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Hey bandom! Again, I know you guys have had some tough times lately, but, question, are all your bands' members STILL ALIVE?

You're doing better than the E Street Band, then.
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I understand everyone is pretty distressed over some stuff Pete Wentz said on Twitter, and I am sorry you guys are sad. I believe I can offer some ~comforting history~. Yes it all comes back to the E Street Band with me in the end, whatever whatever.

OKAY HERE IS THE THING. First while the E Street Band was recording Born In The USA, Steve left the band and Bruce was HEARTBROKEN!!!! and wrote "Bobby Jean" about him. And while everyone in the band showed up individually on the next album, Tunnel Of Love, it is generally not considered a band album. And then after ToL he gave up entirely, broke up the band and ran off to California and had a nervous breakdown and got married and made some forgettable solo albums with what everyone refers to as The Other Band.


In 1999 they did a reunion tour! They were in great form and it went over really well with everyone and they all seemed to be having a lot of fun onstage!


In late 2001 someone pulled up next to Bruce while he was driving, rolled down their window, and said "we need you right now", and he started writing some songs, showed them to a couple of people, and realized that these were not songs for a solo album, they were songs for THE LEGENDARY E STREET BAND. So he GOT THE BAND BACK TOGETHER and made three more albums with them over the course of the next few years and this past November they just finished what was close to two straight years of touring, with just a month or so's break here and there.

In fact, at a show on that tour, someone held up a sign that said "my band broke up, play 'Backstreets'" and here is that performance! Note the moment at 5:35 after the line "on the backstreets until the end" where he looks ~wistful~ and says "yeah, it's tough when your band breaks up :')" and remember that even as he is saying that he is right there with the band after they have gotten back together. It's a happy ending!

In conclusion, you never know with failbot manchild musician types. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

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HEY LET'S TALK ABOUT ME AND [ profile] inlovewithnight'S GENIUS NEW IDEA. Alternate Buffy season 4-onwards, where instead of Spike, an entirely new vampire is the one who escapes from the Initiative and comes to them begging for help: Pete Wentz.
  • He'd be all "let's play Scrabble, guys! :D? :D?" and want to help with Thanksgiving dinner, and they're all "you're supposed to be evil," and he's like "right, I totally want to kill you all, but also I can help with the stuffing! also do you think we can maybe put some blood in the cranberry sauce?" and Buffy is already crazy over Thanksgiving dinner and yells that they are not putting blood in her perfect cranberry sauce, is she going to have to stake him?
  • He would accidentally set Giles' books on fire and then write him a song as an apology!
  • He would "stalk" Buffy by bringing her presents and trying to get her to start a band!
  • SEASON SIX. He and Buffy would just cuddle and cry at each other a lot.
  • OMWF. Fall Out Boy doing OMWF, guys. I am not so much in love with this for the music itself, but for THE TIE-IN MERCHANDISE THAT WOULD RESULT. The hoodies, think of the hoodies! Gabe could guest-star as Sweet, the demon who's responsible for it all and wants to drag one of them off to the underworld to be his queen!
  • Or Kanye could be Sweet and do remixes of all the songs for the SECOND tie-in album, and Gabe could be in the Halloween episode as the boy who's trying to get in Dawn's pants!
  • ...your brilliant idea here?
IDEK. I am filled with delight. I'm not sure whether the idea is for Pete himself to be the vampire, or for Pete to be playing the vampire. Or maybe some weird Being John Malkovich thing where Pete Wentz plays Pete Wentz, vampire.

This is probably one of those times where the scope of the thing is such that I lament harder than ever that I don't have the power to make fic appear in the tubes using only my mind.

ATTENTION! After everyone decided that it would work best as a ~shared universe~ where everyone can write in it and that lessens the likelihood that someone (eg me) will just keep saying they're going to write it one day and then not doing it, I made a community; it is at [ profile] wentzed_dale.
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HAY SO REMEMBER WHEN ERICA AND I TALKED ABOUT THIS? And then there was a "share snippets of a bandom AU" meme somewhere in someone's journal and I actually wrote a little and people -- like, total strangers! why is this fandom so nice, guys? what the hell? and a lot of them like stories about girls! WHAT THE HELL? -- were all like ":D" over the idea and someone was even all "OMG Patti Scialfa in a bandom high school AU!"


I might've written some bandom fic.

Title: Profess Courage And Act Accordingly
Fandom: Bandom
Characters: Greta Salpeter, Victoria Asher, Patti Scialfa
Rating: PG
Notes: AU. SHUT UP [ profile] roz_mcclure YES EVERYONE IS A SLAYER IN MY WORLD. I mean, technically they're not Slayers because it's not the Jossverse, but there are vampires and they fight them. LOOK IT'S MY 1950S HIGH SCHOOL AU AND I WILL HAVE HOT GIRLS FROM BANDOM FIGHT VAMPIRES IF I WANT.
Words: 775
Disclaimer: Um. As indicated by the "hot girls fighting vampires" part, this is so totally not real. Enjoy!
Summary: Greta knew that Vicky and Patti were Bad News. )


Mostly I'm just happy that I actually wrote some fic. Maybe I can keep from writing that stupid fucking Bonosteen that won't get out of my head. GO AWAY BONO STOP OOZING ALL OVER BRUCE STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

Also, I'm sick of crossposting so I'll probably just be putting my fic here from now on. Awesome.
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[ profile] todaymylove thinks this icon should say "Bruce Springsteen is gangsta like that", but you know, I kind of think the picture speaks for itself.

Also, I had been planning on making Dommi something along these lines anyway ever since our first conversation on the topic several days ago, and then [ profile] baked_goldfish did a Misc. Springsteen Pictures post and in it were yet more pictures of Bono skeeving all over an oblivious Bruce, and, well.

Bono is why we can't have nice things. )

ETA: You know, the more I look at it, the more I think that picture is missing something.

And I think I know what it is. )

There we go.

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