about how the two lovebirds came up with their prank on Melanie – was it when Melanie buys them in the pet shop? Or was it when Melanie left them at Mitch's house? Did the seagull help, or did he just want to show off? You could also write about the crows and how they learned to dive-bomb like that – so cool! I would really be happy with any story about a bird from this movie. But maybe no falcons, okay?
Bittersweet is Beauty and the Beast, the 1991 movie, an AU ending that is lovely and awful.

Apocalypse How? is Dinosaur Comics, the Devil's POV and Devil/Utahraptor, and the line "the world is better than cable" is possibly my favorite line ever, with "it is possible to be very metal without degrading women!" getting an honorable mention.

The Second Chorus' Melody is Kill Bill, about Nikki Green and B.B. Kiddo and revenge. The style is sparse and dry and pitch-perfect.

The Wrath of Jon is 30 Rock gen, Jonathan POV, and it is amazing, with a subplot involving Conan and Bruce Springsteen in top-secret negotiations for custody of Max Weinberg.
Jonathan stood surrounded by pie and misery, and seethed.

"Lemon!" he hissed. "She tasks me. She tasks me and I shall have her! I'll chase her 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round Perdition's flames before I..."
The last line is a text message reading "call dr spaceman hamstring injury in the hopscotch contest the boss is down repeat the boss is down"; I'm not made of stone.

I was actually not planning on signing up this year, but then I saw that someone -- [ profile] baked_goldfish, I discovered later -- had nominated "RPF - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band" and I was like "oh HELL yes". I am so grateful she did, because Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey, or, The Courtship of Steven Van Zandt is like another present of its own.
"Bus is here," Steve tells him. "You got a tour to do, remember?"

"Oh." Bruce looks at him without answering just yet, and gets this little frown on his face, like he still just doesn't quite get it. "Like, outside?"

"Yes, outside, you asshole." Which is just meant to startle him enough to get him to fucking pay attention, but given the names he's heard everyone muttering throughout this entire process, maybe Bruce is inured to it at this point.
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More Yuletide Recs, while I wait for dinner!

Whom You Leave Shackled By Love is A Great And Terrible Beauty fic, Felicity-centric, weaving her story in more closely with Gemma's tight narrative. The voices are perfect, and okay, we all know I'm a sucker for Fee anyway, and she gets a happy ending at last, and oh, Fee, baby.

Joie de Vivre is another G&TB story, with Fee coming to visit Gemma in New York five years after The Sweet Far Thing. It starts with Felicity in drag, and gets more delightful from there. Just the right mix of light-hearted fun and srs bzns to be a perfect epilogue to the trilogy.

Reunion is another post-TSFT story, a Yuletide Madness ficlet in which Gemma goes to Paris, and she and Felicity decide that they've mourned enough. A wonderful little firework of a story.

This is how the fire starts. This is how we burn. is the story of how Felicity met Ithal, and also a story about Felicity-the-huntress, Felicity who only wants, for once in her life, to be powerful.

Try/Fail? - False Binary is WALL-E fic, about EVE and her evolution as an individual. It's complicated and elegant and one of the few fics where I've felt like I needed to read it multiple times to really appreciate it, rather than just wanting to read it multiple times because I liked it.

Weather continues very fine is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Arabella Strange's life afterwards, and is wonderful. The tone of a period piece is incredibly hard to pull off, and this author manages to, and not only that, but to pull of the voice of the book's narrator besides, which takes even more skill. And it's Arabella Strange, who is awesome, and deserves far more in the way of her own stories.

All Day and All of the Night is Space Cases, and let me just take a second to :D :D :D over the fact that someone wrote Space Cases fic, period. But this is lots of fun besides, with the same gentle silliness of the show.

Kill Claudio, Part I and Part II, is Much Ado About Nothing fic, with a murder mystery, and everyone having to trick each other to find out whodunit, and dirty jokes and stupid Shakespearean puns, and, guys, wow. Just, wow. Also there's kind of threesomey subtext? :D

In other news, I have to go to work tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I'm just hoping enough people will still be on vacation that traffic won't be as bad as usual. I'm off Saturday, though, and then Wednesday I go up to Jersey for New Year's with [ profile] ryoko and company. \o/ On that note, Mom got a sewing machine, and has said she can mend the little hole in the lining of the gorgeous antique gown I got in Australia, so I can wear that for New Year's. I'll have to figure out something to do with my hair -- maybe a simple French twist or chignon, or victory curls.

Also, my sister seems to have gotten hooked on Dinosaur Comics. She also got me a cupcake cookbook. :D
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I fell asleep, but I tossed and turned for awhile, and then fell asleep but kept waking up, and during one of those bouts of wakefulness I was like "HEY MAYBE YULETIDE IS UP!" and it WAS.

Yuletide Matter The First: I wrote two (2) stories this year, in two (2) different fandoms. If you can identify one (1) of them, I will write you a drabble or make you an icon with the subject of your choosing.

Comments screened.

Yuletide Matter the Second: OH MY ACTUAL GOD. I got THREE (3) stories this year, you guys. Also, I'm fairly certain one of you is responsible for at least one of them, and when I find out which one I will totally...IDK, something awesome. Send you cookies in the mail or something.

Too Much Rest for the Unliving is True Blood, and is about Sookie trying to get Bill to stop bothering her at work, including getting him a cell phone ("ase yo u bu7y mir St2kho usf, the display read") and, at last, the Wii ("If Hoyt's momma could handle a Wii, surely Bill could."). I basically cannot stop reading it and making big :D faces over EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

I also got two (2) stories for the same prompt, the Steve-Rogers-gets-turned-into-a-girl story: The Fairer Sex is an adorable little they-confess-their-feelings Steve/Tony story, and has a reference to Steve's complete uncoordination in an essentially new body, which, I have no idea why that's such a kink of mine where sudden-body-change stories are concerned, but it is.

There's also Changes, which is another adorable they-confess-their-feelings story (because apparently I have been THAT GOOD this year) and which has, among other UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL things, Mary Jane taking Steve bra shopping because his breasts are absurdly big, and Steve just being his usual big lame self: "Two hours later he was back in his room at the tower, feeling deeply exhausted but much better-supported."

Now I think I'm going to go back to sleep. \o/

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