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What has two thumbs and has finally seen Pacific Rim? I needed someone to go with, because I really like doing Nerd Stuff with other people so I have someone to share it with, and fortunately my brother was interested, too.

I'd been kind of hesitant, also -- I've seen some discussion around the gender stuff, but honestly there was a story around Perlman's casting that put me off seeing it in a HUGE way, far more than the stuff I'd heard about the supporting cast largely being male. Cut less for spoilers than for, uh, some serious sketchiness. )

BUUUUUUT that aside, it was good fun! )

Anyhoo now I am going to get some cleaning done, I have been slacking on doing the full routine the past few weeks. Y'all should talk to me about it in the comments, though!
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So as part of my Jewmas observance, I went to see Les Mis yesterday! It was fun. Two non-spoilery notes: First, I fucking love musicals. I want way more musicals where it's played totally straight, without a lot of ironic winking at the audience about how it's unrealistic. Second, this was one of the Jewishest crowds I've ever been in. Including High Holidays services. The family next to me were discussing their friends the Cohens. It was so much fun.

Other stuff! )

All in all, I enjoyed it! Also it was at the Angelika location out in Falls Church, where morning shows are $6 and no one gave me judgmental looks for having a glass of wine at a 9:30AM movie. BIG UPS. It was like brunch, except with no orange juice, and a hot dog instead of brunch food, and also red wine instead of champagne.

Then I came home and cleaned a bunch and watched some Doctor Who, which I've been doing a lot of lately. Oh, Nine.
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In non-miserable, non-job-hunt-related news!

TV: I got the first season of Nurse Jackie at the used bookstore and ugh, Edie Falco, shut your fucking face, you are a national treasure. I am completely unable to crush on her in this role on account of how there are several moments where I can't even deal with how reminiscent Jackie is of my mother (this was not helped by the elder daughter's emerging anxiety/depression issues). As with Korra, I actually feel like this is a character I've seen a million times as a man, and if Jackie were male I would frankly probably loathe this show, but with a woman, ugh, I just can't even. So many interesting women! With so many different kinds of relationships with each other! And man oh man, as with Max on Happy Endings, I really fucking appreciate that they have in Momo a gay man who is not a stereotype. A gay man of color, even! Amazing! Also, because there is no such thing as stating this too many times, Edie Falco is a national fucking treasure. How is she so magnificent, just, how. I realize she's got three Emmys already, but that is not nearly enough.

Movies/Books/RaPS/There Is Good In The World And It's Worth Fighting For, Mr. Frodo: Apparently Dreamworks is making a True Meaning of Smekday movie, and it is going to have Rihanna and Jim Parsons, and any world where that is allowed to happen can't be a really hopeless one. If you haven't read that book, do yourself a favor and read it immediately, because it is glorious and is about a little biracial girl who goes on a road trip to find her mother and saves the world from two different alien invasions with the help of her cat. It is so funny you will cry, and it will make you cry a little with non-laughter tears, and also the aliens are a metaphor for manifest destiny. Come on now. And once you've read it, come back here and talk to me about how great it is, and I can point you in the direction of a couple of fabulous fic recs from previous Yuletides.

...I wonder if it's too late to start a letter-writing campaign for Edie Falco as Tip's mother.
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LOL LATEST TO THE PARTY maybe not though, if I can cram them quickly enough for the new movie! Per [personal profile] redbrickrose's example, I'm finally giving Twilight another chance in the form of audiobooks. Mostly whenever I try to read the paper books I get too annoyed because I have a huge stack of things I genuinely enjoy and want to read rather than just being morbidly fascinated by, why am I wasting my time on this, but I've worked my way through the back catalogs of a couple different podcasts now during work and I need something else to listen to in my car while I'm working.

I have all these super-complicated feelings about it as a phenomenon and as a book itself, the latter mostly involving how it's super-disappointing because I can totally see the seeds of some really brutal horror based in the way girls are socialized, with some hints of class stuff as well. Like, I've seen people saying "oh they're totally horror" but lol no, they are in fact romance, they just have some supernatural set dressing.

