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[ profile] rarepairfest is so very much up my alley it's ridiculous. I spent so long agonizing over my nominations, guys, it was absurd. It's Yuletide for people like me, who enjoy big fandoms but invariably end up not giving a fuck about the juggernaut pairings and are into very small weird little ships. ALL OF THE ARAGORN/BOROMIR/ARWEN AND THOR/TONY AND SANSA/DANY, ALL OF IT. \o/

[personal profile] such_heights is hosting an Avengers kiss prompt 'fest and [personal profile] spicedrum knows me too well and left a Thor/Pepper (with or without Tony) prompt, and I am literally going out the door in five minutes and it is tragic. I mean, not that it would break my heart if someone besides me were to write Thor/Pepper(/Tony), because all of that, too.

(Re: going out the door in five minutes, fingers crossed? It's a job interview, and a pretty rad position at a super-interesting place. They've asked for my references, which seems like a promising sign, and ugh, I could use this a lot. Fingers crossed and/or Thor/Pepper(/Tony), please.)

Ugh, I'm having so much trouble with DW lately. I suspect it's related to the modem/router issues I've been having in general and I just need to grit my teeth and call Comcast, but haaaaaaaaaate. :(
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yet hope remains; a LotR comment!ficathon

all I'm saying is, y'all have been telling me I need to write you Buffy/Boromir for a million years (tbh I am surprised I haven't done it yet myself, because really now), so if they allow crossovers as well as AUs, you may finally get it. ALSO EVERYONE NEEDS TO WRITE ME ARAGORN/BOROMIR/ARWEN. Oh lordy-loo how has it been ten fucking years, that's not fucking okay. Ugh okay I have to go to work now, but once I get back, I'm totally going to flood this mofo with ridiculous A/B/A prompts, and possibly a couple of requests for gen about Morwen Steelsheen. Also also this cold needs to go the fuck away, I'm so over it.
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Since it fell by the wayside during my busy-ness of the last couple months, I'm doing a second attempt at Round Two over at [community profile] avatar_minis! Katara's the focus, because she is great. Signups are here, and I'm waiting for a mod okay to mention it at [community profile] white_lotus, but everyone else, please feel free to push it at your journals in the meantime. Hopefully Round Three will not be so long in coming after this one.

Also, let's talk about romance novels, Internet! I really love the idea of them, but as with any new genre, I have no idea where to start. Fortunately, I have you guys! So, does anyone have recs for things that won't be horribly offensive?*

I really like historicals, especially when they're combined with genre elements -- Patricia Rice's Much Ado About Magic, for instance, was super-delightful, being basically Sorcery and Cecelia with more sex. As I recall, anyway; I read it a few years ago and it's possible I'd be unimpressed now.

Bonus points for heroines who have previous sexual experience and aren't shamed for it (by the text, anyway; if people around them are ~shocked~, whatever)/ashamed of it.

* Note: if you find the mere idea of romance novels horribly offensive, fair enough, but please do not comment just to tell me that, because it's really not helpful.
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i. There was fic, but I completely misremembered details of the SPN episode it was set during, which is what comes of writing ficlets in your spare moments on a busy day at work. I also managed to leave my keys in the office when we went out to the Convention Center to set up some things (ALA convention is this weekend, and as part of the Marketing team I have to help put the booth together). It is not a good brain day, clearly.

ii. For those who are overwhelmed by the one at LJ, [personal profile] parentheses set up a DW home for the Big Damn Heroes Awesome Ladies commentfic party -- all ladies, all the time, yay!

iii. I am also working more on the original thing. I got 1000 words done on Tuesday, 1500 yesterday, and I think I'm going to try for 2000 today. I've got the first chapter finished, and I think I know roughly how the next one is going to go. Which is unusual for me, because normally in writing original stuff I have no idea where chapter breaks might be and don't really write in any kind of linear fashion. Possibly I'll put a poll up for people who want onto the filter. IDK, I write better when I have the illusion that someone is holding me accountable.

iv. Cleaning out my inbox yesterday, I found a comment from the Gabe-as-Catholic-priest post where someone was like "the only reason anyone cares is because some BNF made this post about it" and I was like "huh, I wonder who might have...wait, they mean me, don't they?" because lol what. I'm waiting for my free laptop, fandom, get on that.
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Character poll for the next round is up at [community profile] avatar_minis! TELL YOUR FRIENDS. We have a great comm and the only thing I'd've changed about Round One is that it was so small; all the fic that got produced was lovely (I got Suki/Sokka/Ty Lee!) and everyone involved was great. I know I've got a lot of fans of the show in my various lists/circles, so even if you don't want to play yourselves, I'd appreciate a mention, or even suggestions as to where I could advertise. I did a post at one of the DW comms aimed at promoting communities, but I have no idea where else I might take it; the fandom seems to be very decentralized.

