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Working on that association meme from the last post! Go and tell me things that you associate with me if you want to hear me ramble about shit. First up, [ profile] maidenjedi!

French and Indian War: So apparently several of my friends associate me with the French and Indian War, and now seems as good a time as any to explain what the deal with me and the French and Indian War is. Yes, I actually went for about five hundred words on this. Shut up. )

Cupcakes: IDEK. I like them! They're the perfect size for a one-serving dessert, and anyone who talks about how they shouldn't have frosting or should only have a little frosting is...I was going to say they're communists, but tbh I have more respect for communists than I do for those people. Wthout frosting, they're just muffins, people. If you want a muffin, have a fucking muffin. The frosting is part of the cupcake experience. Like, Red Velvet has these vanilla bean cupcakes, and honestly I actually could just eat the cake alone, because it's so good, except then they add the frosting and it just makes it even better. I consider the frosting -- or ganache, or glaze (although I am suspicious of glazes, let me tell you); I'm using "frosting" as shorthand for whatever topping you put on -- part of the whole cupcake experience; considering a cupcake without frosting is like eating two pieces of bread together and calling it a sandwich. I've got nothing against bread, I love bread, but two pieces of bread is not a sandwich.

And now they're in style. THOSE CUPCAKES ARE SO HOT RIGHT NOW. I'm so ahead of the curve.

Buffy/Indiana Jones: Tragically I don't think I've ever written/read this, but now I want to. A few weeks back [ profile] annavtree did a series of posts surveying the horror that was the costuming on Buffy, and she looked at an outfit Buffy was wearing in that episode about her evil roommate, and commented that it looked like she was pretending to be an "Egypt-based, ex-pat librarian in an Indiana Jones movie" and I was like HOLY MOTHER OF AWESOME I WANT THAT FIC. Buffy and Indy would be so awesome, and kind of faily, but in a totally awesome way. She would be, like, undercover as a librarian, and hating every minute of it, and he'd show up looking for info, and she'd be like "yeah, I'm supposed to help you with this quest thing" and they'd bicker over who goes into the scary places first, because she's all "mystical warrior here, hello" and he's all "I am trying to be chivalrous and impressive here >:(" and she'd be all "NO TOUCHING THE SCYTHE but ooh, a whip, huh, I never tried using one of those before, wanna trade? :D? :D?" and he'd fall over because it's heavy as fuck.

CROSSOVERS: (Yes that is supposed to be in capslock.) MAN I DON'T EVEN. There's just something so fun, to me, about trying to make things work together that really shouldn't, and when you actually do get them to go together, when you find that 'in', it's so satisfying. Writing them, too, will often make you really think about these things: why would X and Y work so well together? It forces you to think about what it is that appeals to you in these characters/fandoms, or what doesn't appeal to you. And then sometimes it's just completely shallow, "two great tastes that taste great together", and that's a blast too, because look! Buffy and John Winchester, fighting demons and being cute! And when crossovers fail, yeah, they fail pretty hard, but to be fair, I don't think that's any different of most fanfic. Any pairing or trope is going to have dozens of bad fics and dozens more mediocre ones to each good one, that's just the fannish law of averages.

Dumbledore: I've always found the adults in HP at least as fascinating as the kids, if not more so (although I adore Fleur, I'm not going to lie, and fandom's hate-on for Ginny makes me like her just to be contrary), and even when I was one of those ~edgy~ teenie Slytherfen I was interested in Snape rather than Draco. I pretty much called Dumbledore's death from book three or so, because duh, he's the Wise Old Mentor, of course he's going to die. I really wish we could get a few prequel books about his days at school, or about McGonagall and Riddle's, with Dumbles as their teacher.

Also, I generally am not that bothered one way or another by Rowling's mentioning that she wrote him as gay: I don't feel like she was trying to get ~cred~ for it, and while I wish we'd actually had it explicitly stated in canon, I also think it's worth noting that knew plenty of people who, reading DH, were like "wow, Dumbles and Grindy are pretty gay for each other, aren't they?" and I sort of think that it says some things about our expectations as audiences that we just assumed the subtext was uninentional or incidental. She wasn't writing queer kidlit, and she never claimed to be, so while it certainly would've been nice to have a "DUMBLEDORE TO GRINDELWALD: HELLO! I AM SO GAY FOR YOU!" moment in canon, I'm not going to fault her for not writing queer kidlit when that's not what she ever claimed to be doing in the first place, you know? Basically it's just an interesting fact to find out about her process while writing, and I like it for what it is.

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