That said, here are two coherent thoughts:
  • If I thought it was supposed to be on purpose, the part where one of the only Austens Bella doesn't name-check is Northanger Abbey would be comedy gold. Perhaps she has a sneaking suspicion that Jane Austen doesn't have the highest opinion of gothic novels and melodramatic teenagers?
  • I kind of want to change my journal name to "traitor tears were there betraying me". I feel like it needs to be in all caps, although maybe that's just because I can't stop repeating it to myself and loling more and more each time. TRAITOR TEARS WERE THERE BETRAYING ME!!!!!!!! Deathless prose, trufax.
That said, I still enjoy them more than those Gail Carriger books, which Twilight actually reminds me of more than anything else. I saw those recced around and oh my lord, I hated them so much, I can't even. Just as much showing without telling and completely uncompelling romance, but Bella is somehow more likeable than the protagonist there, and this had far fewer offensive gay stereotypes, and I actually felt moved to continue to the next one, which I definitely didn't with Soulless.

Still jazzed that the new phenomenon is Hunger Games, though. TELL ME AGAIN HOW WOMEN CAN'T CARRY ACTION MOVIES, HOLLYWOOD. OH SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER ALL THE MONEY HUNGER GAMES IS MAKING. Although I was actually kind of disappointed by Harrelson's Haymitch, which was a bummer because when I first read that casting I was cautiously optimistic! But IDK, he just came off as a dude who was having kind of a bad week, not a dude whose reward for surviving brutal combat was to send his friends' and neighbors' children off to die brutally for the next twenty-four years. It was a bummer. I'm jazzed that there seems to be a small but vocal set of Katniss/Cinna fans, though, I was totally shipping that when I first read the books and am pleased that other people have joined the party. Also [ profile] sink_or_swim told me that Naya Rivera wants to be Johanna? I ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE, HOLY SHIT.

Also I got a Katniss action figure in NYC, at the Scholastic store. Then the next day, after [personal profile] cruisedirector requested that I look for one for her as well, we ended up at Forbidden Planet, where I got the very last one! It warmed the cockles of my shriveled little heart that there were stacks of Gale, slightly smaller stacks of Peeta, and almost no Katniss in both places.

Some stuff has actually happened in my offline life? Well, as I said, I went to NYC! Just for a couple of days, to visit [personal profile] fox1013 for the start of Passover. We watched all of Happy Endings, because apparently my current mission is to make everyone watch it. Apart from that there's really nothing. Possibly there will be more whining about my job search at some point; I was talking a little about it in another drafted post about what's happening non-fannishly, but then it turned into several paragraphs rather than a bullet point, so it might just have to be a post of its own, which you can more conveniently skip past.
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I realized it had been some time since I updated LJ, so here are some things going on with me.

i. Tuesday, [personal profile] baked_goldfish, [personal profile] redbrickrose, and I saw Circumstance, which was excellent. Oh man, Internet, being trapped in a situation, and getting out or even just learning to live with it is a favorite narrative framing device of mine, and this was such a great example of one. A few more thoughts. ) I have a lot more thoughts on it but I just keep adding to them, so maybe there will be a longer reaction post later. Only negative I have is probably the way the subtitles were done; they were only white, with no outlining or anything, so when the text showed up against a window you could lose something like half the line, and while you could typically guess what they were saying it was definitely distracting.

ii. Finally talked to one of my managers about going to part-time or contractor status sometime around the end of the year. I'd been sort of job-hunting for awhile, but I realized that honestly, what I want to be doing is writing, and as it is right now I just don't have the werewithal to manage it around another full-time job. And while I might find a full-time job that I enjoy more than the one I've got currently, I'd still have this same problem. So that will probably happen around December or January, knock wood.

iii. I've had a killer sinus headache for the past ten days and finally gave in and went to the doctor today. He basically told me to keep doing the things I was already doing, but also prescribed antibiotics, so I've at least got that going for me.

iv. I came to a pretty intense realization yesterday as the result of something I offhandedly tweeted, so I'm processing that. Again, possibly there will be a longer post later, but I have been absurdly sleepy all day and am pretty emotionally drained lately besides, so tl;dr-ing is not currently on the horizon.

