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Walking from the Metro station to the office this morning, like three different cars splashed me. The truck, fine, but the cars, I swear to God I saw the jackass drivers laughing. My headphones are ruined.

Long story short, I am cranky, so have a meme!
Give me two fandoms and I'll tell you which characters from either one I would ship together.
Maybe there will even be ficlets. No promises, though.

On the bright side, there is a ~science of cocktails~ thing at the Spy Museum tonight, which is going to be amazing. It always tickles me when I see (well, think of, really; I've only been once or twice) the sign about how you can get a discount if you're a "former or current member of the intelligence community". THAT IS NOT HOW COVER WORKS, SPY MUSEUM. Although generally as long as you're not with NCS you can discreetly tell a few people. NCS officers would be screwed. Although I guess if you're NCS it'd be a busman's holiday anyway, so it all works out!

Also Boss E. got all maternal and concerned when she saw how soaked I was and wanted to make sure I didn't catch cold. She offered to go out and buy me a sweater, even. &her;
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I'm working on preliminary plans for Crossover Bingo! It will probably be run over at [community profile] crossovers, since [personal profile] kate, the main mod, has said she doesn't mind the mod clutter it will generate, especially as it will generate more traffic for the comm.

Putting this together is tricky for me because I do not approach *_bingo challenges as trufax competitions at all; mostly I just look at them as a way to get a bunch of prompts at one go, so this is the first time I've actually looked really hard at the rewards side of things. I may not bother with the "if you don't post at least one story by [DATE] you won't be able to participate in the next round" thing, simply because I don't have the time/energy to try and monitor who's done what and who hasn't.

I'm thinking I'll allow people to choose one fandom as their "base" -- the thing that everything is crossed over with. Or they can choose a character if they want? Maybe a single character will be worth more points or something, that might be a good way to approach it. Possibly no base at all will be an option, but IDK.

Some items on the card will be specific fandoms/characters/concepts, probably, based specifically on each person's signup, for instance, "vehicle (the TARDIS)" or "superpowers (Slayer)". But I'm trying to come up with some more general prompts, as well, because that's a lot less work for me (and possibly other mods; I think I may need at least one other, but I'll put out a call for help after I've got a clearer picture in my head of what's going to happen). Here is the list I've come up with so far. )

For the moment, any other suggestions for generic elements I could include on there? I was going to include "pirates", but that's really a subset of "criminals", although I might compromise by making "criminals: pirates" an option. I JUST WANT PIRATES TO BE ON THERE, OKAY?
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i. The Death Of Beer? In spite of myself, I read a few of the comments, and I did like one that said this is a bit of a grim title; it's more like "The Rebirth Of American Beer".

ii. Just so we're all clear, if anyone tries to discuss Israel with me I will probably punch them (there are a few exceptions to this, but I expect they're all as frustrated with the topic as I am)! There were basically all of a dozen people I trusted not to fail all over the place with all absolutes all the time re: Israel period (protip: if international affairs were really that straightforward, every problem in the world could be solved in about ten minutes), and then this week happened and now it's even worse. I've read some fascinating articles (and if anyone wants links, I'll happily provide them) and oh my goodness I have so many feelings on the issue, I just have little to no desire to talk about said feelings or said issue with most people on the Internet because believe it or not, there are some things I don't capslock about and it's super-frustrating for me to see 100% polarized discussion that is all in absolutes, as most of my flist is.

(If you want to defriend me for this, or for whatever you infer my opinion on the matter to be, go ahead; it's always Defriending Amnesty Day around these parts.)

iii. There was a surprisingly positive reaction to the idea of a bi-/pansexual fic fest! I love the idea, and the main thing keeping me from doing it right the fuck now (apart from my life being super-busy until after next week, when I move, so that I can't even deal with [community profile] avatar_minis at the moment) is that I have no idea how it would work. Logistically, I would probably work it something like LGBTfest, but people will (reasonably) say "well, if it's an M/M pairing, what makes that bi-fic instead of slash?" and I really have no response beyond "...IDK, my BFF Captain Jack Harkness?" And on the one hand, figuring out what constitutes bi-fic or pan-fic will be a lot of fun, but on the other hand there should at least be some rough guidelines if we're going to have a whole 'fest.

iv. Dinner at Busboys and Poets, and then maybe The Like and other shenanigans (depending on how tired I am) with fangirls tonight! HOORAY.

v. OMFG work has been so insane today. There is one more thing I am supposed to do but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. D: Here, have Joe and Jill Biden with some Muppets.
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+ One day, I will finish the meta-vid I keep starting (and then getting too depressed to continue work on for more than an hour or so), to "Nice Guys Finish Last" ("I treat her bad/she loves me good" indeed). In the meantime, this post is good and [ profile] rawles should feel good, because it says all the same things and reading it takes less time than watching a vid.
Because obviously the feminist way to deal with a misogynistic narrative is not to balance out relationships or illuminate and explore the female characters, but to ignore them! Riiiight.

The erasure of female characters from a narrative is never feminist. Period. The end.

- LJ seems to be working only sporadically for me these days! I have to hit reload on things there several times before they'll actually show up. I don't have any particularly fierce loyalty to any one journaling service, but it's not logically possible to have any loyalty to a service that's not actually being provided, LJ.

+ I've been introducing several people in my life to Community, including friends and parents. Mom's favorite characters are Abed and Shirley. To paraphrase something one of my flisters -- I'm pretty sure it was [ profile] baked_goldfish, but not 100% -- said of 30 Rock, it's come the closest of anything to filling the Arrested Development-shaped void in my heart.

