Cap 3

Apr. 7th, 2014 07:36 am
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Yesterday I saw The Winter Soldier with [personal profile] cyprinella! It was fun. Cap is not really my favorite Avenger (&THOR;) but I got nothing against him, and enjoyed the first one well enough. I liked this one much more, though. I actually don't think any of this is spoilery, since it's mostly self-indulgent nonsense about the geography of the movie. )

Besides that, I got a permanent crown on one of my teeth on Saturday. I lost most of my weekend, and foresee losing most of my spare time in the foreseeable future, to Mass Effect. That's some game, huh?

oh come on

Jun. 9th, 2013 02:35 pm
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ahhhhh this stupid fic is already at nearly 6k, are you kidding me??? I just want to get some silly PWP kicked out in time for k_b amnesty, come on. On the one hand, I want to give up on getting it done for that and just do a drabble bingo to to get the credit for finishing, and finish this independently, but on the other hand, I sort of suspect that if I don't have that deadline hanging over my head I won't actually finish it at all? THIS DUMB HOBBY. /o/

It's getting all plotty and characters are having feelings at each other and omggggg IM3 gave me so many ideas for this stupid OT4 and come onnnnnn, why can't I just make my paper dolls kiss and be done with it. >:|


Ugh, maybe I can just cut down the intro and the first sex scene; I think they work as a complete story. I can post them as is and then post the rest of it as a sequel or an extended version or as later chapters on AO3. Or maybe I'll just write a bunch of Sansa drabbles and keep plugging away at this? DECISIONS. This hobby, etc.
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Ughhhhhh I keep trying to start drabbles so I can try to get something actually produced for k_b before amnesty ends and I keep ending up with actual stories that I am probably never going to finish, this hobby is the worst. >:(

On the other hand I am pretty delighted with this new, post-IM3, Tony/Jane/Thor/Pepper story for "rough body play", where Pepper and Tony propose a sex surrogate system so that Thor and Pepper don't need to worry about hurting their partners.

And now all eyes are on her. Thanks, Tony, she wants to say, but she looks into her glass a little more, and takes another sip. With her free hand, she takes Thor's in her own again, gives it a squeeze, to let him know she's not upset. "It's not a bad idea," she says.

She thinks she deserves a snappy superhero title just for daring to look at Thor after she says it, but instead of the big aching blue eyes she's expecting, he's gazing at their hands, too, and when he looks up and meets her eyes, they're just as full of warm curiosity as if she were explaining another theory to him.

So she does.

"We have to be so careful," she says. "I'm guessing that now, with the Extremis formula still in progress, they do, too." That helps get the blushing she can feel under control, the reminder that they're not the only ones with that problem in this building. "In even more ways than we do," and now she feels safer, now that she's back to hypothesizing. This is her ground, like battles are Thor's and mechanics are Tony's and making everything go smoothly is Pepper's. "Pepper doesn't only have superhuman strength to deal with. The Tower's well protected against electricity, so your storm-related abilities aren't as big an issue as her temperature ones. If she gets too hot -- "

"Well, she's always been -- " Tony begins, presumably because it's been far too long since anyone paid attention to him, but Jane just laughs the way she almost never does when Tony feels the need to offer commentary while she's working things out.

It has a line where Jane has to tear herself away from Thor lest they spend the evening gazing into each other's eyes gooily and "giggling like stoned undergrads", which I kind of adore.

Progress has been further hampered by the fact that mother has developed an uncanny ability to Skype me literally seconds after I've opened a document to work on some porn. Seriously, uncanny is in fact the word I want. I'm on my fourth attempt this week and this is the first one where it hasn't happened. I can't be mad, though; they've got a new computer with a little camera on it, so this is the first time in a year-plus that I've actually seen her instead of just talking on the phone.

(With her hairstyle -- and the dry heat helping her keep her hair flat -- and her new glasses she looks like Meryl in The Devil Wears Prada, and given how much she and I look like each other, I am now super-jazzed about how I'm going to look in thirty years.)