Boss got us lunch today! Om nom nom stir-fried string beans and chicken satay.
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i. There is a commentfanwork meme going on over at [community profile] ladyslash! You should all go play, because it has the potential to be pretty freaking amazing.

ii. This month is insanely busy and it keeps getting busier. Nobody ask me to do, like, anything for the rest of it especially if it involves something happening on a weekend (next weekend, for instance, I'm going down to North Carolina, and the weekend after I spend the morning of the 22nd in Richmond for my sister's graduation, then come back up to NoVA for a friend's wedding in the evening, ahhhh so much driving). Possibly I will shortly put up a poll to figure out who's going to be the focus of the next [community profile] avatar_minis round, and I have to finish my [ profile] femslash_minis thing, and apart from that, there's basically no way I will be able to fit anything else into this month. Especially not on the weekends. So if I seem more scatter-brained than usual, this is why. I'm not really all that stressed about it, so no worries on that score; it'll get done and a lot of it's stuff I'm looking forward to, I'm just busy, and everyone deserves fair warning. If I drop a ball here and there, my apologies.

iii. People who call/text as a means of getting in touch with me -- IDEK what my deal is lately, but the past week or so I have been really awful about remembering to bring my phone with me when I leave the house in the morning or get out of my car in the evening, and taking it out of my purse so it can charge, and basically I have been failing at mobile communications this week, is what you need to know. So if you've been texting/calling, my apologies; they weren't unanswered because I hate you, just because I'm ridiculously forgetful re: the phone recently.

iv. Apparently in the few weeks I have been working here I have already gained a company-wide reputation for being the person you come to with problems, because I can make them go away and remain completely calm while doing so! Given that I've been here for all of three and a half weeks and much of the company is located in China and England, I think my being a bit weirded out by this is pretty understandable. Plus I don't really know what to do with the fact that I am perceived as competent; mostly I just sit at my desk, make terrible jokes and curse a lot, lol at my bosses' ~feelings~ and ~concepts~ (they are so many millions of miles away, mentally, guys, and they have so many ~feelings~ about things, it's precious) and use the money they pay me for doing this to have beer with lunch and fund my horrible fashion choices. Sometimes I answer phone calls, do some web design, or write press releases. Or make spreadsheets! FUCK I LOVE MAKING SPREADSHEETS.

It seems I am also gaining a reputation for my amazing clothes, though. RED KNEE-HIGH HIGH-HEELED BOOTS AND A CHARTREUSE FAUX-SNAKESKIN PURSE, WHAT.

v. I think I've settled on an apartment; I'm going up to view it this weekend but IDK, it's in a building that I've been looking at for a month or so now and I keep coming back to it. I just have a gut feeling about it. The size is decent, the location is fantastic (right across the street from a Metro stop), cats are allowed, and there's in-unit laundry. Unless it's absolutely horrifying when I actually go to view it on Saturday (doesn't look like it from the pictures, but you never know), I'll probably go with it. I may need a roommate for a few months come August? I don't know, we'll see how things shake out. Commute yammering. )


Apr. 28th, 2010 09:01 pm
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Since I couldn't find the link to it this morning when I was posting, [personal profile] viklikesfic is holding an RPF commentfic meme! Everyone should go request/write stuff. Especially E Street Band stuff.

You like me for my subtlety, Internet, admit it.

Unrelatedly -- washing dinner down with tequila: great idea, or greatest idea? Well, maybe not unrelatedly; tequila always makes me want to write porn.
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[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis

Maybe the free-for-all was not the way to start? Mostly I was too lazy to try and set up a poll, but I also thought it could be a good way to open things up. IDK. Whatever, if nothing else I'll try again next month and run a poll. Or start with someone really minor, like Haru or something.