v. I got a call the other day from a recruiting agent about a web developer job! I ended up passing on it, because it wasn't something I thought I'd like that much more than what I'm doing now anyway, and as said above it wouldn't serve my goal of giving me enough time to seriously devote to writing, and the timing of interviews and all was just too stressful (especially given that it wouldn't have been enough of a pay bump to make the other issues worth it). But it was nice to clarify to myself that writing full-time is, indeed, my goal, and I got a bit of phone-interview practice, and it's always a nice ego boost to have someone contact you for a job, especially a nice-sounding one. I'm not completely unemployable, hooray!

vi. I enjoyed the Community premiere, especially now that spoilers ) And P&R was fun, but I don't have quite as much yammering to do on it; it was just totally enjoyable. Also I kind of want I don't actually think this is a spoiler, but just in case ).

vi. I'm behind on Ringer and Downton Abbey, but the latter I know is and the former I suspect will be great "it's gloomy and I feel crappy and I want to drink wine and eat ice cream and binge on TV" choices, so I actually don't mind saving up a good backlog.

vii. Still not crazy about last week's Who in terms of story, although again, I think it was a very well-done episode. And I loved that minor spoiler ), that was wonderful.

viii. Next week I am going to NYC to spend part of the holidays with [personal profile] fox1013! \o/

UGHHHHHH okay I'm going to finish working on a few batches I brought home with me from work so I wouldn't have to use an entire day of sick time and could instead just use a half-day and scatter the work around to accommodate sleeping/doctor's appointments as necessary. Although possibly I'll take a nap first. And have another beer.
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Dear GMU



Like, seriously. I was not optimistic about the odds of our winning, but a) I was not optimistic about the odds of our beating Villanova a few days ago, so hey, what do I know? And b) I figured we would at least be able to walk away with our heads held high. Instead it ended with me muttering about how I was going to find out where the players live and key their cars and Flatmates R and A (from when I was living in London, UGHHHH we still have the best times together, IL them so much, PLUS [ profile] austen was able to make it, too!) deciding that keying their cars was too good for them because it wasn't humiliating enough. So then I just yelled sadly through the green megaphone on our table.

[ profile] austen: They haven't even taken a shot yet!

But I finally got a bumper sticker for my car out of the deal! Though me, R, and A agreed the stickers looked exactly like the parking passes we had when we were there, but that just made us fonder. Initially. Until the team completely fucking shamed us, I mean. There was lots of beer, though. I ordered Sam Adamses, on account of how he was a brewer...AND A PATRIOT. :D? :D? It didn't help with the game at all, but at least it eased the sting of the complete fucking humiliation we suffered. Then I got home and this (rough approximation) happened:
[personal profile] inlovewithnight: Hey! So, it sounds like it was a bummer? :(
Me: Just look at the score for yourself, I can't even deal with it and I can't possibly be humiliated further tonight.
[pause, clacking of keys as Night checks the score]
NIGHT: ...oof. Ouch.
Bright side, if you can call it that: I was watching LotR:EE with Night, the cast commentary, because she's watched the DVD with her brother but, as she and I were talking about, she hasn't had the fanGIRL experience, only the fanBOY one. So in the midst of me getting super-defensive and ranting a bunch re: Gondor comes the scene where Boromir comes across the shards of Isildur's sword in Rivendell.
NIGHT: So maybe this sounds crazy, there any Aragorn/Boromir?
ME: ...are you joking?
ME: No, I meant the 'are you joking' to mean...seriously, of course there's Aragorn/Boromir. Like, the only time I'd expect that to be unusual is if it was "is there any 'Aragorn/Boromir/Arwen'."
NIGHT: Ooh, that sounds NEAT. I hate to even ask, but is there...?
ME: /o\
Oh LotR I love you so much, why is my nostalgia so great lately. At least it's serving to take my attention off of the horrific experience that was the game tonight. :D? :D? :( :( :( :(
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FUCK YES, DADT. I have a whole hypothesis where this is going to be not only a big step on the road to marriage equality, but quite probably a direct cause of it. I'll spare you dudes the entire thing, but suffice it to say my money's on ten years at the absolute outside.

