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Just today finished S3 in my DS9 rewatch. I was explaining to the fangirl contingent on Sunday that leaving aside my more srs bzns issues with the "Cardassians = SPACE NAZIS!!!!" thing (not least that most of the time it seems much more like they're going for the Romans, hence my inability to not refer to internal Bajoran issues as People's Bajoran Front vs. People's Front of Bajor, and the SPACE NAZIS!!!! thing just seems really jarring and clumsy), there's also the part where Cardassia is basically a planet of Bluths. Dukat especially is like 50% GOB and 50% the other Bluths. "The one thing I will never do is not tell Ziyal I have a cabin in the woods and then not take her!" Dukat was learning life lessons all over the place.

Also I am mostly having fun with how he seems to be hitting on Sisko all the time. I mean mostly he seems to be into EVERYONE, which is part of the comedy of Dukat (I know I shouldn't find it hilarious AND YET I REALLY DO, possibly specifically because no one takes it seriously), but the majority of his interactions are with Sisko and they go on multiple road trips together and there was the time they were stuck in a cave, which I haven't yet reached in my rewatch but I remember it as being pretty glorious. Mostly the reason I'm lamenting my inability to write comedy fic this week is because I really want fic where Dukat's SUPER INTO Sisko, and finally Sisko goes for it a couple of times because what the hell, he needs to get laid, and then Dukat gets really overinvolved and starts drunk-dialing him all the time, and obvs since Cardassians court by arguing, Sisko's barely managing to be civil is just evidence of how badly he wants Dukat. LOOK AT BANNER, BENJAMIN.

(Also: AU where Ziyal and Alexander meet and end up getting together and Worf and Dukat are in-laws and it's glorious.)

DS9 is kind of exciting this time around because I'm not used to being into pairings where I need more than the fingers on one hand to count the people who are into it, but somewhat troublingly, the character I project all the fuck over in DS9 appears to be Garak, and I was mostly just kind of amused by how blatant the Garak/Bashir was until "The Wire" happened and then, like, I realize it doesn't take much to send me into fits of capslocky FEELINGS to rival those of Prince Zuko, but holy shit, Internet. My OTP dynamic appears to be I Am A Spectacular Untrustworthy Trainwreck And You Are Buying A First Class Ticket Anyway, and that episode was like "ALL ABOARD, MOTHERFUCKERS" and holy shit, feelings everywhere. So it's all super-exciting because usually it's me and like two other people who are into a pairing, but instead I have tons of fic to roll around in, and I'm sitting here going "oh my God, is this how Erik/Charles people feel ALL THE TIME? *_______*"

ugh I should probably get ready for work now. Hi Internet hi, I'm alive and the DS9 kick is still going strong. Everyone should continue to talk to me about the prospect of a Buffy/DS9 crossover, too, because in my head that is still completely fucking glorious, and I have actually ended up writing a few snippets that, with the serials filed off, might end up as an original thing I've been toying with? IDK IDK.

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