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Pretty sure if you look up "ugly crying" in the dictionary, you'll find that the definition now consists solely of a picture of me when they played "The Promise" at last night's concert. And/or "Wrecking Ball".

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i. So I've had ambivalent feelings about [ profile] queer_fest for several rounds now, but man, can they ever fuck right off with their prescriptive bullshit. Bonus points for the glorious indulgence in that favorite game of the Internet Activist, "you haven't suffered as much as/in the same ways that I have and therefore I get to be condescending about how some of us weren't as ~lucky~ as you were and you're not really $IDENTITY after all."

ii. On the bright side, and actually related b/c holy shit, it's a genuinely great representation of a queer character who is allowed to be a character first and have his sexuality be an issue only insofar as it is for the other characters on the show, i.e. in being a source of hilarious hijinks, I have kind of fallen in love with Happy Endings. Why is the first (short) season $25, dislike. I need to catch up on Once Upon A Time and I've started watching Smash, and those are fun, the latter not least because it's a musical that isn't Glee, which is great on so many counts because even my love of Santana isn't enough to outweigh the many problems I have with that show, but Happy Endings is kind of the winner at the moment. Someone talk to me about these.

iii. Also Bruce's new album is fucking great and I will fight anyone who says something bad about it. I hung out with [personal profile] baked_goldfish yesterday and explained that I really, really like that he's gone with a very different, more folkish, bluesy sound, because if anything I feel like that's a far better tribute to the central members of the band who've died in the past few years than anything else might be. Danny and Clarence are definitely noticeable by their absence (that bridge in "We Take Care Of Our Own", for instance; the absence wails almost as loudly and mournfully as Clarence's sax ever did). It's like wearing your scars, though: the skin heals, and it's never going to be quite the same, and the scar tells a story that's every bit as rich as smooth skin (which, to bring it full circle to #1, their not not having scars doesn't make a person's story any less rich or worth knowing than that of the person who does).

iv. I am trying to motivate myself to go to the gym. It's not going so good.
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what are you doing to me bruce

...okay so the embed tool doesn't seem to be working for me but Bruce is streaming the new album at his website and you done good, Mr. Springsteen, you done good.

so many feelings. I mean, objectively I think the version of "Land of Hopes and Dreams" we already have is better, but oh my lord the sax solo came in and just FEELINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE. And "Wrecking Ball" still gives me lots of feelings, of course, even more so now. Ugh that song, I can't even. It was a rare thing today, I managed to get through it without bursting into tears.

Also poking around the redesigned website and while the design itself is kind of meh, the band bios are delightful. I'm particularly fond of "Springsteen is said to have written 'Bobby Jean' as a farewell [to Steve Van Zandt]". WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE, HOW COULD WE KNOW WE'RE ONLY THE OFFICIAL SPRINGSTEEN WEBSITE. Also great: the note about Patti auditioning for the band in the 70s, sliding over the fact that Bruce had to have it explained to him why it might not be a great idea to have an underage (barely-legal?) girl in the band. Oh man.

in conclusion, bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce

eta: oh my actual god this is the real actual 404 page on his real actual website
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Three good pop-culture things! Well, four, but one is left over from yesterday and I'm just still jazzed about it.
  1. This is almost a week late at this point, but seriously, extremely minor P&R spoiler ) ETA: Okay call me a tinhat but upon consideration I actually choose to believe that someone on the writing staff was in fact doing a little Clarence Clemons tribute with that whole plot.
  2. Speaking of Springsteen, I can count on one hand the number of NCIS episodes I've seen, but this picture of Pauley Perrette with Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa at the Grammys is pretty great.
    Q: on a scale of "noticeably" to "completely and totally", how baked is Bruce?

    A: 11.
  3. Community is coming baaaaaaack! I'd read a couple of good "everyone chill the fuck out" posts from around the pop culture blogosphere when it last aired, pointing out that it would probably be back by summer at latest once more than a couple of the mid-season replacements flopped, because blah blah blah network inside baseball. But I was also determined not to get my hopes up, and of course there was the danger, if it took too much time, that everyone would move on to other things. And even then my best hope was that it would be back in the summer, so the fact that it's going to be back in just under a month is FABULOUS. :D
  4. I've read some pretty great books lately, with a pretty solid good-to-disappointing ratio! ACROSS THE UNIVERSE was the rare super-disappointing exception for the last week or so, although I suspect all the hype I'd heard didn't help, since I was expecting a lot more than if I'd just gone in planning on a passable YA sci-fi read. I started Kate Elliott's SPIRITWALKER trilogy, though, and that's been super-fun and I may end up putting it on my Yuletide request list, because I ship basically everyone with everyone else and would love some fun silly adventures, particularly sexy ones. I really liked GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS, too; it had a couple of issues but it's probably going on my list of favorite high fantasy works, quite possibly beating out LOTR simply because I liked it so much more.
Feel free to talk to me about any of these things (or others: me and [personal profile] schmerica are still working through DS9, for one thing!) in the comments, because I have been at a bit of a loose ends, fannishly, lately, and feeling like I have nothing to really contribute to the fannish conversation.
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Internet, I am concerned that when I say that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS, what you hear is "I'm having a lot of feelings". That's not what I'm saying.

