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Three good things!
  1. I have a Cara Cara orange. Om nom nom.
  2. I read Crossing The Tracks, which after three deeply disappointing reads was more than worth it, oh my goodness. Women and friendships and family and mourning and survival and ahhhh, feelings. So many feelings. Currently reading the second Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place book, which a few chapters in is as lovely as the first.
  3. I have finally seen the Downton Abbey Christmas special! I just want Anna and Mary to run off to New York together, why can't I have that. I'll just go have a millionth re-read of my the story I got for Yuletide, I suppose (EVERYONE GO READ IT, IT'S SO GRAAAAAAAATE). Oh Anna, your wonderful little FAAAAAAACE. Also minor and very silly spoiler )
Really, I'm a little behind, but whatever, I have a bit of a headache and can't be bothered. Possibly I'll just try for as often as possible, and aim for every day of a month when I'm not going back and forth between night and day shift.
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A couple of recs! By [ profile] burntcopper, Putting The Natives At Ease, a Narnia fic from the POV of the Pevensies' parents.
Everyone's children came back from the country changed. They were older, for a start. Some of them were wilder, some had no manners, some had been turned into country children with not a trace of London in them, complete with accent. The Tovey twins had come back well-behaved and with a strong work ethic, and wasn't that a surprise, considering the little louts they had been. The Pevensie children, though, came back...odd. It wasn't something you could put your finger on. They were polite, well-mannered to the point of cautiousness, but you always felt as though they were looking right through you, with eyes that had seen more than even the soldiers who came back hollow-eyed. Everything seemed unimportant to them, and they kept staring off into the distance, as though something was missing.
By [ profile] pearl_o, Sun Blast Your Shadow, which is post-"Sozin's Comet" AtLA gen, about Zuko trying to run the Fire Nation after his father's death. ZUKO. MAI. AZULA. YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS, I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL COOKIES.
In private, when it is the two of them and their bed, surrounded by curtains, and no one else can hear, Mai tells him her doubts. "We've always been proud, and now they see you bowing down to the rest of the world, and they don't understand."

"I don't bow down to the rest of the world," Zuko says. "I just treat them as equals."

Mai shrugs and says, "In their eyes, it's the same thing."
Also, I'm now all caught up on Doctor Who! Spoilers for 'Cold Blod'. )

Apropos of nothing other than fannish joy, [personal profile] redbrickrose and I watched a bunch of Sailor Moon on Monday, mostly from the first series. MY HEARRRRRRRRRRRRT. USAGI ILU. LUNA ILU. REI ILU. MINAKO ILU SO FUCKING MUCH. HARUKA AND MICHIRU ILU. ILU ALL, BBS. Except you, Mamoru, you suck. I suspect watching it again after years and years is going to explain so much about me and my tastes now; even in the few episodes we watched yesterday [personal profile] redbrickrose was like "yeah, I can definitely see shades of your Buffy love here". And she didn't really even meet the Outer Senshi at all.

Finally, as a heads-up, I've started doing a bit of cleanup of the LJ flist and DW circle. Probably I'll clean up and simplify my filters a lot, too. IDK, it seems I may be going through my occasional urge to lock everything down and cut the number of people who can see everything down to about ten people, or just to abandon my current journal and run off to an entirely new one. I am trying not to go to quite those extremes, however.
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and go look at this.

A Partial Map Of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change), by [ profile] alibi_factory. It's art, it's fic, it's maps and blueprints and it's breathtaking.
The maps contained herein may be approximate, made-up, or partly false. The creators of said maps shall not be held responsible for any lostness or misplacement of being. If you find yourself in a place that is no longer there, count to ten and step approximately 17 cm to the right.
Even if you're not remotely interested in Doctor Who, you need to see it if you have the slightest interest in stunning fucking design work.

