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whyyyyyyyyyy did I make the mistake of watching the cut Osgiliath scene from Two Towers with [personal profile] inlovewithnight. Better question, WHY DO I STILL HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT BOROMIR. It's just not appropriate by now. /o\

Several people have asked me to write them Buffy/Boromir at this point, and/or expressed shock that I haven't. Maybe I just need to do that for several squares on kink_bingo. Ahhhh it would be so cute, they would beat Orcs up and she would say she doesn't do beer and he would be like "it's okay, this is mead! :D? :D?" and they would compare swords and then start arm-wrestling and it would turn into sex while they're supposed to be doing serious battle-planning things. It would be amazing.

...that's pretty much the summary of every OTP I've ever had, really, now that I think about it. W/E W/E.
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Great thing about watching LotR with [personal profile] inlovewithnight: it turns out she is the one person who arrived at the Aragorn/Boromir/Arwen place while watching Fellowship, and I'm like THIS IS WHY WE WERE MEANT TO BE FRIENDS, because you arrived there completely on your own.

I refer you again to the conversation we had earlier. And I had to apologize later, after I'd posted that, and clarify why I was loling, and be like "no, see, the reason I was loling over you asking if there was Aragorn/Boromir is because it's sort of like watching, IDK, SGA and asking if there's any fic about McKay and Sheppard, it's such a hugely popular pairing. The reason I lol'd even harder when I said 'the reason it would be weird is if you wanted an icky girl involved and were wanting, like, Aragorn/Boromir/Arwen' and then your reaction to that was '*____* IS THERE ANY OF THAT B/C AMAZING' and the thing is, back in the day, THAT WAS MY THING." It is unnerving if delightful for me to have someone arrive at the A/B/A place with minimal if any encouragement from me, because normally they're like every other pairing I'm into, where I have to browbeat people into it or they just smile and nod because they like me and it's my weird thing so they'll go with it. I'm not used to people actually being into it.

And then she was like "BUT IT'S SO OBVIOUS, ARWEN AND BOROMIR ARE BOTH SO INVESTED IN ARAGORN AND HAVE SO MANY ~FEELINGS~ ABOUT HIM, WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO READ TONS OF IT" and I was like "THANK YOU, EXACTLY". Like, combine this with the fact that the first Steen show I went to, I found out later, talking to her, that she had been visiting DC and gone to that exact same show and we'd both been in the audience, and I'm like "clearly, we were ~destined~ to be buds."

TL;DR me and Night have pretty amazing discussions anytime, but especially when watching LotR. Or, as she calls it, the saga of the Bro Lords of Gondor. )

so yes. BASICALLY ME AND NIGHT HAVE THE BEST DISCUSSIONS EVER. I don't even know where to begin with the things we were saying during the cast featurettes, oh goodness. HILARITY. Now we're waiting for the stream to buffer on the Bruce & Stevie Show Part II, because AHHHHHHH MY HEARRRRRRT. more on THAT later, let me tell you.
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Dear GMU



Like, seriously. I was not optimistic about the odds of our winning, but a) I was not optimistic about the odds of our beating Villanova a few days ago, so hey, what do I know? And b) I figured we would at least be able to walk away with our heads held high. Instead it ended with me muttering about how I was going to find out where the players live and key their cars and Flatmates R and A (from when I was living in London, UGHHHH we still have the best times together, IL them so much, PLUS [ profile] austen was able to make it, too!) deciding that keying their cars was too good for them because it wasn't humiliating enough. So then I just yelled sadly through the green megaphone on our table.

[ profile] austen: They haven't even taken a shot yet!