I should sign up myself; maybe that's what's holding people back. I'm not sure what I want to request, though! Maybe I should do an exemplary sign-up, though, just to get it started. UGH MODDING IS HARD.

It is already super-hot today. Apparently it is a day for lounging around the house in my underwear! Feelings about this: pretty good. Look, I have to put on a suit for my follow-up interview later; I already took a shower and if I put a suit on now I'm just going to get all sweaty and gross. W/E W/E I DO WHAT I WANT. As [ profile] inlovewithnight can attest; apparently she was horrified by various mental images I provided her with last night. You'd think she'd've learned better than to think I won't go there.
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As promised threatened promised: [community profile] avatar_minis. I may move it over to AO3 eventually -- I'll definitely start collections for the various rounds -- but I'm starting with it on DW. If anyone needs a DW invite, let me know; I've got several sitting around unused. First round (sign-ups run through the 12th, assignments will go out on or before the 16th and stories will be due on the 26th, with a 500-word minimum) is going to be a free-for-all rather than character-specific, which could end disastrously but could be a lot of fun. Please do push it far and wide!
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I have a whole tl;dr on how I like what [ profile] het_idcrack is doing but there are also some things that I wish it was doing. But I really don't feel like tl;dr-ing today.

So, because I had an idea and Night encouraged me: [ profile] ladykink. Which, as the name suggests, is a kinkmeme for fic about ladies. So we'll see what happens with that.
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Pushing: [ profile] het_idcrack. I am so freaking excited about this, I can't even. It seems to be largely skewed towards STXI at the moment, for those on my lists who are interested in that, and for those who aren't, go leave some prompts for things you are interested in! I would kind of love to write more Serena/Tony Stark/Blair, I'm just saying. Or Buffy/John. Or some Avatar stuff.

Speaking of GG, I watched "Carrnal Knowledge" today and man, I kind of want a Victorian/steampunk AU where Chuck is a detective and Nate/Vanessa are his faily assistants who just wander around after him :D?-ing at everything. And sometimes they have ridiculous threesomes.

I think I should have another beer. 3:48 in the afternoon what?
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i. [ profile] escritoireazul and I were talking about how great Buffy crossovers are, and how we kind of want to do a ficathon, but each of us has probably written enough stories to qualify as an entire ficathon on her own. And then we had the brilliant idea of a Collection over on AO3, so: presenting Little Black Dress: the Jossverse Crossover Collection. We are actually planning on a big prompt collection/claiming shindig later, to really kick-start it, but we figured that would probably get lost in the Holiday Exchange shuffle, so we are containing our impatience for now. If your stories are already up at AO3, you can just edit them and fill in, say, "lbd_btvsangel" in the "Post to Collections/Challenges" field that will now show up! If not, you can add it to those groups when you do upload them. There are subcollections for BtVS/Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and Dr. Horrible, so if you've written crossovers involving them, we want 'em!

Also hopefully by the time we do the Big Thing or whatever it ends up being for it, AO3 will have tweaked that thing where collections only display things posted in the last month; apparently they're planning to change that, but all their energy is going towards Yuletide at the moment, so things nonessential to that are currently taking a back burner. Which is fair enough!

ii. She ([ profile] escritoireazul) also asked me, in the course of the discussion that led to this brilliant idea, why in heaven's name I hadn't written Buffy/Boromir, and then encouraged me to consider that a challenge and try my hand at it. /o\ I am so easy to talk into ridiculous Buffy crossovers, especially when they involve Buffy/anyone not in the Buffyverse. One day me and [ profile] cruisedirector are going to write the ridiculous BtVS/Merlin crossover, too, just you wait and see.

(Cue [ profile] burntcopper taking this as her chance to start poking me for the Buffy/Mal/Sharpe she says I owe her, as she blamed me for the bad weather in London last time I was there.)

iii. The link is courtesy of [personal profile] zvi, since I would've totally missed it if she hadn't mentioned it: this year, everyone with an AO3 account will be able to participate in Yuletide Madness (the period when all unfilled requests are posted for the public and length limits are removed, so that everyone can write little stocking stuffers)! This is one of the most fun parts of Yuletide, and I ended up writing one of the stories I'm most proud of for it last year, a ridiculous little Futurama ficlet. I still have an absurd fondness for that story. "Bugs don't like them either, Bender."

iv. Hey look a ~secret crush~ meme!
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Hey you know what the world needed, a post where we all write ficlets about our OTPs going grocery shopping, obviously.