...oh hell, I'm going to need to get Who icons again, aren't I?
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: [ profile] inlovewithnight WROTE ZHAO/ZUKO. IT IS SET DURING "SOUTHERN AIR TEMPLE". IT IS EVERYTHING I WANT FROM THIS PAIRING. Okay, like, what little fic I have found for it just presents it as flat-out rape, and no, okay, no, Zuko beats Zhao in hand-to-hand combat, that is why I am okay with this pairing in my head, because Zuko is more than a match for Zhao and writing it as flat-out rape is not only completely unsexy to me, but it completely misses what I see as the point. It's like how there's all this Buffy/Giles out there where Giles is on top, and I'm like "LOL WHAT". And Night uses the world-building, uses Fire Nation politics and works in Firebending and *_______*

GO TELL HER HOW GREAT IT IS. And then encourage her to write more, or at least come back here and talk about Zuko's ~feelings~ over this with me. Because you know Zuko must have so many ~FEELINGS~ about it. Zuko has lots of ~feelings~ about breakfast, can you imagine how many ~feelings~ he would have about Zhao seducing him?


Plus I got a bunch of my [ profile] het_idcrack fic written! Buffy Summers/John Winchester D/s, what is not to like there, I ask you.

...look, I said in that meme a couple of weeks ago that I have a thing for complicated power dynamics in fic, IDK what to tell you.
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i. SPICE GIRLS MUSICAL. I have nothing rational to say about this.

ii. I only saw half of Leverage last night because I was super-sleepy and finally gave up and went to bed at 10:30, figuring TNT would rerun it at some point (plus don't they usually stream it online after it airs?). What I saw, I liked!

iii. Since I finished Gossip Girl S1 and don't have S2, I needed something new to watch while I worked out in the morning, so I watched Doctor Who for the first time in ages, namely "Girl In The Fireplace", which I love but whose ending is so fucking stupid that it ruins the whole thing. Ten is irritating me a little less this time around on the whole, though, so that's all to the good, and also I was delighted by seeing Angel Coulby.

iv. I'm working on a chromatic casting for National Treasure, and now I'm so delighted by the cast I've got that I suspect I will be disappointed in the future when I put the DVD in and realize that cast is just in my head. :( I'll have to get into Photoshop at some point today so I can post that.

v. Returning to the subject of Gossip Girl, I really want a Serena/Blair vid to "23rd Street Lullaby". Also, I was thinking about how the show is really obviously the tale of their epic tempestuous love and was like "is this how McShep people feel all the time? Or Wincesters?" I really like this feeling!

vi. Things I have enjoyed reading this Porn Battle:Maybe I'll try to write some more for that today.
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I was feeling cranky about fandom, but instead of me actually talking about that shit, have some things that have delighted me recently instead.

This isn't new or anything, but it has some gems in it and I felt the need to hear Patti coo over how the dude interviewing her is "just a baby", so here are some audio clips from an interview Rolling Stone did with her a couple of years ago! GUYS THESE CLIPS ARE THE MOST ADORABLE THING ON THE PLANET. HER LITTLE FACE. The awkward pauses after he asks her these personal questions are sort of amazing. But she talks about how she met Bruce and lied about her plans for the evening because she didn't want to drag him to the party with her. And also how sometimes Bruce writes songs that make her go "what the fuck" (direct quote), and she uses the word "neophyte", and basically is just the adorablest. Oh band, bless your little cotton socks.

Also, a couple of fic recs. Plumage, or: Kanye Is the Dopest is Yuletide fic written by someone who doesn't have an AO3 account, and it is the most incredible story ever in the history of mankind. It is hip-hop RPF in which Kanye West gets turned into a peacock. It is even more amazing than it sounds.
"He ain't staying here. No, no, no," Jay says, and if Kanye didn't know about the something Jay's got up his ass, he might be offended.