What I am saying is that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct.(source)


That's not even the FIRST super-exciting thing that happened this weekend! AHHHH I had a whole ramble about my FEELINGS and how clearly the E Street Band is going to feature heavily in several of the major relationships/emotional turning points of my life and I need to get that into my head and roll with it, but it was a little too ridiculous even for me. Suffice it to say that [ profile] pearl_o has dubbed our forthcoming household "The House Where FEEEEEEEELINGS Go To Die" and she's not wrong.

Also also clearly the band are trolling me personally, since this is the first year in several where I made my peace with the fact that it was ~over~ and was trying to ~move on~ and didn't request it for Yuletide, and then hours after signups close, they announce that fuck no, NOTHING WILL EVER REALLY KILL THE E STREET BAND. Internet, seriously, I can't even. HEARTBREAK AND ELATION, ALL IN ONE. Basically that is what the E Street Band does to me though, IDK why I'm surprised.

In conclusion, FEELINGS
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Hey bandom! Again, I know you guys have had some tough times lately, but, question, are all your bands' members STILL ALIVE?

You're doing better than the E Street Band, then.
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I know you guys have had some rough times recently, but hey -- have any of your bands' members had strokes recently? No? They're doing better than the E Street Band, then.

I honestly am not sure I can deal with this. I'm not sure how to say that such that it doesn't sound like me being silly, b/c for real, I'm not sure I can accept it.

(I have to say, it's lucky I'm not really superstitious, because given that Danny died right around the time I told a professional, for the first time, what I was dealing with, I might conclude that HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN TO THE E STREET BAND WHEN I TRY TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR MY MANY MANY ISSUES.)
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As Jim Cullen, author of Born in the USA: Springsteen and the American Tradition, noted, the two men "gazed" into one another's eyes as they sang and shared the microphone so closely their lips almost touched (Cullen 132).

OH MY GOD INTERNET. One of the biggest things happening in my fannish life lately, which I haven't even been able to talk about without flailing incoherently, has been The Bruce and Stevie Show. Like, first of all, can we talk about how MIC-SHARING are the images Steve selected for the title graphics? WHAT? Like, okay, fine, even if you assume it's just some intern in his studio doing those, I gotta figure he at least gets final approval, or that said intern was given a flash drive of pictures to choose from, and seriously? SERIOUSLY???!!!?!?!?!?


More conversations between me and my roommate. )

I don't know, I got nothing. I can't deal with it when people who are remotely sane are like "yeah, no, they're basically being really gay for each other." WHAT. WHAT THE WHAT. Either that or they were actively trolling, and quite possibly trolling me in particular, which I'm also down with.

so yeah, basically today has been an improvement, or at least I have been distracted by alcohol and TV/radio. good times, good times.
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I think we can all agree on one thing: this, as with just about every Superbowl except for the one of '08, was severely lacking in the following:

I'm glad we had this conversation, Internet.
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I keep starting posts and then deleting them. TL;DR: I think I'm getting sick three days before my birthday and right when we're in a pre-conference crunch at work, I went to Jersey for New Years' with [personal profile] inlovewithnight and it was a blast, and I'm having some writer's block and it's really frustrating.

Here are Bruce Springsteen and Beyonce.

Plus some other people, but seriously, Bruce Springsteen and Beyonce.
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I keep meaning to try and update more frequently, but mostly it has been a pretty shitty month for me, and "I am sad :(" gets pretty dull after awhile. I'm also in a writing slump, which is super-fun.

BUT Tumblr at least manages to distract me pretty effectively now and then, with HP/Mean Girls macros and whatnot, and I have a great roommate who managed to make MEAT LOAF delicious and who indulged me in Gossip Girl even though she hates everyone on it, and totes backs me up on Ted/Barney, and who went along with my impromptu road-trip planning a couple of days ago, because even MY incurably dull and unspontaneous ass can occasionally want to get the hell out of town.

