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I have some actual posts in progress but man oh man currently I am FREAKING OUT about this: NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star

I texted this to my mother, who is currently in the basement. I'm on the second floor, at my desk, working. I just heard, up two flights of stairs and through a couple of closed doors, a dim shout of "OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Literally said the first blessing here when I saw the story, because wow. WOW.
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See subject line. I was in my car and it started rocking, and was worrying that this was some horrible engine thing that would cost me a million dollars, then I got to the grocery store and everyone was talking about it. There's a warning on in my county for gas and water leaks, but the house seems fine. Tonks is being particularly cuddly, though; possibly she was weirded out by it.

Stomach seems to be significantly better, thank heavens! I slept for about ten hours, and it was AWESOME. Now there's nothing to do but roll my eyes at the local news teams running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and be grateful for this stomach thing, because lordy-loo the traffic is unbelievable and I'd be leaving work right about now on a normal day.
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You know, I've seen a few different people saying that everyone needs to watch Olbermann's Special Comment in response to the shooting, no matter what our politics or opinions on Olbermann are.

Fun fact: in response to the way he potentially triggery )

Sooooo I'll be off my flist for a few days, by which time I assume it'll have run its linking course and I can be reasonably certain I won't run into the line of "you need to watch this" again. Because yeah, I agree 100% with what he's saying, or what I heard him saying before I had to admit that I wasn't going to be able to make it through this and closed the tab, but I actually cannot listen to Olbermann talk at this point. So please, please, please stop telling me that I have to, that my feelings on someone who has done more than his fair share to minimize and belittle rape and endanger women involved in a rape case don't matter because he said something important.

(I'm bipartisan in my distaste for dickish and dangerous rhetoric and will agree that we need to make fucking well sure the Tea Party's cheerful calling for Giffords's targeting, among others, for gun violence isn't forgotten. But yeah, other people have said that better than I.)

Comments on, but screened. And I promise, I'm pretty okay, I'm just trying to make sure I stay that way.
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FUCK YES, DADT. I have a whole hypothesis where this is going to be not only a big step on the road to marriage equality, but quite probably a direct cause of it. I'll spare you dudes the entire thing, but suffice it to say my money's on ten years at the absolute outside.

Less significant things that happened yesterday: the roommate and I saw The Tempest (which is playing at only one theater in the area so far)! It was really excellent and really dark and upsetting and very very clearly about how you can never really win against the kyriarchy, and while it was every bit as grim and depressing as that makes it sound, it was also very cathartic, too. Gorgeous-looking (weird music-video bits with Aeriel notwithstanding) and, of course, fantastic acting from all concerned.

I was sort of planning to go to Nellie's today, because they show all the football games and we're playing Dallas (I am not particularly invested DC's team -- I really hate the name and generally don't use it -- or Baltimore's, but I hate the Cowboys with every fiber of my being) and Sundays they have Drag Brunches, $20 for all you can eat (and first mimosa's free!) and if it's anything like Drag Bingo it will be amazing. Mostly today I am feeling kind of lazy and antisocial and crampy (ugh IDEK what the deal was, for some reason my PMS wasn't that much fiercer than usual, but it was spread out a lot longer so it seemed much worse, and it was such a freaking relief yesterday when my period finally fucking started) and not really wanting to leave the apartment anymore after my Big Epic Quest across the street for a hot water bottle and a bagel. Plus it was looking like I'd be the only one going, and these things are always more fun with other people.

But then I remembered that not only is it a DC sports bar when we're playing Dallas, but it's a gay DC sports bar and not only are we playing Dallas, but, at least as relevant to the patrons of a gay sports bar in DC, DADT is in its death throes as of yesterday (seriously, don't underestimate how much we hate the Cowboys). That might be just the pick-me-up I've been needing. Off I go, will report back later.
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Senator Susan Collins is saying she'll oppose the bill that includes a repeal of DADT. Please, please, PLEASE call Senator Collins and weigh in on this, especially if you are a Maine voter but it can't hurt even if you're not. The vote is in a little over an hour; there are phone numbers and instructions on what to say here.
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A gunman with a bomb takes a hostage in a building two blocks from my apartment, and my first response, after determining that no one's been killed yet, is to resignedly start trying to figure out how to deal with the ways this might affect my commute.

