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Gosh, it's good to know I can no longer call myself a feminist because I didn't think Sucker Punch was garbage. Where would I be without the Internet to set me straight with condescension and insults to my intelligence? I have to turn in my card now, apparently, can someone let me know who I should see about that?

Ugh. Like, it's not going to be for everyone and it's far from perfect and I am the first person to agree that Zack Snyder has not done anything to earn the benefit of the doubt re: women in movies, but seriously, fuck off. Especially when many of the condescending comments about how no intelligent woman could possibly defend this movie are coming from people who haven't actually seen it, only the trailers -- and, in some cases, only caps from the trailers, or other people's posts about the movie and not even trailers/caps from the trailers!
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My Gmail account appears to have been hacked. Ignore any emails you get from me if they look like spam, because they probably are. >:(

A letter

May. 3rd, 2010 03:51 pm
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But…imagine opening your daily mail and finding a letter detailing an explicit sexual encounter between, say, your twenty-one-year-old daughter and your forty-eight-year-old male neighbor---written by the neighbor. At the bottom it says, “Fiction! Just my imagination. All cool, right?” This would perhaps prevent your calling the police, but I repeat…ick.

Diana Gabaldon (source)

Dear Diana Gabaldon,

I'm pretty active in various fanfiction communities. I've also been sexually abused (long before I was twenty-one, actually, and I wish it had been as non-violent as creepy letters from an older neighbor that stayed entirely in the realm of fantasy). If you're uncomfortable with people writing fanfiction about your characters, that's fair enough -- and, in my experience, the fannish community will generally respect the wishes of authors who aren't comfortable with it, without the need for condescension and hissy fits.

But I will thank you not to belittle my traumatic experience of sexual abuse by comparing it to other people playing with your toys when you'd rather they didn't. I am hurt, and appalled, and enraged, and a lot of other things, none of them good, and I look forward to telling the other perverted criminals I hang out with about how you thought the two were comparable.

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Hello, Internet! Apparently it is a day for anger, and even more excitingly, this is for no reason that I can discern! It's not work; work is fine! In fact, my anger was compounded by the fact that I was angry, because it had been a pretty pleasant day so far and then it was ruined by the sudden blinding rage. It was just something on LJ, and not even one of the entries that I should be angry about, like the latest round of "fandom spends two weeks pretending it gives a shit about any character who isn't one cis white dude banging another; things expected return to normal shortly"! It was just someone's entry about her life. And yet it made me super-angry. Admittedly, the tone she affects for LJ has a way of rubbing me wrong, but man, this was all out of proportion. LOL ISSUES, JULES.

Then I read some of the stuff from the latest round of "fandom spends two weeks pretending it gives a shit about any character who isn't one cis white dude banging another" and now I'm angry about that instead. Mostly the comments to this post; possibly next week I will try and do a post about why it is bullshit when people say "but female characters just aren't as interesting!", but possibly I will just say fuck it; my one comment so far illustrates what I am trying to say pretty well, I think, so I'll just link to that for now. Or maybe one day I will make that meta vid I have in mind, the one I can only work on for a couple of hours before I have to walk away for a week or three because it makes me too sad and angry (hint: it is set to Cobra Starship's "Nice Guys Finish Last").

Whatever, it is a nice day, my job is swell, and after work I am going to have ice cream, and then see The Runaways with the DC Fangirl Cabal.


Apr. 4th, 2010 09:46 am
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Shiiiiiit I think my email may have been hacked. Couldn't log in initially this morning, and apparently my account has been sending out some kind of spam. ARGH. Until I figure out what's happening/get a new account, don't open anything from
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i. Got pulled over on my way home last night; my registration's expired. >:( The ticket itself is only for $25, but there's another $62 in processing fees. The cop was super-nice and said something suggesting that if I renewed it before then and just brought the paperwork with me on the court date, it might get thrown out, but it may not even be worth it. I need to find out if I get a point on my license, is what I need to do, since that's my main concern; the money is a pain but that's what I've been saving for. Since it's not a moving violation, what I've been able to turn up in researching suggests that there won't be points, and tbh if I get one of these jobs I might just say screw it and pay it online, because really, my registration was expired, I can't argue with that.

The cop was adorable, though; I couldn't really get too irritated about it. It was like getting a ticket from Winnie the Pooh. He was like three years old, and was vaguely apologetic about it (and probably relieved that I wasn't crying, swearing at him, or embarrassing us both by trying to flirt my way out of it); when he ran my license he came back with it all "your record is excellent! :D? :D?" I was this close to just being like "bb, it's okay, you have a legit reason to pull me over, just give me the ticket and I'll go home and go to sleep".

ii. I've got an interview for next week! It's for one of the jobs I'd mentioned earlier this week, the one I had the big phone interview for.