Less significant things that happened yesterday: the roommate and I saw The Tempest (which is playing at only one theater in the area so far)! It was really excellent and really dark and upsetting and very very clearly about how you can never really win against the kyriarchy, and while it was every bit as grim and depressing as that makes it sound, it was also very cathartic, too. Gorgeous-looking (weird music-video bits with Aeriel notwithstanding) and, of course, fantastic acting from all concerned.

I was sort of planning to go to Nellie's today, because they show all the football games and we're playing Dallas (I am not particularly invested DC's team -- I really hate the name and generally don't use it -- or Baltimore's, but I hate the Cowboys with every fiber of my being) and Sundays they have Drag Brunches, $20 for all you can eat (and first mimosa's free!) and if it's anything like Drag Bingo it will be amazing. Mostly today I am feeling kind of lazy and antisocial and crampy (ugh IDEK what the deal was, for some reason my PMS wasn't that much fiercer than usual, but it was spread out a lot longer so it seemed much worse, and it was such a freaking relief yesterday when my period finally fucking started) and not really wanting to leave the apartment anymore after my Big Epic Quest across the street for a hot water bottle and a bagel. Plus it was looking like I'd be the only one going, and these things are always more fun with other people.

But then I remembered that not only is it a DC sports bar when we're playing Dallas, but it's a gay DC sports bar and not only are we playing Dallas, but, at least as relevant to the patrons of a gay sports bar in DC, DADT is in its death throes as of yesterday (seriously, don't underestimate how much we hate the Cowboys). That might be just the pick-me-up I've been needing. Off I go, will report back later.
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I saw Inception at long last, with [personal profile] redbrickrose and [personal profile] inlovewithnight! It was good, albeit manpainy and full of Nolan-esque expositiony speeches. Also DiCaprio's face just cracks me up when the camera lingers on it for too long, IDK. It was well-done! It needed more ladies, though.

Does anyone have recs for Cobb/Saito or Cobb/Ariadne? Or really anything that doesn't involve Arthur or Eames or Fischer?

Look, I realize there probably isn't much of this beyond what [personal profile] redbrickrose and I have already found while trawling Delicious, because Ariadne and Saito are not bland white guys, but whatever, hope springs eternal! Ugh, this is the same problem I have with Jensen in Losers fandom, where I just don't care about The Nerd and thus most of the fic loses me from the get-go.
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[ profile] sink_or_swim and I saw Iron Man 2 last night! I was saying to her and [ profile] bnharrison that there's something kind of comforting in knowing no movie can ever stand up to The Losers in my heart. I'd heard mixed things, so I went in with fairly low expectations, too, which may have helped, but I still enjoyed this a fair bit! My thing with that franchise is that I basically ship Tony/everyone in the world except Pepper, because she is way too good for him, and also because there's too much of a caretaker vibe from her and that is really off-putting for me. Having said that, I was completely distracted by a pairing I really did not anticipate loving: I wasn't into it at all with the first movie, but with this one, I ship Tony/Rhodey so hard. It turns out I have a fair number of thoughts on this movie! )

Mostly, though, I still ship Serena/Blair/Tony Stark really hard, but now Rhodey should definitely be in on that too. He's probably got more sense than to have orgies with Tony and socialites, though, much to my (and Tony's) chagrin. [ profile] sink_or_swim suggested that maybe he likes to watch; that could be workable!