Anyhoo, here is a Bruce/Steve picspam, because maybe it's the time that I was having a flashback at a concert and Steve proceeded to try and be my BFF talking, but these motherfuckers really are among the few things that will never fail to cheer me up.

Warning: contents include Silvio Dante's sex face. )
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2. [personal profile] inlovewithnight and I have been mainlining How I Met Your Mother the past couple of weeks. Apparently I have an epic post in me about how Robin/Barney, while it looks great from a distance, doesn't actually work, because deep down they really want completely different things. Actually I've tried to write that post several times, and then abandoned it each time, because I realized I was projecting all over the place. But seriously, dudes, watch ANY EPISODE WHERE EITHER OF THEM DEALS WITH THE PROSPECT OF BABIES OR THEIR CAREERS. Who is invested in their career and traveling the world as part of the adventure of their career? Is it both of them? IT IS NOT. Who really really loves babies? Is it both of them? IT IS NOT.

Basically I have this theory where in an alternate universe where bisexuality and polyamory are the norm, Barney is the Ted of the group. THINK ABOUT IT.

Or, rather, the second Ted, because in that universe, the show is not called How I Met Your Mother, it's called How I Married Barney. Or it's still called How I Met Your Mother, but the mother is part of Barney's dream "2.5 kids and 2.5 partners" scenario, where the two partners are Ted and the mother (or, ideally, Robin, but again, she does not want kids) and the ".5" is a placeholder for the series of partners he and/or Ted and/or the mother have.

3. Then today we ran out of HIMYM DVDs and I couldn't be bothered to AHEM the sixth season just yet, plus thanks to Tumblr I spent the last few days all starry-eyed over pictures of Blair and Serena, so we watched the first few episodes of Gossip Girl. SERIOUSLY WHY DOES EVERYONE ON THE PLANET NOT SHIP SERENA/BLAIR??????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!????

4. "I don't even know why you went to boarding school to begin with. Do you know how it felt calling your house when you didn't show up at school and having your mom say 'Serena didn't tell you -- that she moved to Connecticut?'"


5. Oh thank God, Night is apparently the only person besides me who doesn't care about Nate or Chuck, let alone Dan. UGHHHHHHH WHY IS BLAIR/SERENA SO AMAZING TO ME. Like, I have a couple other BFF OTPs (Ted/Barney, Bruce/Steve), and yet even though I'm totally into pairings that involve BFFs, not all BFF combinations result in pairings I'll be into. BUT SERIOUSLY BLAIR/SERENA, BRUCE/STEVE, AND TED/BARNEY, LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM.

6. Night and I were both all sad about how we had to go to work tomorrow until we remembered that it's a four-day week. We're still kind of sad, but at least the week that starts tomorrow doesn't last as long as usual.

7. She also thinks I should write the Bruce/Steve I really want to write, and just find/replace "recording studio" with "McLaren's", and "Bruce" and "Steve" with "Ted" and "Barney", respectively, not least because I'd probably get more readers that way. We E Street Bandomers are nothing if not realistic.

8. Is the way I feel about Blair and Serena the way fans of dudeslash pairings in things that otherwise have jack going for them feel ALL THE TIME?
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Hello, Internet! I am kind of sad and lonely lately. 'Tis the season and all, I guess. This morning I listened to loud music, mostly Beyonce and Joan Jett and some Clash and Ramones on the way to work. That helped. Also with [personal profile] inlovewithnight gone for the weekend, the cat always becomes super-affectionate with me, which is fun.

Plus apparently we are sharing our Yuletide letters in anticipation of Yuletide Madness! Mine is here. Also, my birthday is two weeks from tomorrow, I'm just putting that out there.

I have spent lots of time on Tumblr lately. It fits my attention span better, I feel like. At the moment mine mostly consists of Serena/Blair, Bruce/Steve, and some occasional Simpsons quotes, "Sophie Okonedo *_____*", and Harry Potter/Mean Girls macros, because for some reason Harry Potter/Mean Girls macros are always funny to me. Also, today I posted these two pictures in separate posts, one right after the other, and didn't notice until later.

Mostly I walk away wanting to do a Serena/Blair vid, about Serena running off pre-show and Blair hurting over it, set to "Bobby Jean". Maybe once I get my bonus + tax return and buy the new computer I'm planning on, I will vid more than once every two or three years, who knows?

