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i. My Kindle screen has been freezing more and more frequently the past few weeks, and now, when I have a bunch of Yuletide fic to roll around in, it seems to have stopped working altogether. NATURALLY. >:(

ii. The mix my sister made me (we've done homemade/used presents the past couple of years) goes, at one point, from Ke$ha to Panic! At The Disco to David Bowie to Miranda Lambert. A++++++++++

iii. I collected enough cash from relatives that between it and my paycheck for this week I am not only able to pay off the rest of the dental work, but in fact coming out a little ahead! The sense of relief and general contentment with the world that this brings is the best possible present, Internet, I can't even. Close second: see below.

iv. My Yuletide story is still fucking amazing and has turned my "this could be really neat" feelings about Anna/Mary to ones verging on OTP levels. Maybe I will try and write the story that's been in my head for a few weeks, about Mary listening in the next room when Anna gets her ~wedding night~, before the year ends. In case you missed it in the initial flurry of Yuletide squee: somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond and I am still not convinced that one of you didn't write it, and even have a shortlist of suspects, because it is so freaking perfect. EVERYTHING IS LOST GENERATION AND NOTHING HURTS. I am currently working through some other fic, because there seems to be a goodly amount of excellent Downton stuff produced, but basically I think this story may have spoiled me. I'm sure you all got very nice stories, too, but they are not going to compare to Mary running off to New York in the 1920s and falling in love with Anna.

v. My recipient appears to have really liked the story I wrote, and I got another piece of feedback for it that basically is the best kind of feedback I can ever get, complimenting me on the things I actually do pride myself on in my generally adequate-but-not-particularly-special writing. (This is not fishing for compliments! I am down with being fun if not brilliant, and as I said, there are a couple of things I really do take pride in, which is why it's always so awesome when comments touch on them.) So I am considering it a general win, from the writing side of things, not least because my Yuletide story took my word count for the year to levels I really did not have any hope of reaching. Plus my hits-to-kudos-and-comments ratio is actually surprisingly high even for Yuletide, so while both those numbers are all fairly low because it's a pretty niche story even for Yuletide, the people who are reading it seem to be enjoying it a fair bit. \o/

vi. Have watched neither Who nor Downton specials yet, though I think On Demand has Who, at least, so I'll get on that later today.

vii. You know, most of the time I am fairly traditionally feminine, and I tend to get pretty annoyed at a lot of the gender essentialism that can show up in the butch/femme identity politics discussions, and then there are the days when I am patiently explaining power tools to my father and I'm like "God, I'm gay".

viii. Okay now 4real, I am going to get the hardcore cleaning of my room I was planning on done. 4real.

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