? I need to make a doctor's appointment in the next few months, I think; my attention span issues have become a lot more noticeable lately, and apparently some of my other behaviors, combined with my general issues, are indicative of something in the ADD/ADHD family. There's also some general health stuff I'd like to address -- nothing life-threatening, just a throat/respiratory thing that's happened to me all my life but finally someone recently told me that no, everyone doesn't react to exercise with intense pain and tightness in the chest and throat, plus horrific-sounding wheezing, and I might want to talk to a doctor about that.

+ Under two weeks until I move! :DDDD

- AHHHHHH UNDER TWO WEEKS UNTIL I MOVE. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO. Fortunately, since my brother and sister vacated their apartment down in Richmond (brother's staying down there, but moving in with friends; sister's planning to live at home for the time being, until she either starts grad school or finds a job), a lot of the furniture I'd be needing (table, TV, couch) is now just sitting in the garage. My clothing-purge of January, however, was clearly not effective enough, because there's still tons of stuff sitting there that I haven't touched since I decided to keep it then. So that will have to happen again, and probably I'll need to do a book-purge as well.

+ But I am going to worry about that tomorrow, because for today, there is the first Cabal Cookout of the season to prepare for! \o/ I should probably get to work on that, actually. Hmm.
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i. Good afternoon, Internet! Here is "Don't Stop Believin'" being performed by Bruce Springsteen, Lady GaGa, Sir Elton John, Sting, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Blondie. To quote [ profile] baked_goldfish, who emailed it to me, "THAT'S IT, THE INTERNET IS OVER, JUST SHUT IT DOWN, PACK IT UP AND GO HOME." Maybe I'll keep hoping for a studio version, or at least a professionally-mastered copy of this, rather than a tinny bootleg, but if they ever release that I don't know what I'll do with myself. Or just a version that's only Gaga and Bruce and maybe Blondie and/or Dame shirley, because I am actually not a big fan of giant, many-person collaborations in general. Nonetheless, the mere fact that this exists is forcing me to reevaluate my entire cosmology.

ii. I am doing an overnight trip to NC tomorrow, driving down after Torah study (which I am leading, ahhhhh that will be scary because everyone is a million times more well-read than I am, but I think I've done enough research/reading to have a few things to get discussion started, and then I can just let them go and play referee when people start interrupting each other)! That will be fun; I will finally see Iron Man 2 and if there's time I will drag Dommi to The Losers. Then next weekend is my sister's graduation Saturday morning and a friend's wedding Saturday afternoon, then the weekend after THAT...I actually don't think I have anything going on, and it's a three-day weekend, so that's really nice! How is it halfway through May already, lordy-loo.

iii. I got this necklace yesterday! That is to say, I bought it a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. I have ~feelings~ that I will save for the conversion filter, but in more mundane news, I went out and bought a new chain for it from Target because the one it came with was just too heavy-looking. So if anyone wants a sterling silver snake chain, give a holler.

iv. WORK STUFF: I am perceived as a competent adult? What? )

v. OTHER WORK STUFF: chatter about the general office environment )
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I need to get better about planning my days out. I got punched hard by a story idea -- something I've been tossing around for awhile, a post-apocalyptic gang thing, but that has started coming a whole lot clearer lately -- and there are a dozen different fics I want to write (this is getting terrible between [ profile] het_idcrack and [ profile] ladykink) and then suddenly the day is gone and I've gotten little to no writing done.

Okay, right now I have to do my readings and journal entry for Intro to Judaism. Tonight, Cabal. Tomorrow, I can get started writing some of this stuff before class. Yes.

Also I had lunch and ATLA-viewing-time with [ profile] cruisedirector. Who is always fun to watch things with because we are generally on the same page wrt terrible dirty jokes (mostly about Zhao), awesome ladies, and Zuko's ~FEELINGS~. And yesterday [ profile] smallcaps gave me a bunch of balloons for my LJ profile. YAY FRIENDS. This is making up for the fact that there are a few people I would really like to slap right now, and also the job search is starting to get frustrating again.
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[Poll #1358222]ii. Watchmen meetup: at the moment, I'm thinking Saturday at the Hoffman, either the 3:15 with lunch beforehand or dinner afterwards or the 7:00 with dinner before. Preferences?

iii. Dad: FYI, [JULES'S MOM], Jules's car is blocking you in, just so you know before you leave for work.
Mom: Why are you bringing me problems and not solutions?
Dad: I'm not, I'm just saying.
Mom: You are! Well, I got problems of my own! We're all dying and one day the sun will go black!
[Me and Doug go from snickering at them to laughing hysterically.]
Mom: wonder you guys are so messed up.

iv. On the phone with [ profile] sink_or_swim, discussing my going to see Watchmen.
D: I honestly think you'll probably be okay. That scene is nothing like what happened to you.
Me: No, and I've got plenty of warning. I know it's there, I know how it goes, I know it's intense. Last time I had a triggery incident, I wasn't expecting it, so it was like "LOL HI SURPRISE RAPE".
D: Plus it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Me: Yeah, IDK who looked at him and thought "y halo thar Comedian" because he's pretty much the least threatening dude ever.

vi. It's a snow day, and I'm having cake for breakfast. OH YEAH. Actually, I'm not affected by the snow; I was scheduled to have today off anyway. But I went out and took some pretty pictures and now I have cake while my hands thaw. :D

vii. This weekend, as they seem to do at least once a month, TNT ran LotR, and oh, man. Oh Theoden, why so totally badass? Oh Gandalf, why so fabulous? And oh, Boromir, you are now and forever my Middle-earth boyfriend. &hearthands;

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