But I finally got a bumper sticker for my car out of the deal! Though me, R, and A agreed the stickers looked exactly like the parking passes we had when we were there, but that just made us fonder. Initially. Until the team completely fucking shamed us, I mean. There was lots of beer, though. I ordered Sam Adamses, on account of how he was a brewer...AND A PATRIOT. :D? :D? It didn't help with the game at all, but at least it eased the sting of the complete fucking humiliation we suffered. Then I got home and this (rough approximation) happened:
[personal profile] inlovewithnight: Hey! So, it sounds like it was a bummer? :(
Me: Just look at the score for yourself, I can't even deal with it and I can't possibly be humiliated further tonight.
[pause, clacking of keys as Night checks the score]
NIGHT: ...oof. Ouch.
Bright side, if you can call it that: I was watching LotR:EE with Night, the cast commentary, because she's watched the DVD with her brother but, as she and I were talking about, she hasn't had the fanGIRL experience, only the fanBOY one. So in the midst of me getting super-defensive and ranting a bunch re: Gondor comes the scene where Boromir comes across the shards of Isildur's sword in Rivendell.
NIGHT: So maybe this sounds crazy, there any Aragorn/Boromir?
ME: ...are you joking?
ME: No, I meant the 'are you joking' to mean...seriously, of course there's Aragorn/Boromir. Like, the only time I'd expect that to be unusual is if it was "is there any 'Aragorn/Boromir/Arwen'."
NIGHT: Ooh, that sounds NEAT. I hate to even ask, but is there...?
ME: /o\
Oh LotR I love you so much, why is my nostalgia so great lately. At least it's serving to take my attention off of the horrific experience that was the game tonight. :D? :D? :( :( :( :(
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First of all, belatedly, to one of the friends I made from this fandom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] cruisedirector! <3!

Second of all, [ profile] newredshoes linked to this post, which reminded me that as of the 17th of this month it will have been six friggin' years since Return of the King was released. Six friggin' years!

Q: Jules, after all this time, do you still have a Middle-earth boyfriend?


I WOULD STILL MARRY BOROMIR SO HARD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. He tries so hard, guys, and he fails so bad and three friggin' arrows, dudes, THREE FRIGGIN' ARROWS it still takes before he will stay the fuck down. Plus he's totally not dead anyway, there's a missing scene where we elope.

I still like the AU in my head where they didn't back down from having Arwen among the company of Elves at Helm's Deep, also. And then she and Aragorn have crazy stressed-out sex in a corner before the battle begins, that would be smoking. I loved badass Arwen from the first movie so much. And man oh man can we talk about the &Rohirrim; and how amazing they were? I need to watch again, I had some kind of kneejerk reaction to Eowyn for awhile where I was really irritated by her; I think maybe a couple of people I couldn't stand were being obnoxious about how she was the~ only interesting woman Tolkien wrote~ and it made me >:( but anyhoo, maybe it has been long enough that I am over that! That would be swell, because I want to like her.

In conclusion!

Q: Jules, it has been six and a half years since you got the banner of Gondor tattooed on your back, any regrets?
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[Poll #1358222]ii. Watchmen meetup: at the moment, I'm thinking Saturday at the Hoffman, either the 3:15 with lunch beforehand or dinner afterwards or the 7:00 with dinner before. Preferences?

iii. Dad: FYI, [JULES'S MOM], Jules's car is blocking you in, just so you know before you leave for work.
Mom: Why are you bringing me problems and not solutions?
Dad: I'm not, I'm just saying.
Mom: You are! Well, I got problems of my own! We're all dying and one day the sun will go black!
[Me and Doug go from snickering at them to laughing hysterically.]
Mom: wonder you guys are so messed up.

iv. On the phone with [ profile] sink_or_swim, discussing my going to see Watchmen.
D: I honestly think you'll probably be okay. That scene is nothing like what happened to you.
Me: No, and I've got plenty of warning. I know it's there, I know how it goes, I know it's intense. Last time I had a triggery incident, I wasn't expecting it, so it was like "LOL HI SURPRISE RAPE".
D: Plus it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Me: Yeah, IDK who looked at him and thought "y halo thar Comedian" because he's pretty much the least threatening dude ever.

vi. It's a snow day, and I'm having cake for breakfast. OH YEAH. Actually, I'm not affected by the snow; I was scheduled to have today off anyway. But I went out and took some pretty pictures and now I have cake while my hands thaw. :D

vii. This weekend, as they seem to do at least once a month, TNT ran LotR, and oh, man. Oh Theoden, why so totally badass? Oh Gandalf, why so fabulous? And oh, Boromir, you are now and forever my Middle-earth boyfriend. &hearthands;

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