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Awesome discovery: I can do "Shenandoah" pretty much from memory at this point, after starting to learn it last week and skipping a couple of days' practice. This is excellent, because it means I'm also starting to do well with the body-memory and being able to know what movement will produce what sound. I'm not crazy about the arrangement in my book, but I can mess around with that after I've mastered the basic skeleton of it.

Plus Mom recognized it as "Shenandoah", which I discovered after she complained that she was going to have it stuck in her head all day. I was like "Oh, did I put it on one of the Springsteen CDs I made for you?" and she was like " were just playing it" and then I :D'ed because it was recognizable.

Currently I have one of the beers my sister brewed for while I practice, and later I get to go hang out with fangirls. \o/ Tomorrow I work, but whatever, we're not focusing on that right now.

I watched an episode of SPN S1, "Shadow", last night.
  1. It was a lot lulzier than the S4 episodes I've seen, and the misogyny, while offensive (two women getting epically beaten on, with one -- the evil one, of course, who you can also tell is evil because she is sexual -- surviving, while all three manly heroes get beaten on but survive), was at a much different level from what came later in the show. It seemed to be just kind of unconscious fail rather than the creepy, malicious, very conscious fail that comes later, after they start listening to the fandom. It's more the same background-radiation level you get on most shows, that it probably wouldn't even register if I wasn't aware of how bad it got later, making it part of a troubling pattern specific to this show rather than just the same fail you get in most stuff produced in a misogynistic society.
  2. Knowing that people genuinely think Jared and Jensen can act, and that the scene where Dean was crying about wanting them to be a faaaaaamily again was truly moving, just made the episode that much funnier. To be fair, I probably would've found it moving too if the things I hate about Dean weren't things I hate so much that they can't be outweighed by the things I like about him. Instead, I suspect I'm turning into kind of a John!wife.
  3. I haven't seen that many Manly Tears Of Manfulness since Aragorn.

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