"He's your friend," B says. It's refreshing to hear her say it without any disowning emphasis on "your."
"Illegal" Is Just Another Word For "Business Opportunity" is Gossip Girl RPF, a Blake/Leighton AU set in the 20s "in which Blake is a liquor smuggler and Leighton is a flapper and Chace runs an underground speakeasy for fabulous homosexuals." It is really delightful, sexy and fun and sweet and oh man I love 20s AUs so much.
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Hey, so remember after Zombieland when I was like "man, there needs to be hilarious gen set a few years down the line where Little Rock develops a crush on Tallahassee and everyone, including the two of them, is really uncomfortable with that situation"? BECAUSE [ profile] austen DID, AND THEN SHE PROCEEDED TO WRITE IT. Except it wasn't really gen. It was AWESOME, though. It's moody and generally fantastic, and you should all go read it. Plus we discovered as a result that there is a Zombieland fic comm, so everyone should go post fic to [ profile] pacificplayland, because &ZOMBIELAND;. Maybe I will even try my hand at writing some after I finish this last edit of the PolyBB fic and send it off to the mods for my posting date.

The point is, I sort of feel like everyone in the world needs to see that movie and then talk to me about it, because the more I think about it, the more I want to see it a million times over.

Yesterday I dealt with a sudden bout of depression by playing concertina until my arms were pretty much too tired to move them. NGL, I feel good about this life choice!
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i. So when Sam and Ruby have sex, fandom screams about how it's rape (and all the blame is only on her), but when spoilery for last night's episode ), no one bats an eyelash? Oh, wait, right, spoiler )

ii. My [community profile] polybigbang story seems to have grown another 3.5k in the course of yesterday alone. What. On the bright side, watching a bunch of BtVS S7 has helped me get a better grasp on what Buffy's role in the story is, and how she should be talking/acting, and what makes her special (as compared to John and Castiel, whom, being from the show I've been mainlining the past couple of months, I have a better handle on in terms of where they're going and what they fear/want). I also yammered with [ profile] inlovewithnight about it a lot, which probably helped.

iii. I seem to be one of the few people in SPN fandom who liked Cassie (and liked her with Dean, shock and horror), so I was really excited to find a rec for Cassie fic on my flist yesterday: Crazy Circles, gen about what she does after "Route 666".

(That also reminds me -- I'm sure anyone who's interested in Cassie will have read this already, but just in case someone hasn't, Lacuna is just stunning. I was skeptical when I saw that it was in second person, but stuck with it, and I'm so glad I did.)

iv. Okay, fine, I'm going to go work out now, stop yelling at me, flist. Geez.
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i. I spent $60 on clothes today, but thank god for thrift stores, because I ended up getting a skirt, a pair of pants, two nice-ish dresses (ugh, I can't wait for it to get warm so I can wear this blue dress I got, because it's so pretty), and like four tops. I desperately needed more business-casual-type stuff to wear to work, and I've been really good about spending less in general and seem to be in a rare not-too-crazy period, so I'm not quite as anxious as I might normally be over this. \o/

ii. I would just like to state for the record that [ profile] cruisedirector, not I, was the first one to suggest that the world needed Buffy-in-Camelot Merlin crossover fic when we were watching yesterday.

iii. I got this, and holy shit, you guys, it's so stunning. Like I've told a few people, I've come to love Watchmen because it rewards multiple readings the way very few things I've read/watched have done: like, only with Arrested Development is there such a level of detail and craftsmanship gone in that I can genuinely watch it over and over and find something new every time. It's never really clicked for me emotionally, though, beyond the glee I get from being able to take something apart and fully appreciate everything that goes into the whole* so I'm pretty much in the perfect place for the movie, fannishly, because as long as it looks cool I'll be happy. This book, to say the least, basically reassures me that the movie will deliver. I'd flipped through and considered a couple making-of-/art-of-the-film books, and they were okay, but nothing thrilling, but then I stumbled across it and holy shit, it's exactly what I wanted.