Oh my god sleepiness hit me like a ton of bricks suddenly, otherwise I would pimp this better. SRY, BBS.
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You should all go put your names in over at [ profile] fandom_stocking so I can write you things! :D? :D?

And then link me to your posts/threads.

What, I feel like writing ficlets and you guys have great taste.

Edit: And if you're not going to do that, then do wishlists! I want to write you fic as thanks for putting up with me, is what I am getting at. <3
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I realized I have a couple flisters whose interests this may be relevant to, so! Last night [ profile] inlovewithnight wrote a bunch of ficlets about Pete Wentz and Mikey Way hanging out with the E Street Band, it's pretty incredible.
Pete feels kind of shy, which is unusual enough that at first he mistakes it for being sick and silently freaks out that he might be a plague vector bringing devastation to the E Street Band tour. Patti keeps this giant bag of vitamin C candies in her purse, it turns out. "Mom instincts," she says, handing them each one. "Also you should both consider cutting back on caffeine and getting more sleep."
Then we proceeded to have a 50+-comment thread about it which devolved into us talking about Steve/Nils mpreg and which was the single greatest conversation ever had on LJ. [ profile] baked_goldfish wrote a ficlet which was also a crossover with 30 Rock, featuring Nils's obstetrician, Dr. Spaceman!

I was saying to Night that I almost feel like we should just link people to that thread instead of bothering to write a primer. I mean, I've done too much work on the primer to give up on it now, but I feel like that captures the ~essence~ of this fandom pretty effectively. JOIN ESB FANDOM, TALK ABOUT THIS KIND OF NONSENSE WITH US ON A REGULAR BASIS!

Okay, I'm going to work out and then do some writing, and maybe go shopping for the stuff I need for maple cheesecake tomorrow. We'll see.
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[ profile] smallcaps is organizing a Multi-Fandom Schmoop + Kink Meme, which is kind of brilliant, so you should all go fill it with requests from your various fandoms.

The mood I'm in now, after the greatest conversations ever with [ profile] inlovewithnight, [ profile] baked_goldfish, and [ profile] pearl_o, I want to spam it with E Street Band requests. UnFortunately I have to leave for work soon, and I feel like a kinkmeme probably will not fly under the radar of their Internet filters, so I will have to wait until this afternoon to get some of it done.

Huh, somewhere along the line I seem to have gotten over my disconnect re: non-gen RPF. Go figure. That makes things much easier, because gen is way harder for me to write on account of how my gen ideas are always much bigger in scope and Poly Big Bang taught me that I am not really cut out for anything over about 5k on a regular basis.

(The "Buffy Summers and Steve Van Zandt try to foist a doorstep baby off on someone else" fic might need to exist, though. I could manage that in a couple thousand words, right? Totally.)

I've mostly got the primer written through Born To Run, and then a bit about Nebraska and Born In The USA, but then I just ran out of steam. I also need to work out where to even begin with the Appel-Landau legal battle that kept them out of the studio for part of the 70s. I actually thought about just posting the first bit and continuing the rest later, but decided that would just give me an excuse to never finish the rest of it.
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So, I got my Yuletide assignment.

I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...SCARED!!!!!

SOMEONE MAKE ME GO DO MY WRITING FOR TODAY. And then I can tl;dr happily at you all about how I tried another shul today and it was AMAZING AND LOVELY AND I THINK I HAVE FOUND THE ONE I AM GOING TO REGULARLY FROM NOW ON. Or I can share the ridiculous cranky post I have about critical thinking in fandom. None of this is incentive for y'all at all, is it?

...look, just go sign up for Secret Slasha and leave me alone.


