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True story: I shouted "HE WAS A HERO" at my coworkers when B. broke the news and M. asked who Paul the octopus was. After I shouted "NOOOOOOOO", I mean.
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Oh, man, somehow I managed to forget about this picture until more than a year later. So, okay, last year at Comic-Con there was the Middleman panel, which was delightful, and then a cast/crew signing down on the floor. As we're right up at the table, about to get our stuff signed, guess who comes over from a neighboring booth to see what all the fuss is about, prompting Javi to geek out and ask if he could get a picture?

The Doctor & The Middleman

Colin Baker and Matt Keeslar. Oh yes, that is the Sixth Doctor and the Middleman.
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Seriously, Internet, try and tell me I'm imagining it.
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So [ profile] estarmuerta did one of those memes where you make a list of characters and then answer a bunch of questions by describing/writing a snippet of the fic that results from the scenario. I started to do it, and here is the thing, when I do those, I'll scatter characters from the same fandom around, and in this one, the numbering was such that I ended up with a bunch of prompts for characters from the same fandom. One was even for a threesome, but the places the characters occupied on the list meant it was Patti/Bruce/Steve. So I was mildly entertained, but there were not as many lols as I hoped for.

Except then one of the prompts was "baby fic", and the numbers for it yielded Buffy Summers and Steven Van Zandt", and basically I was stuck on "CHOKING WITH HORRIFIED LOLS, ASK AGAIN LATER". That said, I have this idea that I've been threatening to write for years now, where, like, a few members of the band are part of a couple of bastard lines of Watchers that lapsed, so they're familiar with the ~story~ but didn't have to work as Watchers and got to go have their own lives, except then after "Chosen" there are a few thousand new Slayers who need guidance/training and the Council's in pieces, so they get called up. It initially involved Patti being a Watcher, and Bruce being confused about why all these teenage girls with superpowers are living in the barn but just rolling with it and making them lots of pancakes, and then me and [ profile] baked_goldfish somehow came up with the idea of Steven Van Zandt, Demon Hunter, so I'm incorporating THAT as well.

Which is not to say that they would actually HAVE a baby, because oh Holy Mother of LOL NO, but I'm picturing a story where someone, like, leaves a baby Slayer on the doorstep of a Council building while Buffy and Steve are in charge, and there are hijinks while they try to figure out what the fuck to do about it.
"Well, you're the Watcher!" Buffy said. "You're supposed to know stuff! Maybe it's a prophecy baby or something? Find some books, look it up."

"Oh, yeah, I'll get right on that. You know me, I'm fuckin' great with the Babylonian."

"Sumerian," Dawn called from the next room. Steve narrowed his eyes in the direction her voice had come from, and even opened his mouth, except then Dawn added, "Or Akkadian, I guess. It would depend on the text."

"NOT HELPING," both of them yelled, and Buffy figured that at least they were agreeing on something.
...oh god why do I keep adding to this snippet? /o\

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