It's an enormous book, easily a foot and a half high and a foot wide, and the only text in it is Zack Snyder's introduction, which is only a couple hundred words, if that. Basically they had a set still photographer, and he took portraits of everyone and everything, standing them up against a white backdrop and just taking black and white photographs of them. He put this book together and just let the photos speak for themselves, and my lord, do they ever. There's the cast, obviously, but there's also crew, stunt doubles, extras, props, and costumes. The photos themselves, like I said, are gorgeous: just black and white, very high-resolution and sharply focused: you can see where real hair ends and fake begins, the stitching on costumes, the state of people's pores. The simplicity of the pictures themselves lets the stunning detail shine. I walked away from it wishing that, like, Lord Of The Rings had done a book like this, so we could just fully appreciate all the detail and work that went into every aspect of creating Middle-earth.

TL;DR: if you're interested in the movie and/or the making of movies in general and/or portrait photography, BUY THIS BOOK. I got it for about $32 with my B&N employee discount, but I probably would have paid full price and was sort of tempted to when I first saw it at Borders and wasn't sure whether we carried it or not, because I knew I hadn't seen it at our store. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY, WHY SO AMAZING. :D :D :D

* In B4 "go to bed, Dr. Manhattan".


v. Oh, right, I made a new header! I'm currently working out a color scheme for the rest of the journal, since it needs something brighter. SHUT UP BUFFY/JOHN WINCHESTER IS NOT MY NEW OTP. That's just...a celebration of three-named actors. I'm going to add Callum Keith Rennie in there for extra effect.

Oh, who am I kidding, it's so my new OTP. :( I guess it could be worse, it could be, idk, Spuffy or anything with characters from Twilight.

vi. While I was getting dressed today, I happened to look over at myself in the full-length mirror and wow, I actually have really nice legs. People have told me this, but I tend to ignore it. Seen as a whole, though, instead of just focusing on the insides of my thighs, which I hate, they're really pretty nice. HOORAY FOR NOT FEELING UGLY.
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GUYS [ profile] ishie WROTE ME BUFFY/JOHN WINCHESTER FOR THE ONE NIGHT STAND FICATHON AND JESUS ACTUAL FUCKING CHRIST, YOU GUYS. Oh my lordy-loo, I am trying not to capslock too much about it but honestly IDK if I can do that. Like, it took me ages after reading it to come up with anything beyond ":D :D :D :D ;_____;". That last bit is mostly because, well, it's a one night stand themed ficathon, and beyond that, even if you didn't know the fate John ultimately meets, or you pretended that maybe Buffy could have a relationship that wasn't miserable for once, their lives are never going to bring a fairy-tale ending (or at least not the disneyfied fairy tales). The characters' voices are pitch-perfect; they banter; they both fail so hard at being normal (or in some ways, even decent) people in so many ways but they keep trying, even if it just takes them further and further away from normality; she says he's too Inigo Montoya and the last thing he says to her is "as you wish" and oh, you guys. It's so perfect -- the (sexy!) sex and the trying to out-alpha-dog each other and the sadness and both of them wanting so much for the other to be happy and fully aware that neither of them ever really will be, or not in the way that they measure normal happiness.

When she leans over him to check his other eye, her breasts brush against his upper arm and he can see down her shirt almost all the way to her stomach. He feels like a dirty old man but he can't help looking - it's been too long since he's been this close to a woman who's not actually undead or ectoplasmic. Her breath stirs the hair over the spot where she clocked him and he's too woozy to stop the shiver that races through him.

"Doesn't look like a concussion. Too bad: you'll live." She sits back and gives him the evil eye when he drags his gaze back up to her face. "So, assuming you haven't spent the day manhandling damsels who aren't actually in distress: what do you think of Cleveland so far?"

"What, did you give up the lucrative field of slaying to work for the tourism board?"

"Do you think they're hiring? I've always wanted to lure innocent people into harm's way for a living."

"Goes with the territory, sweetheart. If you want to save the world, you've got to offer up your fair share of sacrifices."

He smirks at her for a minute before he realizes that he'd have been better off punching himself in the face. Her eyes have gone cold and flat, and she pushes herself off the bed.
The point being, the fic, "i lost two cities, lovely ones" is here and you all should go read it and tell Ishie how FUCKING AMAZING it is right now.

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