I also started a gender-swapped and race-bent BtVS casting, but mostly it was an excuse to talk about Donald Glover as Buffy and Sophie Okonedo as Giles. THINK ABOUT IT. Or just talk to me about Sophie Okonedo in general. Q: how gorgeous is she? A: All of it. She is ALL OF THE GORGEOUS. Dear Sophie, we should have a gay Jewish wedding and then have lots of tiny babies, yes? Yes. Okay, glad we've got that settled.

Okay, back to cleaning; the fam is coming up to visit tomorrow, plus I have a bunch of baking to do. Happy Friday to all!
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Ughhhhh I am super-anxious today and IDKY. Wait, no, I totally do, because I tried to make a payment on my credit card via phone and the guy talked way too fast for me to understand half of what he said and even though I know for a fact I've got enough to cover the payment and the Thanksgiving dinner I am doing for the family, money stuff always freaks me out.

Instead, have some questions about things that make me happy while I take deep breaths and try to stop freaking out.

Question: How much better would the world be with a lot more lolsy roleplay fic? Partly this arose from us rewatching early X-Files, and someone comparing Mulder to a "creepy high school biology teacher", and then I said I really wanted fic where Mulder is trying to talk Scully into roleplaying it. I think we also discovered my Sex Chicken weakness, namely that there is a direct correlation between how likely I am to bail and how srs bzns everyone involved in the hypothetical scenario is taking said scenario. Then today I listened to the version of "Fire" from the DotEoT box set and holy shit, it is a scary enough song when a dude sings it, but then when, on the last verse, Silvio fucking Dante comes in to harmonize? NIGHTMARES FOREVER. Then me and [personal profile] inlovewithnight had this conversation.
Me: I'm just going to pretend it's the result of Bruce and Steve being really high and trying some kind of stupid roleplay. Lolarious roleplay attempts make everything better.
Night: Failiest roleplayers.
Me: ughhhhh now I want to write them having hilarious faily sex where Bruce is trying really hard to write this song and Steve just keeps trolling him and both of them are high and giggly and Steve is egging Bruce on because he thinks it's funny when Bruce tries to be ~smooth~.
Question: HOW IN LOVE ARE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND STEVEN VAN ZANDT? ANSWER: CRAZY IN LOVE. THEY ARE SO CRAZY IN LOVE. Ughhhh every time I think my love for this band has gone back down to normal-person levels something will happen, like a concert or Night getting the Darkness on the Edge of Town box set, and here I go again. GIRLS, WHAT'S MY WEAKNESS?


As Jim Cullen, author of Born in the USA: Springsteen and the American Tradition, noted, the two men "gazed" into one another's eyes as they sang and shared the microphone so closely their lips almost touched (Cullen 132).

...we will look at each other occasionally and say, "It's nice to be standing next to you, after all this time."

Question: How fucking high is Harrison Ford in this interview with Conan?

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ASS. When Max canceled his DC show, which was scheduled for like a week or so before Conan's new show was supposed to start, me and [personal profile] inlovewithnight were all hopeful, but then this came out, so basically that's double stamps for you this week, Max. Also, can we look at how they never actually get Max to comment in that article, but instead they have Little Steven sounding vaguely confused about why he's there himself?
Me: Why the fuck is Steve the person they get to comment on this?
Night: I think they just have two E Street Band phone numbers at Rolling Stone, and Bruce wasn't picking up.
Me: Maybe they've got pictures of Steve --
Night [despondent]: Please don't pursue that line of thought any further.
[her tone cracks me up]
Me: Oh my god, your voice.
Night: I know you, and I have to go to bed soon, and I don't want the images you're going to put in my head following me.
I'm trying to think of something snappy to defend myself with, but eh, let's face it, she's totally right.
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i. I'm not dead (it's been a week since I last posted, so I thought you might be wondering, because we all know how hard it is to shut me up normally)!

ii. Holy shit it is September.

iii. There really isn't a whole lot going on, and I haven't been feeling particularly connected to fandom lately, and have mostly been doing writing over at the non-fannish blog I'd started with a couple of friends, since two of us are social media professionals -- well, one of us is, but while I don't officially do that yet, I've become the de facto social media coordinator for Generic Publisher and I'm probably going to push in the future to transition that to my official title, since I think it's where I'm contributing the most and where I have the potential to make the biggest difference -- and it seemed like it might be helpful to actually have a social media presence. I would link it, but it's under our real names, and while I don't mind one-way traffic from my fannish journal to my real name, the co-bloggers might not be comfortable with the same. But if you're interested, let me know and I'll point you towards it!

iv. Holy shit it is September.