(Look, it's make jokes or panic because this sets off sniper memories and/or other flashbacks. Fortunately my coworkers helping by making jokes about how this is clearly going to cause my electricity to go out somehow, because that's what Pepco does to my building when pretty much anything happens ever.)
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It's been two weekdays since I updated, which is nigh on unheard-of from me, so I figured everyone would want to know I'm not dead. I'm not (...or am I?), I just don't have a whole lot to talk about at the moment. So have some links from my feed or that I've come across during the course of work (my duties now include most of the social media stuff for the company, so I've been trawling Twitter).

Looking back at the fannish reaction to Polanski's arrest last fall, it's actually kind of surprising that consensus seemed so consistently against Polanski, seeing as ~art is not safe~ and fandom believes that a creator not being inconvenienced in any way is more important than viewers'/readers' safety and health. At any rate, the Atlantic had a solid post (about the latest development in the Polanski case, not the warnings debate in fandom) here!
But the equation [that the artist's privilege of testing boundaries and violating conventions only goes as far, and stops at violating another human's rights] seems fairly simple. If we have to decide between culture and a girl's life, the girl wins. And in the case of Polanski, invocations of Art and Culture make even less sense. None of Polanski's films were convicted of "illegal sexual intercourse" with a minor; he was. In fact, Polanski's defenders are doing exactly what feminist critics are always being told not to do; they're confusing art with artist, transferring the praise or blame due one party onto the other.
Also, fuck you, Switzerland.

In less me-being-bitter-about-humanity news, this is super-cool. Maps created by aggregation of geotagged Flickr photos, which are then split into pictures by locals and pictures by tourists (red are tourists, blue are locals, yellow are indeterminate). A lot of major cities, and so freaking cool to look at.

Also, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like has a few words on libraries. Best part of all: I got to post that to Twitter from the company account, after noting that, being digital, our products don't smell like anything in particular, but the Old Spice Guy does. My job does have its moments, I must say.

Finally, here are some familiar horror movie scenes ruined by the new iPhone.

Next week is Porn Battle! But it's at the same time as Comic Con! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why must I choose how to devote my time? Clearly I'll just have to devote a lot of this weekend to writing.
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i. The Death Of Beer? In spite of myself, I read a few of the comments, and I did like one that said this is a bit of a grim title; it's more like "The Rebirth Of American Beer".

ii. Just so we're all clear, if anyone tries to discuss Israel with me I will probably punch them (there are a few exceptions to this, but I expect they're all as frustrated with the topic as I am)! There were basically all of a dozen people I trusted not to fail all over the place with all absolutes all the time re: Israel period (protip: if international affairs were really that straightforward, every problem in the world could be solved in about ten minutes), and then this week happened and now it's even worse. I've read some fascinating articles (and if anyone wants links, I'll happily provide them) and oh my goodness I have so many feelings on the issue, I just have little to no desire to talk about said feelings or said issue with most people on the Internet because believe it or not, there are some things I don't capslock about and it's super-frustrating for me to see 100% polarized discussion that is all in absolutes, as most of my flist is.

(If you want to defriend me for this, or for whatever you infer my opinion on the matter to be, go ahead; it's always Defriending Amnesty Day around these parts.)

iii. There was a surprisingly positive reaction to the idea of a bi-/pansexual fic fest! I love the idea, and the main thing keeping me from doing it right the fuck now (apart from my life being super-busy until after next week, when I move, so that I can't even deal with [community profile] avatar_minis at the moment) is that I have no idea how it would work. Logistically, I would probably work it something like LGBTfest, but people will (reasonably) say "well, if it's an M/M pairing, what makes that bi-fic instead of slash?" and I really have no response beyond "...IDK, my BFF Captain Jack Harkness?" And on the one hand, figuring out what constitutes bi-fic or pan-fic will be a lot of fun, but on the other hand there should at least be some rough guidelines if we're going to have a whole 'fest.

iv. Dinner at Busboys and Poets, and then maybe The Like and other shenanigans (depending on how tired I am) with fangirls tonight! HOORAY.

v. OMFG work has been so insane today. There is one more thing I am supposed to do but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. D: Here, have Joe and Jill Biden with some Muppets.
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i. This week is kind of busy for me, and also every time I sit down to start yammering about something fannish my mind seems to go blank! And there's even less interesting stuff going on in my non-fannish life, I'm just busy this week. So if I am not around much in the next few days, I'm not dead or anything, I just don't have a whole lot to say at the moment.

