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i. I began the paperwork for the apartment I saw on Saturday! It is in Silver Spring, and it is just gorgeous, and everyone I encountered in the building was incredibly nice. I have a couple of leads on roommates, but I will keep the Internet posted on that front because I may yet need someone for up to six months.

ii. I saw The Losers with the Cabal yesterday. That movie needs to win all of the awards. ALL OF THE AWARDS. Every Oscar, every Emmy, every Country Music Award, every Nobel prize. We need to cancel the London Olympics and give all the medals to the people involved in this movie. It managed to not offend me! I love action movies like crazy, but for the most part they range from "moderately offensive" to "very offensive". More on that note, spoilery. )

Also, shocking exactly no one, Aisha/Clay is pretty much the hardest I have ever shipped anything since Mulder/Scully. I almost don't need fic, because everything I would want from fic was right there in the movie, although if anyone wanted to write millions of fics about them brawling and doing it and brawling some more and doing it some more I would not object. *_______* My one complaint is that again, just in case )

And just as I gleefully whispered to [personal profile] redbrickrose that this was the greatest movie ever made, they started the recurring musical theme of mildly spoilery ). I don't think I stopped grinning and flapping my hands with delight for the entire rest of the film. Seriously, any movie whose summary concludes with spoilers ) is fucking art. ALL OF THE AWARDS.

Between this and The Runaways, 2010 has been such a great year for movies. DELIGHT.

iii. I woke up pretty early this morning, IDK what's up with that. I had planned to sleep more, but I don't think that's going to happen because I am feeling pretty wide awake. Maybe I'll get my workout done, I've been neglecting it for the past week or so.

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