Also, I rewatched Avengers for the first time in ages last night. Still delightful, still want Loki to JUST SHUT UP UGHHHHHH. "I remember you tossing me into an abyss." YOU LET GO WHILE HE WAS BEGGING YOU NOT TO, YOU JACKASS. On the one hand, as [personal profile] fox1013 pointed out on Twitter, gaslighting is basically Loki's canonical superpower, but on the other hand, with mind control being such a thing, I sort of find myself wondering if there's not going to be a big twist where Loki may have been under some other influence himself? I should admit that I don't want this as an exculpatory thing so much as because I think it would be really, really funny if Brilliant Superior Loki were actually being played like a fiddle the whole time. Apparently fandoms being trolled is my fandom now; see also the amount of time this week I spent cackling at [ profile] redweddingtears.

Iron Man 3

May. 6th, 2013 08:18 am
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Yesterday, I went with [personal profile] cyprinella to see Iron Man 3 for her birthday!

Thoughts. )

Finally, I need Pepper/Tony/Jane/Thor more than ever. Seriously, I need SO MUCH fic where more spoilers ) And, of course, I've talked about this before, but I still need SO MUCH FIC where Jane and Tony try to one-up each other with inventions ("I built most of this equipment myself!"), maybe while Thor and Pepper look on amused and do each other's hair, but not necessarily, just Jane and Tony getting annoyed with each other because they're too similar is okay too. Is there an AU where Jane Foster, profligate billionaire, is Iron Man and Tony Stark, astrophysicist, finds Thor? I feel like I heard about one, but maybe that was just wishful thinking. If it's not, someone needs to link me to it ASAP, please and thank you.
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Whyyyyyyyyy isn't there all of the Tony/Jane. Like, set during the interval between Thor and Avengers. I mean, I could totally go for an AU where Jane has Selvig's role in the Avengers movie, but I would also completely settle for Jane/Tony sexy adventures. Possibly they build a TARDIS and challenge the Doctor to races.

And, you know, also lots of Thor/Tony, but I think I've complained to y'all about the lack of that plenty of times already. I like to keep it fresh.

(Ugh why won't this half-finished fic just write itself already???)
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doot doot doot re-watchin' Thor and drinkin' beer and workin' on my "possession/marking" square for k_b
It's not that Jane doesn't appreciate free room and board, and lab space, and millions of dollars of equipment, and everything. It's just that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Or something along those lines.

The thing is.

The thing is --

Okay, she's not 100% sure she can explain what the thing is in words, but it definitely has something to do with the fact that half of what's around her these days has a Stark logo on it, and half of what's left is from a completely different corner of the universe.

If she's thinking of it when she leaves for the lab in the morning, she has her own coffee mug. Times she's thinking of that: maybe three out of every ten. The rest of the time, it's a Stark Industries mug, or, on one memorable occasion, a goblet Thor insisted on fetching from his room for her.

He keeps them in the cupboard with the rest, which is mostly Stark-labeled glassware.
Yep. I really got nothing else at the moment, mostly, I just have this pretty delightful outline worked out on paper, so hopefully I'll actually have it as a full fic before too long. UGHHHH THOR/JANE/TONY HOW SO GRATE.

("I made most of this equipment myself!" No seriously Internet how great would Jane and Tony yelling at each other about inventions and making out be? THINK ABOUT IT.)
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[ profile] rarepairfest is so very much up my alley it's ridiculous. I spent so long agonizing over my nominations, guys, it was absurd. It's Yuletide for people like me, who enjoy big fandoms but invariably end up not giving a fuck about the juggernaut pairings and are into very small weird little ships. ALL OF THE ARAGORN/BOROMIR/ARWEN AND THOR/TONY AND SANSA/DANY, ALL OF IT. \o/

[personal profile] such_heights is hosting an Avengers kiss prompt 'fest and [personal profile] spicedrum knows me too well and left a Thor/Pepper (with or without Tony) prompt, and I am literally going out the door in five minutes and it is tragic. I mean, not that it would break my heart if someone besides me were to write Thor/Pepper(/Tony), because all of that, too.

(Re: going out the door in five minutes, fingers crossed? It's a job interview, and a pretty rad position at a super-interesting place. They've asked for my references, which seems like a promising sign, and ugh, I could use this a lot. Fingers crossed and/or Thor/Pepper(/Tony), please.)

Ugh, I'm having so much trouble with DW lately. I suspect it's related to the modem/router issues I've been having in general and I just need to grit my teeth and call Comcast, but haaaaaaaaaate. :(
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Right, come on, someone give me prompts to work with, because apparently Thor/Jane/Tony fic won't get produced otherwise.