Now I should probably get dressed and get ready to drive back up. Good times.
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Here are some things that have been awesome this weekend (not a complete list):
  • I slept so much last night. I got home from drinks with a friend around eight and I was just out like a light, waking up briefly around four and then going back to sleep again and finally getting up around nine.
  • I saw The Runaways on Friday, and it was so excellent, oh my gosh. It is a coming-of-age rock-and-roll story, but it is about women, and thus I find it 100% more interesting (when they make the inevitable Springsteen biopic, I might be more fond of that, but it would have to work really hard). I felt like the cuts were kind of choppy at a couple of points, but that's pretty much my only complaint; the acting was fantastic and the cinematography was great (I am going to need so many icons from this movie, I can't even tell you). And of course the soundtrack was A+++++.
  • After temple yesterday, Mom and I went to Rosslyn for lunch, where we met up with [ profile] redbrickrose and had a really nice hour and a half.
  • Yesterday evening I met up with a friend I haven't seen in ages and had missed like crazy, one of my flatmates from when I was living in London. I took a chance and emailed her to say "hey, sorry I dropped off the radar, I had a rough couple of years, but I'd really like to start hanging out more often" and she emailed me back and was super-excited and we had beers and burgers. Such is the strength of our friendship that I braved Tysons for her, even! I still hate Tysons, but hanging out with A. made up for it. Then I came home and fell asleep (see top of list).
Ugh, I miss writing fic, though, or writing at all. Maybe I will try to get some drabbles written this week. Also, folks who signed up at [community profile] avatar_minis, I'm sorry about the delay in getting assigments out; I will get that done today, and of course the due date will be pushed back accordingly (so anyone else who might've wanted to give it a try, you've got another couple of hours to sign up).
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I have very little to say lately. Sry, bbs. I have been awful about writing lately, too; maybe I will do a prompt-collection thing later.

Odds of actually getting this job: depressingly slim. Whatever, it can't hurt to dream, right?
The International Spy Museum, the only public museum in the U.S. solely dedicated to the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage, seeks a dynamic and creative individual to serve as member of the Exhibitions and Programs team.

[ profile] inlovewithnight had a long discussion yesterday about this picture of Gabe Saporta, and where it ultimately ended was with us talking about how we really want Gabe and Steve Van Zandt to be New Jersey's answer to Zuko and Iroh. Think about it. Also now I have some kind of ridiculous fic that I think I promised to write, where Gabe starts collecting small babies and Bruce Springsteen tries to set him straight and it backfires horribly. I'm actually kind of sad that it's too late to do Bandom Big Bang, because I could take this idea far.

The Cabal saw How To Train Your Dragon last night! That was really delightful. [ profile] baked_goldfish and I decided that it was set in the same world as ATLA, just on some other continent, whatever the European analog in that world is. Other non-spoilery thoughts: I love that the dragons were really clearly cats, and also that Gerard Butler was gleefully playing a parody of every other character he plays, but especially Leonidas. And there was a trailer for The Last Airbender, which we all booed.
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Pesach sameach! [ profile] fox1013 and I found KfP booze and gelatin (or something gelatin-like, at any rate), so we're going to try our hands at making Passover Jell-o Shots! And I have introduced her to ATLA. Really, that's what it's all about. We're already up to "The Swamp".

I may have a more extensive update later? My computer really does not like Amy's wireless, for some reason. Also there's Avatar to focus on. IT'S JUST SO GOOD YOU GUYS. I got the DVDs in the beginning of January and I've already watched the entire show three times through, plus scattered other episodes many times.

Saturday I saw Shutter Island with [ profile] inlovewithnight and [ profile] redbrickrose. Non-spoilery thoughts. )

Tomorrow we're going to try for bookstores! Or possibly we're just going to sit around and watch more Avatar. And Thursday I have another job interview lined up! \o/

OH BEFORE I FORGET. I was talking to Night, and thinking about setting up something along the lines of [ profile] femslash_minis, but for Avatar. No specific type; gen, het, slash, and whatever else would all be fine, and we'd just do a different character each session. I might try running it on AO3. So would there be interest? Look out for that, I guess? Okay. I got nothing else.
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• My thread at that crankypants love meme is here.

+ It snowed last night, just enough that everything is pretty. I dashed down a couple of ~writerly thoughts~ by hand, but have not actually shaped them into anything attractive yet.

- I have to venture out and mail this thing for Ugh why do I sign up for this sort of thing, I never end up finding anything I want and I hate having to mail shit. ML;SH.

• Today, as LJ as my witness, I will actually write some shit. 1000 words of original, 500 of fic. Yes. I can do that.

Young Justice League cartoon!!!!! Okay, obviously I am jazzed about &Cissie; and &Superboy; (and oh my gosh that Cissie looks so badass) but NEEDS MOAR WONDER GIRL AND/OR EMPRESS. >:( >:( >:( Especially Empress, because unless Aqualad or someone is a character of color in the DCAU, man that is one white lineup. I'm given to understand there's some kind of embargo on Wonders at the moment, which explains the lack of Cassie, but I am cranky nonetheless.

