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Walking from the Metro station to the office this morning, like three different cars splashed me. The truck, fine, but the cars, I swear to God I saw the jackass drivers laughing. My headphones are ruined.

Long story short, I am cranky, so have a meme!
Give me two fandoms and I'll tell you which characters from either one I would ship together.
Maybe there will even be ficlets. No promises, though.

On the bright side, there is a ~science of cocktails~ thing at the Spy Museum tonight, which is going to be amazing. It always tickles me when I see (well, think of, really; I've only been once or twice) the sign about how you can get a discount if you're a "former or current member of the intelligence community". THAT IS NOT HOW COVER WORKS, SPY MUSEUM. Although generally as long as you're not with NCS you can discreetly tell a few people. NCS officers would be screwed. Although I guess if you're NCS it'd be a busman's holiday anyway, so it all works out!

Also Boss E. got all maternal and concerned when she saw how soaked I was and wanted to make sure I didn't catch cold. She offered to go out and buy me a sweater, even. &her;
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Oddly apropos: closing my copy of Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern on the bits about the Fitzgeralds' courtship because my train had arrived at King Street Station, then, for the walk to the office, picking a random playlist on my iPod and being instantly serenaded with "Hot Mess", "I'm Going Down", and "Poker Face".

(IIRC, I saw two different YA novels with flappers on the cover being promoted at ALA, including a new series by Anna Godbersen. Are flappers going to be the next Big Thing in YA? Perhaps the next big cultural thing in general? Perhaps replacing vampires? Because there are no words for how down with that I am.)

(Also, F. Scott was such a tool. I'd always felt sad for Zelda, but this book only added to the effect. DUMP HIM ZELDA, DUMP HIM. And maybe get some Lexapro. And somebody teach her about polyamory! WHERE IS THE DOCTOR WHEN YOU NEED HIM, HE COULD DO THAT SHIT.)

My internet is still out at home. PSA: Comcast is terrible. Also I was trying to resist doing this meme, but I am feeling really insecure about my writing at the moment and okay, whatever.

the that's my favorite! meme
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My Northanger Abbey disc has disappeared and is no longer in its case! I am so supremely cranky about this, I can't even tell you. I FUCKING LOVE THAT MOVIE, GUYS. (It's the most recent TV version, and it is absolutely the charmingest ever.) Maybe I will treat myself by buying a new copy and making it the first thing that's shipped to my new place. SO CRANKY, YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND.

Oh, on that note! I really fucking hate when people respond to shit like that with "first world problems". I don't know why, because obviously it is, and the fact that a post complaining about not being able to find a DVD is tagged with "my life; so hard" probably indicates that I really don't have a problem with comic self-awareness. "First world problems" specifically is total pet peeve that inexplicably makes me want to punch everyone, though. Exciting!

Seriously, where the fuck is that DVD. Ugh. It's getting to the point where I just want to throw away everything I own; it'll make the packing much easier. Northanger Abbey, AtLA, and Futurama are the only things I've watched repeatedly over the past year or so, really. Maybe I should just throw everything else away.

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