Here's a snippet of something, if you'd like!
Jane punches Tony in the arm because she's really sick of him having comebacks to everything, and he says "Ow," and she thinks he might be making fun of her, but maybe not; she's used to doing it to Thor, and his standards are different.

"Think of something else to do," Jane tells them both, draining her margarita and taking the pitcher from Thor.

"God, I thought you were never gonna ask." Tony gets up, and before Jane can ask him what that's supposed to mean, he's shoving in between her and Thor. "Come on, clear some space," he orders.

"What the hell? Why?" she asks, and then he's kissing her.
Come on now. I am promising...200 words. You get 200 words if you leave me a Thor/Tony/Jane prompt. Obvs foursomes with Pepper are totally welcome. Just, any combination of the four of them except for just plain Tony/Pepper, because idk, there's plenty of it already and Thor is the one that actually gets me fired up, writing-wise.

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Heard back about one of the jobs I interviewed for last week, and didn't get it, which was a bit of a bummer, but it wasn't my first choice, anyway, so who knows, maybe the universe is just making sure my schedule's clear for the other! Which is a longer commute, but also a longer contract, better-paying, and very exciting work at a really cool place. Recruiter from the first job, though, is keeping tabs on things for me, and actually called me about another job, which I was supposed to interview for today, except that half an hour after she called me to confirm the details she got a call from them that they were suspending hiring for it. SAD TROMBONE. It's still not as interesting as the other one I'm waiting to hear on, though, so here's hoping.

Caught up on Korra! Man, though, reading reaction posts elsewhere definitely has me in a "wait, am I watching the same show?" place.

More Korra thoughts. A few spoilers. )

Avengers fandom-wise, I am appalled and saddened by the lack of Tony/Thor. :( They would just be such delightful FWB. Threesomes or foursomes with Pepper and/or Jane would also be grand! Come on, fandom. I mean, I don't expect floods of it, but I'd hope that more than a handful of things on AO3 would be do-able.
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HOW DO YOU FICLET???? If anyone has suggestions, they would be fab. I am in the full flush of new fandom, which I haven't felt in ages, but it is rapidly slipping away because of how I will start a ficlet and then it will balloon and I realize that I can't do this in a few hundred words and give up because have you seen my attention span? No really, have you seen it, because I haven't, I'd love to know where it is. :( :( :(

I just am completely incapable of getting a beginning, middle, and end untangled from the mess of a concept I'll be visualizing when I set out to write something, and then I get frustrated because of how long it's going to take and give up. Which I realize is silly because the only way to get better at anything writing-wise is to practice and if I don't do that then it's just going to continue being this difficult, blah blah blah self-fulfilling prophecy, but whatever, I'm sick and it's been an emotionally crappy couple of weeks, I'm allowed to roll around moaning to the Internet for awhile. The fact that less than a week after I posted it, the ridic Jane/Thor/Pepper/Tony I wrote is now my #1 by hit count on AO3 is a decent carrot in terms of making me want to write more, but then I just get even more frustrated and anxious because PRESSURE. Obviously my writing porny ficlets is super-important, everyone's counting on me!!!!!

What I am saying is, who wants to talk to me about Avengers ficlets I could write for them? (Probably these ideas should involve Thor, because completely unsurprisingly given that my favorite characters are inevitably the Gryffinest of 'Dors, he is my very favorite. I was this close to unfollowing someone on Twitter because they said his movie sucked, true story.) Maybe imposing a limit of a few hundred words and doing it on the fly as a casual comment-prompt-ficlet-thing will help shake something loose in my brain. And I can reward myself with doing them as I set to work on producing a coherent second draft of the Regency Superhero novel.

(I mean, I could go to the kinkmemes, but then I get too angry on behalf of Thor, because while there aren't tons of them, there are just enough people who characterize him as some kind of horrible monster or the obligatory rapist for h/c fics that I end up flipping over tables. Also unsurprising, on consideration, given that my other faves -- Boromir and Buffy most memorably -- are often cast as the villains, too. It doesn't happen AS frequently with Thor, thankfully, but just enough to fill me with rage. That's another post, though, I have terrible puns all lined up for it.)

Unrelated to anything, the more so because in a shocking twist it doesn't involve me whining about something, I checked the score this morning with the sense of resignation that is a natural state for any casual DC sports fan, and C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!

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