+ Also I realized upon rewatching the trailer for The Losers another five times and finally being able to focus on something other than "ZOE SALDANA IS MAKING OUT WITH JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, HOLLYWOOD LOVES ME SO MUCH" that while it's a complete and total sausage-fest, the cast is pretty much half characters of color! And the one woman is a woman of color, so that is pretty cool. Still, NEEDS MOAR LADIES. Also JDM going "ladies? :D?" in such a way that you can hear the fingerguns in his voice is pretty amazing.

- I have a headache starting to develop. It sort of feels like it might turn into a migraine. Okay, I'm going to suck down some tea, because that helps, and pop a couple ibuprofen, and then venture out into the world.
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So, like, last spring there were rumors about The Losers, and IMDB said that Zoe Saldana AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan were both supposed to be in it, and I was like "haha, that would be awesome, too bad it's never going to actually happen" because IMDB is always showing fangirl rumors and people's wishful casting and stuff, it was no good to get my hopes up.


The only way I know that this is real, rather than my having finally snapped and just started imagining things, is that if it were me running it, it would be more like JDM was the only dude on the cast instead of Zoe Saldana being the only woman, or no, it would be more like 50-50 at least. And the music would be all Springsteen. Or maybe Cobra Starship, they're more action-movie-trailer-friendly. And more ladies, which I mentioned already, but bears repeating. That aside, why am I not watching this movie right the fuck now.





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I have been pretty in love with that chromatic casting meme going around! But pretty much everything I could think of, other people had already done. I sort of toyed with Firefly, but wasn't really too excited about it. Then it hit me -- I could do one of my favorite movies, National Treasure.

'Do you know what the Preservation Room is for?' 'Delicious jams and jellies?' )

I love this cast SO MUCH. Now, as much as I love that movie, I'm always going to be a little bit sad when I watch that movie and that's not Ben.
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So, the family went to see Zombieland, and it was pretty excellent! Spoilers! )

Also, [personal profile] fox1013, you may need to see it, because not only is it a zombie comedy, but throughout the movie, the hero tells us all about his various Rules. Although, as a warning, the big ending involves breaking one of his big Rules? That might prove triggery for you? IDK. I couldn't decide whether you would like that aspect or hate it. Zombie comedy! With a little girl as one of its characters!

In short: heartily recommended! Screamingly funny, kind of *faily but not actively so (mostly the kind of background radiation-type *fail that you're going to get in most things made in an *ist culture), and none of the comedy relies on *fail, kind of gross but so over-the-top it didn't bother me at all, and I am sort of tempted to request it for Yuletide, although I think most of the stories I want are (shocking no one) ridiculous crossovers. I also sort of think that this is what Supernatural wishes it was.

ETA: Sorry, messed up the spoiler tag at the end there the first time around. Fortunately weekend nights are usually pretty dead around LJ.

ETA2: Oh! Plus, there was a trailer for Ninja Assassin, and lol stupidest title ever, but holy crap, a martial arts movie that is not a "what these people need is a honky" movie! I got the impression it might have been a "what these people need is a Western guy" movie, but that might've been the actor's accent, not the character's, and he was still NOT WHITE. And it looked like the female lead (love interest?) was black! Like, I don't really care about that movie at all, but I might have to see it just on the basis of not being racefaily.
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Soon I have to go to work, so I'll be done spamming you guys for the day, but oh man, I had to post this.

So yesterday while I was working out I watched half of one of my favorite comfort food movies, and OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU GUYS, HOW HAS IT BEEN SO LONG SINCE I TALKED ABOUT HOW MUCH IL THIS MOVIE. I think those of you who haven't been here for more than a couple of years may not know about my deep and abiding love for it, because I had forgotten about my deep and abiding love for it and in fact did not expect to still have a deep and abiding love for it until I rewatched some of it last night and discovered anew that oh, yes, I still adore this movie with all my freaking soul.

Cut to spare your LJs, because this ended up even longer than I expected. /o\ )


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