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i. So I've had ambivalent feelings about [ profile] queer_fest for several rounds now, but man, can they ever fuck right off with their prescriptive bullshit. Bonus points for the glorious indulgence in that favorite game of the Internet Activist, "you haven't suffered as much as/in the same ways that I have and therefore I get to be condescending about how some of us weren't as ~lucky~ as you were and you're not really $IDENTITY after all."

ii. On the bright side, and actually related b/c holy shit, it's a genuinely great representation of a queer character who is allowed to be a character first and have his sexuality be an issue only insofar as it is for the other characters on the show, i.e. in being a source of hilarious hijinks, I have kind of fallen in love with Happy Endings. Why is the first (short) season $25, dislike. I need to catch up on Once Upon A Time and I've started watching Smash, and those are fun, the latter not least because it's a musical that isn't Glee, which is great on so many counts because even my love of Santana isn't enough to outweigh the many problems I have with that show, but Happy Endings is kind of the winner at the moment. Someone talk to me about these.

iii. Also Bruce's new album is fucking great and I will fight anyone who says something bad about it. I hung out with [personal profile] baked_goldfish yesterday and explained that I really, really like that he's gone with a very different, more folkish, bluesy sound, because if anything I feel like that's a far better tribute to the central members of the band who've died in the past few years than anything else might be. Danny and Clarence are definitely noticeable by their absence (that bridge in "We Take Care Of Our Own", for instance; the absence wails almost as loudly and mournfully as Clarence's sax ever did). It's like wearing your scars, though: the skin heals, and it's never going to be quite the same, and the scar tells a story that's every bit as rich as smooth skin (which, to bring it full circle to #1, their not not having scars doesn't make a person's story any less rich or worth knowing than that of the person who does).

iv. I am trying to motivate myself to go to the gym. It's not going so good.

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