ii. Took the roommate situation to Craigslist at last, and now it is resolved! \o/ She seems very nice (moving down here from Michigan to start a DoS job; wants a temporary place while she figures out where she wants to live long-term), and I think we'll get along pretty well. Hooray for Craigslist encounters that don't end in murder! Oh man I cannot wait to move. It's going to be awesome.

iii. Economist, there is something here that ruins your srs bzns article about the al-Qaeda presence in western Saharan Africa.
But AQIM [al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb] is plainly rattling several governments. It plays on local grievances. Its bountiful cash is a lure to young men living in poverty in the desert. The authorities of northern Nigeria are especially worried. The country was the original home of the young man with explosive underpants who tried to blow up an American airliner over Detroit at Christmas.
Admittedly I'm no journalist, but I think it might be the phrase "explosive underpants".

iv. Suddenly I am super-nervous and I have no idea why! Like, my heart is going really fast and really hard (that's what she said?) hard enough that my entire chest is moving with it. Aaaaaaah do not want. >:( Maybe I'll have some green tea or something ("I DON'T WANT ANY CALMING TEA!!!!!").
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Here is the deal: the United States is a big country. Not only that, but its regions are pretty big beyond that. And you know what? There are assholes all over that country, and at all levels of society.

So, yeah, I found it really heartening that this facebook group, set up by students at Constance McMillen's school for the purpose of mocking her, was mostly filled with posts from outsiders defending Constance. I found it a lot less heartening to see how many of those comments were calling the people there dumb hicks, saying that they'd be sorry when she was successful and they were living in trailers, etc. I've seen some stuff on LJ, even, talking about how awful and backwards the South is, and especially how awful and backwards poor people in the South are.1

And yes, okay. There is a lot of bigotry in the South. But as someone who grew up right smack between the South and the North (Virginia is geographically Southern, but honestly if I tried to call myself a Southerner I suspect real Southerners would laugh at me, my slight accent and use of "bless your heart" notwithstanding), trust me, guys, there's a lot of bigotry outside of it, too. Shall we talk about how Pennsylvania bans same-sex marriages, and Michigan? How they were defeated in New York? How California overturned its own legalization of them? Shall I tell you about my efforts to start a GSA in high school were stonewalled, and we were finally told we could start the club, but we couldn't advertise it with posters or hold/advertise events or get time in the announcements like other clubs could?

We could have a whole conversation about how the culture of oppression is different in the North than in the South, if we want to (I don't really want to right now, so I'd rather not have it here, but you get what I'm saying), because the culture of pretty much anything you name is going to be different in the North than in the South.2 But as someone who grew up in Virginia -- as someone whose mother grew up in a trailer -- do not try and fucking characterize this as only being about the South, or poor people in the South.3 Bigotry is a problem at all corners of society and in every state in the Union, but there are also people fighting it in every state and all corners of society. That's the whole problem, here; that's why I'm getting all tu quoque-y in this post: it's not as simple a matter as everyone below the Mason-Dixon Line hates queers and everyone above it doesn't, or everyone below a certain income bracket hates queers and everyone above it doesn't, or everyone of one race or religion hates queers and everyone of another doesn't. I seem to recall we had a similar discussion when Prop 8 passed and there were fingers pointed at black voters, or Latino voters, or older voters, and the same conclusion was reached: it's not as simple as just one group of people being responsible for all anti-queer sentiment and resulting legislation, and pretending it is that simple doesn't do anyone any favors. So how about we not?

(And don't get me started on the fun misogyny in the Facebook posts, where people were attacking the girls who went to their secret prom for looking like "skanks". Also, I really don't have any icons appropriate to this post. I guess Kanye shooting a laser gun is a good expression of my rage.)

1. Or, from non-Americans watching this develop, how awful and backwards the United States is, and IDEK how to verbalize my feelings there beyond "fuck you" because goodness knows I've complained about things here enough, but -- it's like how I'm allowed to make fun of my family/friends but no one else is, you know?

2. But first, protip: "the South" is a fucking huge region, and the culture of a city in North Carolina is going to be very different from that of a small town in Arkansas.

3. BTW, "white trash" is a really fucking racist phrase to use to describe poor white people, as it assumes that the default for "trash" is not white, so how about we not use it, period, in this debate or any other.
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Oh, man, but one of the things that is emphatically NOT making me cranky today: gay marriage went into effect in DC and here are some photos. With a couple of protesters and the fucking WBC, but whatever, mostly they are wonderful pictures of gay couples at the courthouse.