Nov. 13th, 2009 06:05 am
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Apparently the Archive Of Our Own goes into open beta tomorrow! AAAAAAHHHH I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS YOU GUYS. I have been trying not to babble about it too much while it's in closed beta, because it seemed mean, but I've had a beta account for a few months now, and I seriously adore this thing. Like, the only thing that doesn't thrill me about it thus far is the color scheme, and that's nothing to do with readability, because it is (dark text on a light background with a fairly big font size, GOD BE PRAISED), it's just that I'm not a big fan of maroon. It's easy to use as a reader or a writer (it's SO easy to use), and apparently they're ultimately planning to implement some features that will allow people to use it for RP as well, which, I haven't really done much RPing in years and years, so I shouldn't be that excited about it, but I am. And there's bookmarking! Bookmarking that was not really that useful at the beginning, but the way I originally got my open beta account was by babbling at them for several paragraphs about how I thought it could be improved, and I guess a lot of other people had the same thoughts, because now it is SO USEFUL. My dream would be some kind of cross-compatibility, but that may be something to save as a suggestion for when they're not about to go into open beta and thus filled with busy already.

Plus, word is that Yuletide is going to be uploaded to that this year, instead of to the old archive, which I think is a brilliant move because what better way to draw thousands and thousands of eyes to it? And we'll also get to see how the Archive's Challenges section will work; there's been some really exciting buzz around that and I can't wait until it's being used.

I'll let you all know as soon as I've got some invite codes to hand out (I've already promised a couple to people), but seriously, in the meantime, please take a peek around the Archive, and if you really like it, sign up for the invite queue, because I suspect invite codes will go fast when they appear on people's flists. There are instructions for how to do this in that first post I linked to, I believe, and there probably will be on the main Archive site as well, later.

AAAAAAAHHHH SO EXCITED YOU GUYS. :D :D :D Seriously, poke around, read some fic. It's completely fantastic. For now, though, I have to get to work.
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i. I got a fic award for one of my John/Mary stories, and one of my John/Jo ones was featured on [community profile] spn_het_love's recs list! Haha, what? I don't even know what to do with that. If anyone out there voted or recommended them, thank you! That was a really nice couple of surprises to get.

ii. On that subject, [profile] wizefics is hosting the Holiday Recathon! There are a lot of different fandoms featured, including SPN, Leverage, STXI, and a category specifically for crossovers, which I am really excited about because &crossovers; so you should all go rec stuff so I'll have lots to read. I've been going through my delicious and compiling lists of things to rec from there instead of writing, it's good times.

iii. There are a couple of stories that I've already started relying on when I'm stuck for ideas on [ profile] spn_30snapshots, one a roadtrip thing about Mary getting the Colt back to Elkins after "In The Beginning", which started as Mary/Ellen but is now possibly turning into Mary/John/Ellen, and the other this ridiculous shameful drawerfic notion I came up with that [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight totally encouraged me in, so it's their fault, namely Buffy/John(/Castiel?) babyfic.

Like, realistically, I think if Buffy's going to be on birth control as well as using condoms, and if a condom breaks she's going to be taking Plan B, and if she doesn't find out about it until later, as soon as she does find out, she'll be making an appointment with the nearest Planned Parenthood. But for the moment, you have to suspend your disbelief on that point, and also assume that you're me, Night, and Carly and you're planning ridiculous drawerfic that will never actually get posted except for whatever few shameful snippets I throw up at the comm because I have no ideas for the day.

More tl;dr about this stupid idea, and you should all be grateful that I'm sparing you. Mostly I'm imagining it dealing with Sam, Dean and Dawn's reactions. )

Actually, Sam would make a good POV character for that story. OH GOD WHY AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS. Oh well, clearly it's a good way to kill a hundred words here and there when I've got no ideas for Snapshots. I'm so ashamed of how much thought I have put into that, though, ugh. I need to admit that this pairing is up there with Bruce Springsteen/Patti Scialfa and Jeanette/Deadshot on my OTP list, clearly.
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Glee! )

Also, [ profile] oxoniensis is hosting the second annual Fall Fandom Free-For-All, where everyone just lists some things they'd really really like and you can volunteer to write/vid/icon/whatever as you feel compelled to. It's a lot of fun and is how I ended up meeting [ profile] inlovewithnight last year, although I, um, still owe her the vids I think I volunteered to make? /o\ It worked out pretty well for us in the "making new friends" regard! But this year I volunteered to write a Supernatural fic and make an icon or three, so I think that is more within my reach.

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