iii. Sunday I'm off to NYC for a few days for Passover! \o/ My mother is apparently planning to put something together with my father, seder-wise. &Mom;

iv. As mentioned, I've been rereading the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and UGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH DUDES, SERIOUSLY. Probably it is not all that surprising that I love Felicity Motherfucking Worthington as much as I do, on account of her being a queer girly-girl who wants to be a warrior and is super-fierce and angry and complex over the abuse in her past. Also this time around I am totally picturing Leighton Meester as Pippa and Blake Lively as Felicity.

v. I'm thinking about starting up a monthly challenge thing sort of modeled after [ profile] femslash_minis, except probably it would be over on AO3 and it would not be fandom- or style-specific every month? It would be sort of "whatever the hell I feel like this month", like one month it might be Gemma Doyle Trilogy fic, and the next month it might be all ATLA, and the next month it might be one of the challenges me and [ profile] inlovewithnight keep talking about, maybe the Tech Support AU. IDK. It would work better if I was a BNF, but whatever, my flist is varied enough that whatever I do, there will probably be at least a couple of people interested, and they will know who to pimp it to. Maybe one month will be Dean/Henricksen, because I have had several conversations with people who wish there was more of that pairing. &Henricksen;

vi. Speaking of SPN, I came downstairs this morning and "In The Beginning" was on TNT. GUYS YOU KNOW WHO I LOVE? HINT: IT IS MARY WINCHESTER. Even if she is way too orange in the daylight scenes and needs to lay off the tanning. Jensen has the same problem often, really.


Feb. 24th, 2010 08:58 am
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Man I was all happy because it's been in the 40s and the snow is melting and I'm starting to wake up to birds singing and it's getting light earlier, but apparently we're supposed to get more fucking snow tomorrow, so between the two, I am kind of cranky right now.
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This is all pretty old news to the HAES folks on my flist, I think, but I've seen a couple of posts/comments pop up that have really infuriated me, and I just need to let off some steam.

Here is the thing. Saying things like "oh, I just want to give that poor girl a sandwich" of ultra-skinny models is really fucking offensive to me on a lot of levels. Here are the big ones:
  1. Some people are naturally skinny. Do I think all, or even most, models just happen to look like that, and that they all look completely healthy and natural? No (and in fact, I think that generally you can tell when someone is just naturally skinny and when they've crossed into "getting that skinny in ways that are damaging to their health"). But...
  2. ...that kind of phrasing is really fucking offensive because it is incredibly condescending. A lot of the women you're cooing over like they're particularly unintelligent two-year-olds are legal adults who are competent to make their own decisions. Yes, there's a lot of exploitation going on in the fashion industry (and I'm not touching on child exploitation for the moment, because that's not really what I want to focus on), but by infantilizing these women further, guess what, you're just doing the same damn thing. How about you respect them as adults and if you want to complain about something, you discuss the system that's exploiting them instead of treating them like wayward children who need Real Women to save them?
Like, okay, I'll admit that I take this kind of personally: I am slender. Cut for a bit of weight/size talk and references to my ED experiences, which might be triggery for some. ) That's just how my body is shaped. Hence why the "real women have curves" meme is really fucking offensive to me, as well, I admit, because guess what, all it does is the same damn thing: it assigns a specific standard of beauty that everyone has to conform to in order to be X (where X can be "beautiful", "a real woman", or just about anything). The implication being that because I'm not particularly curvy, I'm not a "real woman", and, you know, fuck you. I really love that the folks over at Shapely Prose will bring the hammer down on people for skinny-bashing as quickly as they will for fat-bashing.*

And, okay, maybe this comes off as "wah wah poor ~oppressed~ skinny girl, ml;sh" but it's not so much about size in particular, because I see this come up in a lot of discussion of photoshoots and movies on things like costumes and a lot of things besides the weight of the models/actresses in question. What this is really about, I guess, is the fact that nothing gets my hackles up faster than condescension. Like, guess what, that model in that awful exploitative costume is a grown-ass woman who is competent to make her own decisions!

Edit: Better example as a response to [ profile] rhipowered here:
Another example would be the cooing of "oh, I just want to wrap her up in a towel" as a response to women in bikinis/greased-up and mostly-naked in men's magazines. Guess what, that lady's arms are not broken, she is perfectly capable of getting herself a towel. If you want to talk about exploitation and the male gaze, we can do that, but how about we do that without further robbing these women of agency?
(It can also start to get a victim-blaming feel to it, sometimes, but that is another issue and one that probably needs another post because I keep editing this as I think of more already. /o\)

IDK. It just feels like another form of that particularly nasty, condescending manner that certain stripes of feminism can get. Which is not news to a lot of my flist, who have dealt with being women of color and/or women of anything less than upper-middle-class in the feminist movement, and/or who have examined the failings of the feminist movement wrt race and class, but, again, I needed to rant. :\

* "But there are a whole lot of fat (or even just not skinny) women out there who don’t yet have the self-esteem to say, “lots of different body types, including mine, are just fine” — many feel the need to put down skinny people the way they’ve been put down for being fat their whole lives. And I fucking hate that, even if I understand it and empathize with it, so I kinda just didn’t want to open the door to that whole conversation on my blog." (source)

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