The realization that I have found a shul that wholly supports gay marriage, which is located in a city that, as of today, recognizes the validity of gay marriage, is kind of making me a lot more emotional than I expected it to do. If I end up with someone -- whether they're a dude or a lady -- who I decide I want to marry, I will be able to do that. Yep.
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• My thread at that crankypants love meme is here.

+ It snowed last night, just enough that everything is pretty. I dashed down a couple of ~writerly thoughts~ by hand, but have not actually shaped them into anything attractive yet.

- I have to venture out and mail this thing for Ugh why do I sign up for this sort of thing, I never end up finding anything I want and I hate having to mail shit. ML;SH.

• Today, as LJ as my witness, I will actually write some shit. 1000 words of original, 500 of fic. Yes. I can do that.

Young Justice League cartoon!!!!! Okay, obviously I am jazzed about &Cissie; and &Superboy; (and oh my gosh that Cissie looks so badass) but NEEDS MOAR WONDER GIRL AND/OR EMPRESS. >:( >:( >:( Especially Empress, because unless Aqualad or someone is a character of color in the DCAU, man that is one white lineup. I'm given to understand there's some kind of embargo on Wonders at the moment, which explains the lack of Cassie, but I am cranky nonetheless.

+ Also I realized upon rewatching the trailer for The Losers another five times and finally being able to focus on something other than "ZOE SALDANA IS MAKING OUT WITH JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, HOLLYWOOD LOVES ME SO MUCH" that while it's a complete and total sausage-fest, the cast is pretty much half characters of color! And the one woman is a woman of color, so that is pretty cool. Still, NEEDS MOAR LADIES. Also JDM going "ladies? :D?" in such a way that you can hear the fingerguns in his voice is pretty amazing.

- I have a headache starting to develop. It sort of feels like it might turn into a migraine. Okay, I'm going to suck down some tea, because that helps, and pop a couple ibuprofen, and then venture out into the world.
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i. Pentagon to detail new 'don't ask, don't tell' steps -- guys, they're gonna come up with a plan to take steps to lay groundwork for repealing it! And then present that to Congress/the White House! We queers should be grateful, WHY AREN'T YOU MORE GRATEFUL.

ii. I'm rereading A Curse Dark As Gold, and ugh I love it so much. Charlotte is seriously one of my favorite characters ever -- this wonderful, strong, brittle young woman who's so fiercely protective of her own. And the setting, England around the time of the Industrial Revolution, is so well-developed and fantastic, filled with folk traditions and this creepy, wonderful ghost story. I wanted to nominate this for Yuletide, but honestly there's nothing to do with it, fic-wise. Maybe ridiculous AUs? I admit, I would totally read an AU where Charlotte was, IDK, running a little diner in the mid-Atlantic or something. Or maybe I should just write that myself and change the names! After all, like the man said, good writers borrow but great writers steal. :D? :D?

iii. A few people have commented on me and Night's Buffy/John ficlets for Porn Battle with something along the lines of "wow, I am really intrigued by this pairing!" STEP INTO MY WEB, INTERNETS. >:D

iv. I've been watching this round of the whole women-and-slash discussion when it's caused ripples on my flist, but not much, because mostly [ profile] impertinence summed up my feelings pretty well: y'all, we've been talking about this for a long fucking time. It's just bumming me out at this point, because for a few weeks we'll pat ourselves on the back for comitting! to! change! and then, you know, go back to writing about white dudes.

Like, I was actually really reluctant to do Home Team because I knew for a fact that was how it would end, with all of us feeling smug for Caring About Female Characters and not actually having to do anything like write more fic that's not about white dudes. I was sort of thinking about not doing it again this summer, but I may have an alternative plan for it instead, so we'll see. I also had some thoughts about an aspect of one of [ profile] bookshop's posts that made me blink a bit in confusion, but this is long enough already and I have a couple of errands to run, so that'll have to wait for later.
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A Texas D.A.'s office is prosecuting an underaged victim of sex trafficking for prostitution after letting the thirty-two-year-old who'd been pimping her out for two years walk free. She was thirteen at the time of her arrest in 2007. Here is the story on another blog, also.

What I am feeling is so far beyond being offended, because between this and Roman Polanski defenders I am basically being bombarded with the message that nobody gives a damn what happens to women and girls. Normally I do okay about ignoring that and getting on with my life, but I can't deal with discussing it right now.

Also, even though they're just stock images and bad manips, the images on that blog are also really bothering me. Just so you're all informed. This was interesting, though, if depressing.

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