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!!!! So I had some personal shit go down right around the time I was supposed to announce the results of this, and I completely forgot about it until a kind nonny poked me about it. I am suitably ashamed.

The winner of the (First Annual?) Home Team Matches is Zoe Alleyne Washburne, of Joss Whedon's Firefly! I use my Zoe icon in celebration. \o/

I just want to thank everyone who helped me with this again, by helping me go through the nominations, by nominating/voting, by spreading the word, by anonymously poking me when I got busy and it slipped my mind, whatever. This went off far better than I dared hope. ♥!

(See you next year????)
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I'm not normally this sleepy until much later, so I am going to go grab hold of sleep while I've got it and not bother with any kind of fancy post: the first round of Home Team voting is up here, woo!
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Home again, and it's past midnight, and that means I can start tallying up the Home Team nominations now!

...JFC, this is nuts. :DDDD: A couple of people had offered to help and that would be really awesome if you were still interested; I've got a spreadsheet set up and the first couple pages done. So far, the top five are, in order, Leia, McGonagall, Martha, Buffy, and Uhura.

Okay, maybe one more page, then sleep. SOON WE GET TO THE FUN PART GUYS!
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A bunch of new people have friended me! Hi, new people! If the Home Team Matches and yammering about female characters are what drew you in, don't worry, because I complain about fannish misogyny a lot. It's kind of a hobby. I complain about things in general a lot, actually, and make fun of things even when I enjoy them, so consider yourselves warned. Also I capslock a lot. Sorry about that.

On the subject of Home Team, I am so happy at how it's going, and how every time I turn around it has grown another hundred comments or so. ♥♥♥ Thank you so much to everyone who's linking. Also, I would basically love it if a woman from SPN at least made it into the tournament, so here are the threads for &Mary;, Jo, Ruby, and Bela. My other favorites: Zoe Washburne, Buffy Summers, and Number Six (BSG).

Also Ginny Weasley -- I love Ginny, not gonna lie. No, she's not particularly well-written, but, um. Have you read the books? No one is particularly well-written (I love them, and I love JKR, and while I think she is an excellent storyteller I think she is at best a mediocre writer), and pretty much no one is portrayed in any terms other than those in which Harry thinks of them.1 The moment I fell in love with her was in OotP, when Harry was locking himself away and angsting that he might ~hurt someone~, he might be ~possessed~, and when his friends called him on it, she pointed out that oh, right, he knew someone who'd been possessed by Voldemort and could tell him whether he was or not, and if he hadn't been too busy wallowing in self-pity and ~carrying the burden alone~ to talk to anyone they could've put his mind at ease ages before. The "I forgot"/"Lucky you" moment basically won me over to her then and there.

[ profile] inlovewithnight and I had dinner last night, which was delightful. We horrified each other with terrible mental images. Well, mostly I did this to her. Sorry about that.

1. This is also why I raise my eyebrows at people who talk about how [Female Character X] on SPN is badly-written or -acted and that's the only reason no one likes her, because, you know, it's Supernatural, the writing and acting are not exactly Oscar-caliber.
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So as you all know, because I have talked about it at length and high volume to anyone who will listen, the Steel Cage Matches (where the Final Four were, if you'll recall, Dean Winchester, Barney Stinson, Greg House, and Spike) and the HBIC competition (which was being won, by a wide margin, by a gay man, because clearly gay men and women are interchangeable amirite?) pissed me off a lot. And I have been threatening since the Steel Cage Matches to do an all-female character competition, and finally there was the HBIC contest and that pushed me over. So HERE IT IS. Still in the nomination phase, and on the 27th I'll close it and begin working out a bracket of the top 64 women. Vote early, vote often, pimp far and wide! If nothing else, I expect my flist will have fun with it, but I'd love it if it went bigger than that, too.

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