v. Most interesting thing happening lately, fannishly, is probably either the teaser-clip that's been released from the upcoming Darkness anniversary set (WORDS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!) or the dream I had last night where Cobra Starship, various 70s-era E Street Band members, and [personal profile] redbrickrose and I all went to some kind of Hogwarts-esque school together. Victoria, [personal profile] redbrickrose, and I were roommates. There were a lot of make-out parties. It was pretty rad.

vi. A lot of my energy at the moment is actually going towards religious stuff -- I met with Rabbi L. last week and she said she thought that at our post-High Holy Days meeting it'll be time to sit down and figure out a hard timeline for the Official Conversion Things -- the paperwork and the beit din and the mikveh. I have a couple of different posts, about connecting to the community and how moving to a part of the DC area with a huge Jewish population has helped, and about the High Holy Days, coming up, but I will save those for the conversion filter and spare you dudes who aren't interested (if you ARE interested, of course, just let me know that you want in on the conversion filter).

vii. Holy shit it is September.
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I suspect it's going to be a spammy kind of day. My apologies.
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So while going through various piles of stuff in preparation for moving, I found the Uncut magazine from about a year ago with the article entitled "From Asbury Park To The Promised Land: Bruce Springsteen, by Miami Steve Van Zandt". It is an entire interview -- several pages long -- all about their ~relationship~. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, UGH ILU GUYS SO MUCH.

Since a couple of different searches on the magazine's website didn't turn it up, I decided to type it up and share some of the highlights for you guys, even though there are like three other people who care, and one of them, [personal profile] inlovewithnight giggled over my ~dramatic readings~ when I initially found the magazine again on Sunday.

A few short highlights, before I go to the longer bits!
  • Steve apparently agrees with me that Darkness might be Bruce's "best collection of songs"! I had a srs bzns discussion with New Manager the other day where we argued about BtR vs. Darkness, and I was trying to explain that no, I totally agree that song-for-song, Born To Run is better, but I think that, for me, as a whole album and/or as a narrative, Darkness On The Edge Of Town hangs together better and is doing a lot more interesting things. Everyone else's mileage may vary, obvs, but it's nice to know that Steve will back me up on that.
  • Then he says "My theory is that once upon a time we danced to rock'n'roll, and then we started listening to it, and it's been downhill ever since." IAWTC, STEVE, IAWTC SO FUCKING HARD.
  • "He had seven Top 10 singles [off Born In The USA], which is just completely...inappropriate." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, STEVE, YOU ASSHOLE. ♥_____♥
  • "It was all very exciting being involved with the Obama campaign, but it was the most difficult time I've ever had keeping my mouth shut. When he lost New Jersey, I had to be chained to the bed." Steve, I wife you pretty hard, but talking about being chained to the bed is just TMI.
And now, Some of the longer bits. )
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i. Good afternoon, Internet! Here is "Don't Stop Believin'" being performed by Bruce Springsteen, Lady GaGa, Sir Elton John, Sting, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Blondie. To quote [ profile] baked_goldfish, who emailed it to me, "THAT'S IT, THE INTERNET IS OVER, JUST SHUT IT DOWN, PACK IT UP AND GO HOME." Maybe I'll keep hoping for a studio version, or at least a professionally-mastered copy of this, rather than a tinny bootleg, but if they ever release that I don't know what I'll do with myself. Or just a version that's only Gaga and Bruce and maybe Blondie and/or Dame shirley, because I am actually not a big fan of giant, many-person collaborations in general. Nonetheless, the mere fact that this exists is forcing me to reevaluate my entire cosmology.

ii. I am doing an overnight trip to NC tomorrow, driving down after Torah study (which I am leading, ahhhhh that will be scary because everyone is a million times more well-read than I am, but I think I've done enough research/reading to have a few things to get discussion started, and then I can just let them go and play referee when people start interrupting each other)! That will be fun; I will finally see Iron Man 2 and if there's time I will drag Dommi to The Losers. Then next weekend is my sister's graduation Saturday morning and a friend's wedding Saturday afternoon, then the weekend after THAT...I actually don't think I have anything going on, and it's a three-day weekend, so that's really nice! How is it halfway through May already, lordy-loo.

iii. I got this necklace yesterday! That is to say, I bought it a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. I have ~feelings~ that I will save for the conversion filter, but in more mundane news, I went out and bought a new chain for it from Target because the one it came with was just too heavy-looking. So if anyone wants a sterling silver snake chain, give a holler.

iv. WORK STUFF: I am perceived as a competent adult? What? )

v. OTHER WORK STUFF: chatter about the general office environment )

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