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Oil change -- done. Phoning potential jobs -- half done. HR managers were busy when I called Place One, so I'm waiting for them to call me back for a phone interview. Place Two, I was able to set up the next interview, an in-person one, for Monday morning. \o/ Thank you so much for all the good luck wishes and suchlike, you guys. ♥

Also, I wrote this last night -- a bit of rare meta from me. Enjoy!

So there was that meme on my flist, where you pick some of the fics you're really proud of, and I started to do it, and then pretty much every fic I picked was a crossover fic, and I started to write a thing about why I love crossovers so much, and then it got out of control and wasn't so much a side note in between a couple of my picks as an actual post in and of itself.

Also, one time I had this dream where I wrote a sentence that wasn't an epic run-on. It was weird.

I...okay, I have this thing about crossovers. )

This was just supposed to be a quick note-jotting for a full entry later. Why. Also, I swear I had a crossover icon somewhere among these. Clearly I need to fix that.

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