Jan. 27th, 2016 11:24 am
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Well that was almost a year without posting. I am reading! I just...haven't had much to say.

Some highlights of my time not posting. )

Still trying to figure out how I'm going to make myself be better about updating DW, BUT I'M GONNA. What can I say, I dream big.
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Ughhhh still fighting off a super-annoying cold. The best thing I can say of it is that I got my flu shot, so I can be fairly confident that it's not the flu. Hooray?

Anyhoo, yesterday was super-busy at work, so I didn't manage to get to the prompt from [personal profile] poisontaster, which was a really fun one -- my most comfortable article of clothing -- that had me going "oh, this is going to be tricky". Since I finally got my bag back from United on Wednesday night, though, and am planning a big closet clean-out and laundry party this weekend, that will fit nicely into an empty slot on Saturday, anyway, so look out for that. (Still a few days for claiming, and with my hit-or-miss rate of getting things done on time I anticipate some might end up being moved to January, so feel free to toss me suggestions.)

Today, it's going to be a fairly lovely topic from [personal profile] schmerica, Fry and Tonks! Not the Futurama and Harry Potter characters, although I am pretty much always happy to yammer about Futurama and Harry Potter (I am in the middle of an HP reread right now and it was SUCH A SOLID CHOICE, Internet, let me tell you). Fry and Tonks are the names of my cats.

Pictures and more yammering under the cut. )
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i. I am sad and hurting and angry, partly as moderate SAD and partly, IDK, ~FEELINGS~, no doubt compounded by the moderate SAD. Fucking feelings, I'm over them, let me tell you Internets. But that is sort of a low-level background thing a lot of the time these days, so instead of me whining about it, have something completely unrelated: [personal profile] sink_or_swim, one of my best friends in the world and someone who has been there for me in some really tough times, needs some help right now with emergency vet bills. I can absolutely vouch for her, having encountered the pet in question multiple times, and I know things are tight for everyone right now and even if you can't spare the money for her I know she'd appreciate the good thoughts.

ii. I seem to have picked up a new hobby of sending [personal profile] inlovewithnight pictures of Little Steven with Anchorman quotes as captions. He owns many leather-bound books and his apartment smells like rich mahogany.

iii. My mother has adopted a new kitten! I glimpsed him briefly last night; he is still pretty timid and mostly hides. He's a tiny, tiny little guy -- maybe eight weeks old, gray, with only half a tail. SUCH A CUTIE. Apparently whatever room Fry is in, the little guy is probably in as well, tucked away in whatever tiny improbable space he can squeeze himself into while Fry curls up somewhere and naps. THEY'RE BUDDIES, AHHHH.

iv. Like three people commented after Torah study on how I hadn't said anything today. IDK why I am so amused by the fact that my silence is remarkable.

v. Hand-kissing promptathon! I am about to go to bed, but five billion points to anyone who writes me Bruce/Steve handkissing. I didn't get my prompts into the porn battle on time. ;______;

vi. Now I am going to go to bed! I might also get a couple of chapters of the original think I'm working on storyboarded! And I will not cry myself to sleep! \o/ I dream big, motherfuckers, I dream big.

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